You might want to word this better

So the granny event info has this in the Polish language version


It says that you get an uber for every gem purchased. EVERY GEM, not gem PACK. The way it’s worded it implies that if you buy say 200 gems, your teammates will each get 200 ubers.

Perhaps you would make this more consistent - either pay a chest per one gem or fix that caption (“Doskonałe skrzynie sojuszu za każdy kupiony pakiet”).

20,000 Uber Chests for only $100, not bad lol

Hope you have over 1000 slots available

20,000 X 6 items = 120,000 spaces needed (Maybe less you can obtains Gems and pearls)

Can be a mess to find stuffs in 120,000 spaces.

Man, I wanna be Polish too

Yeah as per usual with flare it only says you get an uber per gem, you don’t actually get that many. One of countless unkept promises.