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Found 5 results

  1. I am facing the problem of unique item because i have intall the game on July 2017 and played a lot but I never get any unique than i delete the game after 6-7 months later i start playing it again approx 1 month i got two unique item till now this make me frasted to delete it so please solve it at least from daily chest last day we get it
  2. Team, im not sure if this has been raised before, but is it possible that we can see the introduction of a dual setting labelled ATTACK/DEFEND on the gatekeeper (ie. Much like the three settings on the base layout). Reason I ask is that Perseus is my war hero, but also my gate defender. Now the settings to defend the gate are completely different defensively than the ones used on the offensive. Not sure if other players agree, but I personally think it would add value to the game Cheers guys

    ''MARATHON'' quest bug

    Hi Today when the war ended and I opened up my current quest queue to check the update on "MARATHON'' quest(and it was showing complete) where your Alliance need to win the 4 Alliance wars in succession to gain Thousand gems and my team did won last four wars by grabbing the first position in wars. So when I precoded to collect the gems for this quest completion I did not receive 1000 gems and then I logged out of the game and logged in again to see if I received any gems or not. Now to my great surprise this quest is showing that I won only three wars in succession and is incomplete.I am trying to finish this quest for almost six months and every time my alliance wins three wars in succession(by coming first in Alliance wars)but fourth time my team end up losing 4 th war by coming second. @CaptainMorgan could you please check my account for this bug and Please don't tell me that I need to win the next war as I team has already won last four wars(by geeting FIrst position in Allaince Wars).Please help me out and you can also check my Alliance's win streaks too. My IGN: Eeestil
  4. Hi Flaregames and thank you for the new update. I just sacrificed one 5 Star Titan item on a duplicate unique item.It converted it into a cursed unique chest.What is this cursed unique chest @CaptainMorgan also how can I score 100 k score in an alliance wars ,for the past two months I am only able to score 75 k in a three day war format and the best score was in the last Alliance wars.But still it is no where closer to 100k.😧😰😕
  5. Hi @CaptainMorgan, Does Artemis have any unique item ? Other heroes have two unique items each and the third one is Apple of discord.I am curious to know about it as I have unlocked her last week.