zombie specs seem wrong...

Speed of 1.5?

Defence ok they come to you.

But really? A slow ranged troop fine but this?

Its slower than paladin

Weaker than a knight

And probably will never see an opponent up close.

I hope I’m wrong but it doesn’t look good.

Did you watch the vid? There is some black magic going on there.

They can instant teleport to the King’s location [See 0:36 to 0:41 in zombie video].Hence won’t be much of a problem. Besides, there main function is creating the clones like the person above pointed out. I see them being much better than ninjas.

Zombies will create traffic jams

Well if the insta is true it makes a difference but its a canned ad not game play.

Why not wait till you can use them? Complaining about a problem before its a problem is…