You know wars are broken when...

…you see a map like this:


I made so many posts what is wrong with wars but this says it all.

Third place with one fight.

Some kind of response to the future of wars would be very much appreciated, Flaregames, Guardian of Joy.

Yeah, they should definitely fix wars asap. It’s been three days with only 1-2 alliances declaring war on our map…

are you on the master meme map @hulk ?

have seen they have a war with few battles too.

wondering how widespread it is now, not even declaring war at all.


No, i am in sk: warriors 

And yes it is widespread i have even seen alliances like UvT and les francaise doing this on one of our previous war seasons. 

ahh you are on our map, 3rd with one battle, you might consider just springing a surprise last day battle, get 1st with one more fief :wink:

I am sure he can not confirm that here now. :wink:

I agree with everyone and WAR was one of the longest outstanding improvement request item on RR2.  The only improvement was that the bottom 5 players (was bottom 50% originally) scores are not taken into account. When this improvement was implemented - it was highly advertised with - " EXCITING NEW WAR IMPROVEMENTS!!!"

WAR’s should be stopped and removed until it is fixed. BUT - in top (50-100) alliances it is still a fight to the death. This is huge income. Flare just can not afford to stop WAR’s even if it is broken. 


Its one if the reasons I quit the game, the game had become so boring. 

On master meme map it is same thing?

All of the above Alliances in the screen above are from that top 50-100 range. It might not affect Top 10 Teams that much and also not lower range (maybe below rank 150?) though I do hear it is accelerating there also.

We (Last Bread Fighters) did not take part in the skipping attacks and dropping thing until recently. But now we are forced to do the same. We can not be the Fief dump for others any more. It has sent us to Top 15-20 Teams for several month where we also had no chance of either winning or siginifcantly dropping (side position, constantly being cornered by much stronger teams deciding during the last rounds if they need extra fiefs or not).

This is very sad. :slightly_frowning_face:

It really is.
People get demotivated. People already were quitting. Understandably.
And all one can say “I hope this gets better soon but I can not tell you when or if because Flare is not commenting on it.”
The community needs and deserves an answer.

Wars are boring. The game in general is boring and dead. Every other war is a skipping war for the majority of alliances. I’m on that map too. Also seems like we are always on the same froster map. Always SK, deathdealerz and LBF. Basically what the game is about nowadays, play ninjas and pro league for the team, play pyro wars and skip froster wars. There’s nothing exciting in this game anymore. War was the main feature in this game, but since the war boosts never change, it got more and more boring. More and more players stop playing the game. They will probably add some stupid stuff with the next version, but to me, the game is dead and not really worth playing. They have to change the war boosts in order to make wars fun again. But they don’t care. And you also won’t get a response from them here, cause it’s more important to take care about some stupid avatars, or some discord server stuff, which most of us don’t care about, instead of answering important questions

Ah, now I know who you are. Did not realize earlier. :slight_smile:
And I agree. We were on the same map so often but I think we did not even have one real fight where evervbody was giving their best to win. :slightly_frowning_face:

But as you mentioned the Discord Server. It is worth a visit. Very funny and honest sometimes.

You quit the game but still hang out here? ???. If you say so.

Yes, it’s every time about dropping fiefs and/or fighting for chests only