"You have no offer at this moment"

Everytime when I want to watch the video, it appears “You have no offer at this moment, …” , again & again.

What’s the hell going on?

Pls, tell me why and help me.

Because you’re using a Windows platform in a country where Vungle offers no ads. There’s nothing we can do about it.

Wtf! ^^ Same thing here , So i guess videos will never come in my windows phone? Lol

Are u the spokesperson from flare?ahahaha

It’s not that simple.  When they rolled out ad support for Windows, I happily used them for a week or two on my Win10 laptop - then they ran out.  There have been zero ads since then and it’s been months.  I have another account (Windows Phone) which has had no issues with ads the whole time.  My co-workers have ads (all on Windows).  It’s just my laptop account that hasn’t been able to get ads for the last few months.  If it was just platform and region specific, we should be seeing the same level of ad availability but that’s not the case.  I’m in the Seattle area.

SHaase is right. Same here. My win10 PC does receive ad video 1~2 month ago, but can’t watch it before couple of weeks.

If as Karman said “in a country where Vungle offers no ads”,  how to explain that?


Vungle is only active in numerous countries.

For example, in my country there were never any vids.

Ed explained it well. Most of the countries have no ads from Vungle, like mine.


Currently we are in touch with the Lead engineer from Vungle to determine what is the exact issue :grinning:

need to call exterminator cuz there r so many bugs

This seems to be a reoccurring bug, I’ve had it happen 3 times so far.  I’ll stop getting offers for my Windows 10 laptop for days/months, but still have them on my kid’s android tablet and on my Windows 10 PC.  Uninstalling and re-installing RR2 usually gets them back…annoying…

Thanks Aether!  Let me know if you need specific details that will help diagnose the issue on their end. :slight_smile:

Please answer me!
Play from your mobile phone. Was Windows 8.1 the video was NOT WORKING, yesterday I reset phone to Windows 10, once I watched the video in the section of the daily chests and all! Now  video is not working
What to do? why once was able to see and no more?

Please write the answer on the mail cska9090@mail.ru Nick цскашцница

We are now June 16th and no news? What happen with Vungle they can fix that or not? Same on PC I have problem now since 1 month. I got maybe 4 or 5 video and I am off for 2 week or more. I don’t know there is not a another solution for this? change company of video or I don’t know. Vungle seem to be far good.

The Engineer is sleeping

Wake up, FG, your sleepy head!

Just after “Boots castle event”, after the mantiance break, I DO watch a video(I even remember the video is star wars) when I levelup a buliding and sucessfully reduce 8 hours.

I thought FG must resolve this bug.


After that, here we go again, “You have no offer …” !

FG, anyone can tell me why? If you can’t fix this bug, if you can’t give all players fair condition, work another way out! Don’t tell us " There’s nothing we can do about it." again!

BTW, I’m in BeiJing china.


Aether, is there any update on this?  I still haven’t had an offers since about 2 weeks after the feature was rolled out for Windows.  

Flare Games teams r in shooting ?


? ? ?


Shaase, in which country do you live?