Zelos ring is bugged since the last update

Ring of Zelos has been bugged for me since the last update. Since Flare changed the way range is displayed from 60% to 3,0. The range actually seems to have become 60:3=20x less.

Tried unequipping the ring on all gear sets and playing a match without it, didnt work.Tried it again and restarting game, didnt work. Tried reinstalling the game, didnt work.

I know there are more people having this problem and I kindly ask @PaSte and @FTB or anyone else from Flare to give us ANY info about this bug. Just confirming it is indeed bugged would be enough.

I will keep on trying to find some way to fix this. If any information is needed I will provide it.

and again … on the laptop version of the game 3.8.0. and the ring has 60%, and it works well. on android 3.8.1, and the ring is 3.0, and it does not work!

Ring seems to have been fixed since the last maintenance break.

Funny enough it went down from 3,0 to 2,83 and I can forge it again with 0,01 increments.

Anyway thanks Flare for fixing it but you guys seriously need to work on communication.

I confirm! I check for version 3.8.2. all fixed