Your thoughts on Super Ranger and Frozen Spire (after activation)

The special season boosts are out: Super Ranger and Frozen Spire! After meddling with them for some time, these are my thoughts.


Super Ranger



  • Pretty good range-wise, though it says +100%, and 3.5 + 100% is 7.0 not 6.0 but never mind.
  • Can out-range a froster and arblaster which is good.
  • Are replacing arblasters easily, though since it’s the frenzy frost blaster period I think it might be a difficult choice. Our alliance doesn’t have frost blasters so all the better.
  • Very good combined with power archer.


  • Stuck at chokepoints shooting towers and units, so very few actually get to the gate.
  • Still very slow.
  • No extra damage or health, you need power archer. 
  • Still much slower when slowed down.

Frozen Spire




  • A dramatic increase in health - 80%!
  • Froster-spawning and stunning compliments the tower well.


  • Damage stays the same - very poor.
  • Forces mid-level/high-level players to waste a load of gold upgrading low-level frost towers that will never be seen afterwards.
  • Frosters and stun is good, but again, levels 1-3 spawns 1 froster, levels 4-6 spawns 2 frosters etc. and 1 or 2 frosters doesn’t really do much of a difference and if you upgrade your frost towers to level 7+ it’s totally a waste of gold.
  • Still goes down easily by Sonic Blast/firestorm. Hero scream avoids the frosters and stunning.
  • Stunning duration not very long.

Would be grateful if you let me know what you guys think about them. Thanks :grinning:

Good consideration, in fact it’s better for them do not waste gold on a thing that will last only 5 days (period of war). Surely better for low-mid players upgrade something else.

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Generally speaking, is the slowing effect of the frost tower not even really that effective at high levels (> lvl 80 king)?

Otherwise, I do have 3 level 9 frost towers I think I would need to replace with skull and snake towers then.

About Frozen Spire the only thing “good” in my opinion is that when you destroy it, it stuns things in a range, probably if they add damage to the tower could work better

That sniper will be great for sure, sadly we can’t say the same from the Spire, only the stunning effect seems useful. My Icy Frost Tower sounds better, I guess, anyone?

I think Super Ranger will give a hard time to Arblasters for sure!

I’m honestly annoyed! 

Every special tower perk is, destroy the tower then it spawns something else! 

I really wanted to see them make the tower emit pulses of low level blizzards! 

I naturally even posted about it:

That would have been cool because it would have transformed the use of the tower into being a tower with a decent range.


Everybody posted a better idea than they came up with!

If you deside what tower to upgrade next based on what the season preview says, you going to be chasing your tail long time.


Its like a week to bring a Frost tower to 9. and max is 13. if you dont already have have big ones in inventory, its far too late for you.


I was Exited to finally see good ol Frost towers come back into fashon, if only for a few days…

but the more i think about this season and the thaught of a Super Ranger spam that can touch a cannon (putting the range around 7), i realize that no matter how awesome the Frozen Spires are/will/could be, they neva gunna see the light of day.

maybe potental at lower game level but not where I play.


the season conditions all lame but the season rewards all awesome and worth the fight.

Frost towers themselves need a permanent upgrade for them to come into play and then a boost. We probably will see 1 Frost tower in 10 raids, more so because people might employ them just for the fun of it.

One thing that intrigues me though is what it would be like if poison from snake tower could mix with Frost or something like that. Say a nearby Frost tower could enhance the attacks of poison/skull/arrow/bomb towers or blockades by adding frost to them. It could bring back frost tower back in business without changing much about the tower itself.

Edited and modified now that it’s come out. Thanks opelle! :slight_smile:

RR2 joke: What do you get when you cross Power Archers with Super Rangers?




You have won the internet today!

I thought Super Rangers were going to be awesome… They’re not… Their range is good for sure, but they shoot so slow and their damage is so bad, that they’re almost not worth it unless you combine them with Power Archers. What? The Spire? Oh, they’re pretty shitty just like I knew they were going to be  :slight_smile:


P.S: My archers are maxed.

I can personally say that Frozen Spire is personally “programmed” to make you lose time only because they have more health, even if they have the stun effect and those 4-5 frosters that come out surely it doesn’t hurt you, so the only reason i could place this tower is to see the enemy waste its 1 more spell or those few seconds more.


Super Ranger instead must be linked to Power Archer to work a little better, yes a little because the main problem remain their speed that nobody can speed up unless you have a werewolf near. And although have werewolf next you won’t speed up their speed enough to make it useful.

At top level, archer pretty much useless both in offence and defence though I put a few of them in the latter waves hoping they’ll snipe king at low HP.

Frozen spire ? Well max level pretty decent HP, not down by one sonic and hardly damaged by ogre.Still not much of a help since they do basically 0 damage.

Quite annoying to have them at U turn though, thankfully still manageable.

Overall we all win lol no scroll crazy war this time

I personally don’t like either fir the same reasons mentioned…

P.s Fii Nami, have you left your alliance for Apocalypse permanantly? Couldn’t help but notice the change

That’s a shame. I liked seeing you in the top 10 repping Todes. A not 100 fief team who gives it everything like NA. Guess I will have to get use to the new badge