You must be kidding me????

In middle of conquest… 6… yes 6 ***** fronts… trying to coordinate builds and you boot me off? How insane is this? How to you expect leaders to play? Its 3am … no sleep trying to deal with this garbage… and I get this… 

Really I have been playing for awhile… maybe because CONQUEST REQUIRES TOO MUCH TIME!!!


SO my team just thinks I logged off mid sentence to not return… 

So angry…  so over this …

That’s hilarious ?


The in game chat is horrible and Flare hasn’t worked on it yet, so you should really move your alliance communication over to a messaging app (Whatsapp, Telegram, Line, etc).

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On a side note, I understand that this is frustrating in Conquest. But just to inform: It happens after 3 hours for 15 minutes.

We had to build something like that to prevent users exploiting the game by always being online.