Zeus or Hades stronger?

Dear Devs,

it strikes me as odd that Hades is the god that required more prestige to get when Zeus is king of the gods?

it is also implied that Hades is the better God and it also appears that Hades is stronger as well (he can one hit almost any thing).

care to share why your team thinks that Hades is stronger / better than Zeus?


We do not consider any of them as being superior to the other, the unlock order is based on the complexity of each.

Hades is unlocked later as you need to learn how to make good use of his power. :grinning:

He is more complicated to play than Zeus, if you are not careful you might end in a perilous situation very fast.

Hope it answers your question.


I know:( i had a hairy moment with Hades, he almost stubbed his toe on a tower…

All 3 gods are brothers , and none are stronger then the others.  speaking of … where is the 3rd?

Think there were a few sisters too:)

Hades hard to use? 

But but but all I had to do when I’m using Hades is to click the auto button and put down my device, go do something else and come back later to open the 3 chests. Lolz


Hello DrizztRay,

When you will be at higher level and higher rank in the leaderboard, it might become much more difficult than this if you use Hades :grinning: