Zombies dissapeared before start of new ivent

Hello all. Today after technical works all my five Zombies disappeared from  attack and defence before start of new ninja (zombie) ivent (on Friday). Reboot and etc. didnt help. Please back my zombies to me)

Ign: Second0505 , zombies was 11 lvl.

Upd. 02/Nov/2017 9.21

I checked that there is about 3 players with same problems in our and friendly alliances. As you understand it is hard to bit 5000+ players to get good medal bonus when oppnent have zombies in defence and you havent them in attack. I cant play now, i lost hope for good result in brilliant league i lost gold and etc. I usual have 30+ battles/day. Now i cant play, i write about this problem in support, but no answer till now. I think that all players without zombies need to get compensation from Royal Revolt for this bad trouble.

You’re right, your account don’t have defense zombies but your teammates have it. Wait! there’s player that have defense Ninja too. (Note: I haven’t really attacking them to check the real truth, the screen cap just from my pov)

Perhaps you can explain this matter @flaretara @Archimedes @Flothaboss

h1.JPG h2.JPG h3.JPG

Heya Second! Sorry to hear your zombies have gone missing. If I read that correctly, you’ve already filed a ticket with our support team, correct? If so, many thanks! We’re currently investigating this issue, though I don’t have any additional info to share at this point.

The support gave some Players 1000 gems as a compensation. Other Players habe not been compensated until yet. Me too ?


Hi @flaretara  the same issue here…so it affect more players…Please check and fix ASAP. this is not funny.And we await gems compensation for player on the screen . Player was playing all the time without Zombie


I had the same problem and wrote yesterday to the support team, but i got no answer.

I hope I will get a compensation.