You've introduced a whole new game mode - great, however...

It is disappointing.

From what it looks like, it is entirely gem-based, meaning that all the top spenders and the top guilds already have all their buildings maxed, guaranteeing them winning everything from here on out, while everyone else has to pay up or wait even longer to even catch up, that means to even get on somewhat comparably even footing.

But aside from this obvious imbalance and lack of catering to players who don’t spend as often, I wanted to touch on another thing.

This is a gem sink, period. Introducing a completely new gem sink is fine, or rather would be, if you also had the foresight to introduce other mechanics to help us combat this bullcrap. What could I possibly be talking about here? Gem sources, of course.

The first thing that should’ve immediatelly happened alongside this update was for the ‘secret house’ to spawn either 5 or 10 Gems daily instead of 1. We can already see that upgrading everything scales with at least times 5 cost the higher you go (1 gem, 5 gems, 25 gems etc.), so having Z-E-R-O additional incentive to help people actually pummel through this is staggering to me from a development and user retention point of view. You want the big spenders to finally have a reason to go all out on throwing ca$h at their monitors - fine, after all, they’ve been lacking incentives to do that for well over a year now, but to leave every other player in the dark at the same time? Now that’s just unacceptable.

So as said, several things need to happen to help aid this situation to make sure you won’t lose even more players (because now guilds have an even greater reason to kick out people who don’t contribute, as if upgrading Alliance Tower wasn’t painfully idiotic enough), and so I shall grace you with a few simple ideas that you clearly haven’t thought of yourselves:

  • Secret House daily Gem generation increased to at least 5, if not 10 at this point (due to gem cost upgrade scalability of new structures)
  • Increasing the % chance of finding the 100 Gem reward in post-raid Treasure Chamber Chests by at least 25%, so that they’re more likely to obtain.
  • Add a new structure in this new silly game mode that generates Gems daily; at an absurdly awful upgrade-to-return ratio, of course. For example, pay 1 gem to level up the structure to lvl 2 so that it gives you 1 Gem per day. Pay 5 Gems to level it up to lvl 3, so that it gives you 2 Gems per day. Pay 25 Gems to level it up to lvl 4 so that it gives you 4 Gems per day, and so on, up to a cap that would be deemed satisfactory, which honestly at this point should probably be no less than 25.

There. With such a structure established so that people who don’t vomit money in your faces could actually enjoy this new mode, you should be able to keep everyone relatively happy.

ALLOW more frequent donations to the alliance or a way to win alliance gold? Would also be called for imho.

I don’t get how every thinks that gems solve everything. 

If an entire alliance has unlimited gems then they will be at the Top. Always has been and nothing wrong with that.  But your only going to get a few alliances like that.

Find someone else to fight. If you get them in a map, see how well you can do and accept the loss.

393 gems will get all 3 builds level 4. Absolutely no reason  every player can’t get that. Just because the building is not max everyone thinks that it must be useless.  

If during a Conquest you see that your Alliance is low on resources then learn to manage what’s important.  You have an entire alliance to build resources, learn to work as a team.

don’t really see the problem about gems.

I only use the daily gem chest subscription which costs less then a chocolate bar per month and I was sitting on 30k gems that I didn’t have anything to spend on.

we get so many types of chests that all can contain gems every week and if you got a decent defends people will scroll you as well. My sp is rather high so I can score in top 10 in my alliance without spending gems to open the cof and raiding is so easy I never scroll either.

if I wanted too u could go for leagues as well but I’m too bored for that and got too many gems from basicly just playing the normal events than I can spend.

no idea what all you complainers do with your gems, you have to scroll everything 24/7 or what?

For the record, we don’t need maxed buildings from the start. It’s a team accomplishment. And for you, just save gems.

Don’t spend them on:

  • Scrolling
  • Resurrection
  • Continue opening chests after a failure
  • Speeding up upgrades
  • Skipping cool down
  • Extra alliance donations
  • Buying chests
  • Buying pro tickets
  • Set priorities, wait for a moment to upgrade AT, unlocking BS slots

When you stick to that plan, you would be surprised how fast you gain gems. We get also a shot to win gem chests, so it doesn’t look hopeless to save all the required gems (22143 gems in total to be exact for these three buildings).

