You should take a break

Hello , so today is the last day of conquest and as i’m a general  i have to be online to organize soldier, movement, etc … but flare said no they force me to take a break of the game when i have a lot of problems to solve , plans to put and discuss and soldier to help in movement   how can i do all of this when i’m forced to take a break ??? thanks flare  i think this is the stupidest thing ever 


Yeah i think there is a limit of time you can be online. I don’t remember exactly but i think its 1 hour you are allowed to be online after this you receive this. because you must be offline to allow someone to attack you. So that why a limit of time. its not a bug. its a feature in the game

i know but  i was not online  all the time i kept log in and out to see the progress of our conquest 

How ridiculous

Dear Kuska, please do not go through the bug section and answer on every single bug report (unless the bug is affection you of course). We know that your bug is serious and I/or customer support will give you an update about it as soon as we can and we apologize for the inconvenience. 

So, I am no longer allowed to feel sympathy or agree with another player when they have issues? Forcing a general to logoff during a conquest is ridiculous?..

However, under some new hidden rule I am apparantly not allowed to concur or show any agreement to this general in his report? 

So sorry… I was unaware we were no longer allowed to agree with other players.

Perhaps a statement in the new rules concerning the agreement with other players in issues in the bug section?


G1nasis, I think the mandatory union break was instrumented because a player could theoretically click somewhere on the screen every few minutes just to remain online so they can’t be attacked.  I think you would agree the fairness in that… however… because the conquest REQUIRES leaders and gens to remain online to strategize and direct traffic because things are constantly changing, I would hope there could be a way the devs could disable the mandatory union break when you’re IN the conquest.  Since the conquest is like the ninjas- a separate “world” where you have to click specifically from your main screen to get there, I would hope there are parameters to disable the timeouts while we’re in the CQ, too.