Is this Zombie event a Halloween special or will it alternate with the Ninja event from now on, kinda like alternating war season boosts?

Halloween Special - Only 2 time event.

I was hopeful :slightly_frowning_face: oh well. I do hope we get some alternating something or other though, ninjas every week is somewhat boring.

I said this in another post. My guess is they’ll keep adding new events from now on like ex. A Christmas event with Santa gone evil & his elves as special troops or a Easter event with a Bunny villain etc. So we might see Ninjas come back for a short period between Halloween & Christmas.

When I go to our war boost page I see a strange sign on the mummy. It says +100% against the witch from zombies. Does it mean an elite mummy can’t be turned into a zombie?

If so, then we are fortunate.

If its boring, skip the event.Simple as that.I play to get the reward and as a challenge as well.Trying your best to scroll less than previous event until eventually winning it 100% scroll free keeps me interested