Let me tell you about the upgrade level costs of your three buildings. First level 1 gem. Within 2 days you should earned those 3 gems, just by clicking the grey house and even not doing a single raid. Bronze league reward is even 1 gem per day.

Level 2, 5 gems per building (18 so far). Level 3, 25 gems (93 so far). Just by opening daily chests you earn already a lot more gems.

Level 4 100 gems (393 gems in total). Just by participation on ninja and war season (yes I know, now less frequent) you should be able to get those gems. 

Level 5, 250 gems (1143 gems in total). That sounds like a lot, but when you have invested in defense and do some effort in the lower leagues, you should definitely be able to get them.

Level 6, 1000 gem (4143 gems in total), Level 7, 2000 gems (10143 gems in total) and level 8, 4000 gems (22143 gems in total). Rome isn’t build in one day, no need to have those buildings immediately that high from the start. With a lot of team players having level 4-5, it’s good enough for medium teams. 

Make a plan to save gems and stick to that plan. If you can’t wait that long, spend your current gems on upgrades of these buildings till you don’t have the gems any longer to do so. Wait for a discount and you might get 50% on a 20k pack. For €50,- you can gain the 20k pack. Flare happy, and you also happy having maxed those towers, if you are impatient.

I chose for another path. I will gain them all by myself by saving gems, not by spending cash. It will take me some time indeed and cost some energy, but it also gives me a goal to work towards.

It feels much better accomplishing it by yourself I can say. I maxed both AT plus unlocked all blacksmith slots this way, so I am pretty sure I can also do this with those three buildings.


we need much more ways to earn gems.


and i dnt sure the top alliances will have big advantage on the map. Need to see the first war

Not only all the above mentioned things, but gems are gonna be easier to obtain, in my opinion, cause we’ll also be getting Gem Chests after every Conquest Mode. And if you get in the top tier, you even get an UBER Gem chest, that’s worth at least 120 gems, most likely more

May I ask how you get pro-tickets then?

I agree with all your other “save gems” suggestion, but I don’t understand this one.


He meant do NOT buy pro tickets :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like a good suggestion!

Then I guess he should have said:

“Do not spend gems on… ANYTHING!”

That’s a double negative. “Do not spend gems on nothing” means “spend gems on everything”.

Yes, yes, you’re completely right.

I should have said “Do not spend gems on… ANYTHING!”

Sorry if I’m not a native english speaker…

That’s the way I live. 

That ain’t no double negative :stuck_out_tongue:  

Hello. Pardon the intrusion, I’ve never played this game from flare. Just wanting to put out there that in a bigger picture, big spenders on game creates a mismatch during matches, but are contributing to the survival and maybe development of the game. As a fellow competitive gamer who values an equal playing field, I don’t necessarily like the idea of overpowered opponents that way, but understands there is a purpose being served. 

I currently play Evoker from flaregames lineup, but will soon move on to one of their newer games. 

I agree with @1341393, the big spenders should indeed have an advantage over others, cause they’re the reason the game is still going. However, the entire update should not be made to try and model a few free players to paying players. It won’t happen

Ceres cant even copy anything with 16 morale  even at lvl 10

that means goodbye warewolves or goodbye ceres

when they notice shrinking player base it will be too late :slight_smile: for who is this “update”? people from top of the top of the top that dont know what to do with their power? a lot of players have problems with obtaining gold- now it will be even more funny- small numbers of ads and stronger defenses, plus goddamn broken phoebe: buy her —> put into defense—> do nothing…

so far i dont know anyone who is happy with what you just did.


gg wp flare

it means stupid decision. people bought ceres because he was good, now what? they are changing rules and you cant do nothing?? you wasted tons of pal food and he cant copy werewolf. instead of rebalancing phoebe pal and eris they crippled ceres.

i was thinking about buying him for a very long time- now i dont have to anymore.



No one was buying their stupid pal nemesis so to increase its sale they nerfed ceres in the name of balancing things