Zeus needs demolition now

So obviously post update barricades and gate have got substantial increases in health (a blessed max lvl barricade with modest oddesy bonus has 500k + health) notably barricade and gate being the main defence obstacles. 

Now as we can’t change any gear we have to deal with what we have regarding Zeus/Hades (Hades tartarus power solves his issue) I find Zeus very underpowered when facing TL enemies. 

At lvl 140 Zeus does just about 26k damage per second; basically takes about 12-15 seconds to destroy a max barricade (barricades have 50% phys resistance), and when faced with 9 of them and a 1 million health gate (needs another 20+ seconds), time (even though he controls it by his own power) is always against him.   

He needs probably 10% innate demo to be usable at high lvl.

I would like to have his regeneration bonus back, which was removed 8 months ago:


@Tomaxo I’ve not really came close to dying with Zeus, due to his big LoH stats, but I find you’re running against the clock with him from the start. You’ll see when there’s a lot more 9 max barricade defences, he will be near useless.

Both Zeus and Hades need to be ascension level depended. They are overpowered when you first get them and become useless as you level up. I don’t mind them being overpowered, that’s the purpose for it, but it doesn’t make sense that they are worst than half my heroes, be it forging or specific items that I would like to give them. Perhaps they shouldn’t depend on masteries, to counter some power… they aren’t regular “heroes” anyway.

I don’t know if there are any changes when you ascend, but even if there are, they aren’t noticeable… Before the update, I would just use them to sit on the 2 most valuable islands… a year ago I used to lose battles with them, unless i used invos. So I stopped using them… which was something I did at least once a day, back when I didn’t have time to raid.

they are far to be overpowering. A lots of players have demonstrated with Hades contest i think last year where a lots of player have kill him in defense. With the cost you unlock them with celestial boost and for 4 days and 1 action per day. I guess they should be close invincible. Anyway the defender don’t lose any trophy so everyone who use them should get 100% victory

Hi there, thanks for the suggestion. In the next live server update we will give Zeus and Hades some demolition.

Can’t announce the exact details yet, but we will add it :slight_smile: