Zombie Event Camera Angle

We all know how the zombie event camera angle is and only some might know the dire consequences of it.

Some of you’ll might not know so lemme explain it -

  • When you go in the top most corner of the castle square, retreating is very difficult since insta-troops blocks a lot of space, pressing them would be a disastrous blunder.

  • You cannot have an accurate view of troops spawning from the castle at times. You cannot even view approaching troops.

  • You cannot notice whether the last towers before the castle gate are still standing or not, retreating to destroy them is also tough as mentioned earlier.

Today, I was a victim of this angle, I missed the last spike, which normally would be visible if a normal camera would have been place. Eventually, it is going to give me 1/2 rewards.  <_<

Why am I complaining, because on normal raids, we get a normal camera with a perfect view which suits us. Now you suddenly keep a weird angle, then it is ridiculous and maybe it could all be a part of strategy that less players get 100%. If you find no problem, great, carry on. It is like this, if someone is born poor and stays poor till old age, doesnt affect him much, but if he is born rich and has to spend old age as poor, it hurts. Had the camera angle been like this since the beginning of RR2, probably no one would have complained neither would I have.

True , also missed a tower , i knew was there because i couldn t retreat and then scream

I have this problem on ninja ships too but now in all of those zombies! 

Camera Angle mixed with “suction” af gate is frustrating!

Before we are few , with zombies many more with this problem! So I’m telling everyone about this Topic! 

Many thanks to KK for creating it :slight_smile:

Please fix it!!

I also noticed that, and also all members of my alliance!

Because of this you can not retreat or even go to the opposite corner of the gate (from left to right), the hero seems to stay still on an invisible line near the gate, half way in the area in front of the gate …

I also missed a tower because of this, as it’s impossible to retreat on a 4:3 screen as the bottom of the screen is occupied with Spells and unit buttons! ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE!

Insta unit icon should be much smaller in order to be able to press correctly floor area in front of ninja/zombie portal


Bump it.

The polls speak the opinion.

I would want to see the camera angle fixed in the future. If not this time but soon.

they don’t want to see us… At 1st place… I reported many many times but they don’t want to solve … Don’t know what are they thinking

Potential fix for ship raids expected? :rolleyes:

31 players did vote ?

Well, not quite enough to say anything :slight_smile:


Here a hint, ask players also which platform they use, laptop or mobile phone makes a great difference.

Maybe is is bad on one platform and not on other.

I play on Windows and it is tough to navigate and even for android and iOS its bad.

I hope it is fixed soon.  :grinning:

I play on Windows PC and the angle don’t disturb me. that happen I can miss a spike because I summon like 300 knight lol and the spike is no more well visible when I watch my video after : ‘‘Oh no I don’t see it!’’ lol without that its not really a problem maybe more for Android and IOS because they play on a little screen

but I don’t know if the camera angle have chance in 2.6.10 something strange happen to me yesterday during a fight near the Castle Gate I have go in a corner to destroy a tower and the camera view have changing completly in vertical. Never happen before that was really weird and after I go in middle of the Gate in the camera switch at horizontal.

I look if that happen again

I agree this should be fixed, it made me miss the 100% several times now. An other consequence of this camera movement is that if you are moving to a tower near the castlegate and are ready to launch a sonicblast to destroy it, the camera move will make you move to an other place (because your finger didn’t move) and trigger the spell when you are not close enough to the tower.

Not many players did vote because not many players browse through this part of the forum neither… At least I can say by the current results that no one like it, a few don’t care, and most people don’t like it. hat should be a good enough reason to fix it imo.