Zeus/Hades unique gear

Unlock Zeus and Hades gear to make them viewable.  Keep all items as Unique so they can’t be swapped to other heroes.  Maybe even keep them locked so they can’t be unequipped and sold.  But make them viewable Uniques so we could forge in a 5 star Titan and improve the stats of these heroes once per Ascension level.  Zeus needs it badly.  Having Unique gear that we could forge could at least help us feel like we’re improving him.

Forging gear for someone you use once a day (if at all, think I used any of them once in the past 4 month) is an interesting idea indeed, but would it be worth it for anyone but the top players?

So far, my take on them is that they are perfect farmers. Cant easily move a hero back to Olympus from losses, infinity being their level, which makes them reside on my top-producing islands

The celestial boost for increased cooldown time is really expensive and useless if they just sit farming, though.

I use Hades to knock off a stubborn opponent and then return him to his farm.  Zeus is too weak to knock tough opponents off, so he’s scrapping with weaklings and mostly just a farmer.  Just trying to think of ways to make Zeus as useful as he used to be.

They both got nerfed a long time ago when you’d still lose trophies for a Zeus attack, and never really got brought back up to speed. Zeus used to be devastating.

True, but thats exactly why I dont have it.Prestige 21 and I am not planning to work on it till all structures are maxed


It would be nice for them to all be useful, or to have that one be much lower. Zeus/Hades don’t scale well with level, but lower level players can still get a lot of use out of them. It’s silly to have a basically useless celestial boost, that’s why the high level dominance ones were removed.

If there was something good to go get in that slot ( cheaper odyssey quests, hint hint ) people would spend the gems to get it. As is, people sit at 27 as long as possible and get annoyed when they have to pay more for level 28. And 21 is a weird place to stop. There are a bunch of good ones right up to the zeus cooldown. Enhancement choice is critical and the resource ones are pretty necessary too.

I want to repeat my suggestion, zeus and hades would be unlocked when a player reaches ascension lvl 29 and 30. Both are starting from lvl 1 of course. That would be the real prestige lvl bonuses and additional 2 hero would give fun to game (for me current artemis not exciting, i do not like a hero having all unique powers, so much time needed to lvl up those powers)