Zelos ring power down..

After update my game i did look my bomb kick ring (zelos ring) 60.00 power and now 3.00 i did update with pearl  but didn’t  change… please  help me fix my ring

Mine changed but when it reached 3.0 the forges value become +0.0, dunno why.

@FTB  Is 3.0 the max perk values?



z1.JPG z2.JPG z3.JPG z4.JPG


@FTB my perk was 60.00 but today 3.00   please fix it 

Before it was 60% range.

Now it’s 3.00 range.

It’s the same.

Its not the same @ARREBIMBA. It feels like it got nerfed hard to maybe half the range!

My ring useless  right now. 3.00 didn’t kick any bomb. Please  fix this flaregames! I can’t play my game because  of this.l!!!

I have the same problem

Maybe 3,0 is the bomb kick aura range, just in a simpler value.

No it was 60 max but now 3.00 max and 3.00 didn’t  kick any bomb. This is not normal value.

But weren`t the “60” a percent-value?

So it was 60% before and now it is 3 (without %)? So it means maybe, 60% equals a ingame-range of 3?

How many times i need type same thing ?? I did test it and didn’t  kick any bomb! This is error,not normal thing.

Then, go and get your help somewhere else if you don`t want to use this forum to discuss things. Open a ticket with the support and be happy.

Indeed Zelos ring seems bugged @black18759

I dont think this was intended as a nerf @orko but they did something to the value and now it became useless.

Would not be the first one. hehe

I`m wondering, how many players already have this ring. Seems very rare.

Ticket has been made. I hope they fix it soon :slight_smile:

Did this ring get nerfed or not? Ive been taking a closer look and it seems like a part of the bombs do get kicked back but not all of them? Its either that or the area got way smaller.

Can I please have some info about any changes made to this ring from the developers?


In this update, the displayed valued of this aura was changed from 60,00% to 3,0 (both are max values, you can’t forge more than that). The 60% range made no sense, so it’s nice to see that they fixed it.


The problem: I just tested this ring and in actual gameplay, this ring was nerfed. The ingame range is now much lower than it was (I’d say it’s even less than half of what it was before).

One thing is for sure: the actual real value of the range was accidently nerfed and even though the displayed value is 3.0, this is NOT a 3,0 range. It’s maybe 1,0-1,5.

@FTB @PaSte

Just a small problem but  they didn’t  fix anyting :)))) I’m  not surprised :slight_smile: i have been playing  for a year and a half and always  have problems,they do not care about  small things :slight_smile: be honest  this problems makes me bored and angry so much,i spending money for nothing.They really  don’t  care poor people’s. This is my option. 

Maybe they figured out my warning was not for nothing. I already said this ring would make the king of towers more or less obsolete. Just keep hero around ranged troops and all incoming projectiles will return to sender. 

I like to raid for example with cannons, dracomancer and frenzies. Also raiding with knights I like, but they die pretty fast from incoming projectiles. Frenzies take out all defensive troops, cannons finish the structures and draco does the rest. But… I don’t use that combo, when I see a lot of boosted bomb towers plus skull towers, since within a blink of an eye multiple skull towers would destroy my entire army, because hero can’t be everywhere at same moment within a range of 3. So low health troops are gone before you know it. Old range value of that kickback ring I predicted that skull plus bomb towers were degraded completely.

I was right, since everything nearby range of three around hero was not doing any harm by just one ring. 

So maybe they (flare) now scratched behind their ears and nerfed it without informing players. My advice is to think twice before implementing such features and most important is the have the guts to admit it was a mistake and inform players that this ring will be made useless. I hope for the players who have it, it’s a bug, but honestly I don’t want that a large part of my towers are neutralized by just a ring.

Ha! They would never nerf something, users have invested money in it! No, they just buffed the towers, so no one can complain. :stuck_out_tongue: