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Found 4 results

  1. Team, im not sure if this has been raised before, but is it possible that we can see the introduction of a dual setting labelled ATTACK/DEFEND on the gatekeeper (ie. Much like the three settings on the base layout). Reason I ask is that Perseus is my war hero, but also my gate defender. Now the settings to defend the gate are completely different defensively than the ones used on the offensive. Not sure if other players agree, but I personally think it would add value to the game Cheers guys
  2. Hi @CaptainMorgan, Does Artemis have any unique item ? Other heroes have two unique items each and the third one is Apple of discord.I am curious to know about it as I have unlocked her last week.
  3. Forging items

    Guys, I’m sorry for my ingnorance if this topic has already been covered. I know for certain with RARE items they can only be forged by a Titan items that has been upgraded to the max. The question I have is there are certain items/combos (ie. Demolition chance, Frostbite, Area damage, Speed, Damage deflection etc ....) that don’t pop up very often which I consider as unique and was wondering if once they are maxed, can they be treated like a rare, whereby it carries over into the next ascension and can be upgraded once again ... rather than being discarded because it has no benefit and being under strength. For instance I just received a Titan ring with Stun/Lightning combo which I’ve never seen before, and find it useful and would like to hold on to it and continue to upgrade Once again apologies to all if it’s been covered If not would it be something that can be up for consideration cheers guys
  4. Market

    Hey buddy, (CAPTAIN Morgan) Just had a thought as I was being offered an Ajax Superboost. I think they are great as I have purchased the occasional one when starting out, but the novelty of spending 1000+ gems quickly wore off, especially when discarding 2/3 of the items. So I put on my marketing managers hat on and thought, imagine if there was a possibility of gaining 'A' titan or even a unique item at random in those packs, would it make it more appealing or enticing .... and of course the answer would clearly be yes I assure you people would part with their gems more so than what they are now You have a small chance of obtaining a unique item in battle, so why wouldn't you get those same odds in when purchasing a pack and using GEMS which in turn generates more money for you guys. I would give that a serious thought as OF COURSE it makes logical sense to me. pS.... I think you should be throwing a unique item my way for all my positive and constructive ideas, all put forward in a cordial, non threatening or verbally explicit manner hahaha take care champ