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Please fix this problem…

It happening for the past one whole week…

I have even updates to 2.5.3

I’m playing this in PC windows 8.1 single language…

I use pc toshiba 8.1 and i can’t watch videos to get free extra chest

Videos on windows platform (pc, phone, tablet) seem to have stopped with 2.5.3.

For me too. Since last update the videos aren’t working anymore. Wonder if will be fixed


Yeah, since some updates ago we have no more videos. As I’ve stated many times before, Flare can’t directly fix the problem.

You should reinstall game completely.

After live server update I lost possibility to watch video on win phone.I erased game and installed once again. Had video for a day or two but FG made live server update again.Then I lost video again.

same here no videos… Flare ditched vungle n windows platform videos development…

Reinstall the game does not fix the problem. Already tried to do that yesterday. Still no videos for anything.

@Alysea, is this bug known by the dev team ? Can we expect a fix soon ?

It is known but not up to the team.

We got in touch with the video provider and are awaiting for an answer.

Why don’t you try BlueStack?

Since Vungle is not responding, you should take the advantage of Android platform.

And more thing is happening in Android platform. Just go with the wind.

Good Luck :grinning:

a staff told me the issue will fix in the next game update 

Let’s all hope that that’s true :wink:  

If not, we’ll be mad for being told lies…


  1. It worked 1 day b4 the War started, and now back to the same BS, no videos available…  Also I don’t know how many have this problem, but during Wars, I have been getting kicked out of game, and just get the I am King loop page, can’t get back in game for about 30 minutes…
  2. I still have not received a reply from Support, past the automated one saying I would get reply within 48 hours,  that was last week…
  3. I feel it is useless to write to support and no answers, or just be made to feel foolish.  As I said before, I was a GM with Le Kool, when things went haywire, ( we all know it happens ) they fixed and compensated all the players…  Why can’t Flare do the same? …  Listen to your subscribers,  fix the bugs, and compensate all…
  4. Don’t just mask and cover them up.
  5. I wasted numerous gems trying to stay alive, then getting kicked off the game, very similar to last weeks,  NINJA event…  Although we will stay in first place, it still is wrong, I could and should have won many more skulls…  Each day just got worse, to the point of today, and all 10 battles were worse than the prior one.
  7. I am John in Michigan, Member of Pandoraa,  lv 50,  JayeL 46

This is the oldest reply in the history of rr2.

why can’t they reply in a little modern way like we are testing the upcoming update which will be live on ***** date if everything seems fine.

that’s all we want. Motivated reply from flare.

no i want them to fix the problem now !

still not fixed


thats some bug that you have to wait it out till it gets fixed. uninstall or clear cache/cookies never fixes that

Back on windows 10 from last evening, no problem on Android /Apple OS. Seems like windowsill still less favourite child for all devs