Your Current Conquest Scores

Can anyone show me your current scores at running conquest? Any (all) alliances. :crossed_swords:
Let’s gather those scores here. We will find them useful, all of us.


Why usefull?


You’ll know after see some ss

Max 62, impossible for us… Now 38 points… ?

It should be based on your last three previous scores, at least that’s what we are told by keenflare. So if your first calculated score was low for example 100, first conquest you scored for example 200 and now you score 300, you would end up in 200 layer.

I have some question for myself. We play in 200 layer and as underdog we managed to get 150 conquest score and all rewards are checked, except the tent boost. Now another team has lowered our score to 135. Do we still get the reward for reaching 150 score? 

If so, we better dump our watchtowers now to lose claimed land. We can then at least next time get a better conquest with chance on boosts.

Even if you fall to zero points, you will still get awards for 150 points.?

Thank you very much. Then I will advice our leader to drop conquest score.

This is not my alliance, but there I have friends, and they showed me that it is possible. This is so that you are 100% sure that everything is in order.??

We reached 150 score, but lost a mine, so we dropped back to 135. In 200 layer 150 reward is 20M alliance reward and the check sign is checked indeed. So that means that we already secured our reward, by reaching that.

In that case we can better get rid of claimed land, we will not be able to reach 200 to stay in our layer, so dropping claimed land is now smart.

Madlen, can you confirm this?

This is the 2nd (running) conquest, still plenty to learn, especially about score (tier) calculation, will we rank up during or at next conquest, what boosts will we get after this conquest over.
By gathering these info, we can decide what’s our next strategic plan, may be:- add more points now or stop; prefer to stay at current tier, or drop to get easier conquest next; prefer rank up to get better boosts & meet tougher opponents.

We are at 229, the score probably won’t change, cause we have stopped building towers yesterday. Not necessary. Tier 200-249 is enough for us

IMO we need this new conquest score (tier) column at leaderboard

Would be good. Good idea

The Germans made deal with other Germans and now they are protecting them

Deutsche gilde1 rank 36

Germania rank 387

Chaos theory rank 244

3rd alliance rank 665


That’s how conquest works. If you’re smart, you make a deal with another alliance, to try to get 1st and 2nd place together, that way you have one less opponent to worry about, plus you have less stress. It’s a win-win situation

 Deal is only useful when both parties have equal strength 

I tried on to make deal with Deutsche gilde1 on very first day. Their leader said that they want to fight, they will be bored if they don’t. They only made a deal with their fellow countrymen. 

As a result they whooped a s s e s of others two alliance 

I don’t blame them. 

Flare games have to bear blame on this one. Lately they are making a lot of mistakes 

Seems like a fair contest! What is your complaint?

I am sure that Madlen will explain it to you.

Be assured we are in the same  gross mismatch and there are many other examples on this forum. Just as well they fixed the mismatch problem before conquest started. You could have faced Vanguard instead.

PS: deutsche gilde1 are now ranked 35. 

Are u joking? How is that fair? Top  alliances should not belong to that tier. 

Besides how can we 3k protect our tower from 5k players? They have higher troops and boosts and others things

They destroy everything we build 

Even if we use hundreds of gems we cant defend ourselves 

Pure imbalance nothing else


Deutche now need to score as high as possible, so at next conquest you’ll be fighting at higher tier (higher lvl boosts). Don’t waste time, go make more towers now.
Conquest is relatively new, this’s 2nd one, the matchmaking’s still bad, but eventually it’ll be better by time.