Zues and Hades

Hello again FG,

I would like to make the following suggestions in order to make trophy system alot more meaningful. Choose whichever one you feel is more appropriate :-

  • implement a cap on the number of times someone can be attacked by Zues or Hades for a duration of time, ideally 6-8 hours.

  • nerf Zues and Hades so they are only slightly stronger than fully geared Athena i.e killable

  • reduce the amount of trophies one can acquire from fights using the gods.

Having no caps to how much you can loose to Zues and Hades cripples your well thought out trophy system.

I believe implementing the above will actually fix it. Correct me if I am wrong, but gods were implemented to have fun, give you a little advantage but not to imbalance the game to the point of sheer bad luck ? Its not our fault that being an active player, we will appear on multiple players screen and they will casually take a stroll at our bases taking 25 trophies each. Or if you would like that we minimise our activity/playing time so we do not take big hits by appearing less on other people’s islands, please come out in the open and say so.


61 out 76 trophies lost in last 8 hours were losses to Hades and Zues. If those stats do not speak for problem at hand, I have no idea what does.

Hey NaVi,

Thanks again for your valuable feedback!

I agree that Zeus and Hades are currently too strong. Players often lose their hard earned Trophies to people using one of those Heroes to attack them. I especially like your idea of bringing them to a level slightly above Athena, where they are still the most powerful Heroes of them all but not absolutely unbeatable anymore. We will work on their overall power by taking small steps balancing-wise to ensure that we reach this goal without overdoing it.

Keep in mind though, since Zeus and Hades will always be the strongest Heroes people will not stop using them when attacking opponents who are worth a lot of Trophies. You should however see attackers who use Zeus or Hades either failing or using Invocations more often if you have a good defense.

I think that will be acceptable to most of the community, myself included. Ultimately we would all like to build a defense that can fend off most attackers.

Hoping to see some changes implemented in the future soon.

Maybe even make those that lose attack lose more trophies than they could have won. For example, if they could have won +3 but lose the attack, they could lose double that, -6. This would benefit defenses a lot I think. Make people use innvocations to win if they don’t want to lose trophies. Don’t really like the fact that if someone attacks a player worth +12 trophies lets say, and doesn’t finish the course, they can still potentually win trophies. Being awarded for losing/bad strategy and making others oat the consequences doesn’t make sense at all…

I disagree completely, I mean Zeus and Hades are only available once a day, so they are something special that most people enjoy to play. Many (high level) players don’t even bother attacking with their normal heroes outside of war but only attack with Zeus and Hades. Nerfing so bad would take away the fun, you would lose the trophies anyways. 

My idea would be to get like 5 gems for getting attacked with Hades or Zeus, that would be the gem amount of using 2-3 invocations. And it could be either free to use Zeus or Hades or cost 5 gems (a direct transfer of gems), I think that would be a fair. 

Complete nonsense. What kind of nonsense are you talking about? If you are not smart enough to play, to attack, to build good protection, it’s your problem! If a player is able to use Hades and Zeus, he’ll easily be able to break most defenses in prayer, and gems!!! These characters still helped many players to attack stronger players once a day!!! Than they stop you??? You want to make it impossible for many players to enjoy the rare victories over stronger opponents??? Surprised by the attention of the administration and developers to stupid whining pitifully small number of players…

Looked at the screenshot… As expected, you beat a 100%. Any heroes!!! Just attacked you more experienced players. And your sewn is very weak and not thought out. You just got unlucky lately. Why just cry? You want to deprive the fun of other players? You made it!!! I wish you good luck.

then give all attacks by zuse and hades a max of 3 trophies…   then you still get the glory of beating someone strong…

3 is too low, maybe 10-15