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Found 42 results

  1. Hi, I'm sure I'm not the only one that keeps getting 'weak' armor compared to the one you have - they're some raaaaareeeeeee exceptions - but what I'd like to suggest is to exchange them (maybe between the alliance, or even sell it to grandma) for gems because you already can exchange them for money by selling and for pearls at the blacksmith but we (at least I do) need more gems than pearls or money. Cheers, xxo
  2. Kamimura

    Meltdown boost

    I'm having trouble with blacksmith boost. Even with active boost, the time to meltdown is the same without boost. It occurs when I put more than one item to meltdown. I think the boost only works to the first item.
  3. Create a list with cooldown items, like upgrade list. So, we can handle easily all is in forging progress.
  4. Hello everyone, Since Blacksmith is arrived bringing lot of perks, i would like you if vote the perk or perks you mostly like. You can also share your opinions! Thanks for partecipating!
  5. @GalaMorgane Would be nice to have had some info on Friday if the event is going to be all week or a 1-2 day event.
  6. black18759

    I used pearls wrongly

    I used pearls wrongly please help me.I thought blacksmith event started and i use pearl only 5 items skull perks.Can you restore it? Please im waiting for this event like a months please. I thought it was going to take 23 hours, but 23 hours after the start@GalaMorgane @FTB. I only use pearl this items. Can you restore it? Please please i did mistake huge mistake please help me About 20 minutes ago i did it.
  7. From yesterday all items from cof and uber chests are very low pearls when i melt them. Why???
  8. The blacksmith graphically copies an item to replace an item added to the queue earlier. In the picture I uploaded the blacksmith is melting an Uber item at the moment. Cancelling the melting process will re-add the Uber item to my inventory and not the item displayed.
  9. black18759

    No event ?

    Tomorrow event will start ? Blacksmith event will be come ? Can someone tell something? @FTB @oPelle
  10. Hey In connection to this thread (Skull Bonus on Amour) we want to explain the "Skull Bonus" perk to make it clear for every player who wants to know more about it. First of all we want to thank PicklePete for the post in our forum! It was very helpful in many ways, since it started new discussions about how the skull calculation works and how we can optimize visualization in the future. We understand that the UI solution for the bonus war skulls perk is not optimal at the moment and we will continue improving it. Concerning your statements about the bonus war skulls perk on any of your uber items, the bonus works on all battles you fight in a war. It is not the case that only your three best battles are affected by that perk. It is important to understand that the bonus war skull perk is working different from the bonus skull percentage which increases after every lost war. Please notice that the bonus percentage from the war skull perk raises the base amount of skulls you can earn in a war battle. Currently the player can see all bonus war skull percentage previewed in the loadout of any war battle. A difference is only noticable when the player switches out pieces of his gear. We have some pictures for you to make it more understandable. This is the amount the player would get without skull bonus perk in a battle. Without Skull Bonus This is the amount the player would get with skull bonus perk in a battle. With Skull Bonus Example Calculation: Calculation If you have questions, just ask me. I will try to answer it. Regards, Lisa
  11. JonnyAggro

    Blacksmith item dupe/overwrite

    I had golden grace being melted in the blacksmith and added a green crown to the mix and two showed up, one of them wiped out my golden grace. After getting the pearls though, I believe only the picture was changed.
  12. You guys are overdoing it with all these blacksmith events. Bases are already extremely difficult in top 50 alliances and even with max spells it's very hard to beat many bases.
  13. Shemyaza

    Blacksmith inventory bug

    When adding items to be melted down in the blacksmith, the inventory will skip to new items first. However, the system only scans the first 120-150 items (Not really sure about the number). So, if you have 200+ slots, and have a fairly full inventory, things like new belts and boots will not pull up. This is one of my biggest annoyances in the game. Having to scroll through 200 items to melt down a pair of boots. I avoid it until my inventory is too full because it's a hassle. Also, if you select the wrong item and you are past the 150th slot, when you exit out of the item screen you are taken back to slot 1, not the same slot you were looking at. I realise this only affects people with large inventories, but it is a horrible game experience and surely can be fixed by changing a value in the lookup code. Please fix this!
  14. i have 2 suggestions, the first is multi-select items when want to meltdown them, it will be very useful when i have lots of free slots, i must single select item, it takes time. the second suggestion is re-sort the position of items when they are melt downing, it will be useful when i have lots of items are melt downing, i don't have time to wait a big one, and after that is some smaller items. one more thing, it is about animation when win a battle. make more type of dancing for each of unit. there are some my suggestion to the game. my english is not good, hope that all of you can understand my ideas. Thank you all.!!!
  15. I recently enabled the 4th slot in the Blacksmith to melt down pearls, which should give me 200% of the conversion. When new items are added to the Blacksmith, the pearl counts still have the original number. I.e. an item which worth 2 pearls is still converted to 2 pearls (instead of 4 pearls). I have watched the counts when it's done (the number hoovering above the Blacksmith) and also the number in the "total pearl" in the upper left, both proves the conversion doesn't give 200%. Please investigate and fix. I have attached couple screen shots of the conversion process. Pic #1 - Blacksmith Status with 200% pearl conversion rate. Pic #2 - Pearl count before adding any new pearl = 921 Pic #3 - Add item to melt (pearl count = 3) Pic #4 - Resulting pearl count after melting completion (pearl count still 3) Pic #5 - New pearl count after adding the new melt = 924 The expected result should be 6 pearls. More info about the bug Device of the affected player: PC x64 OS of the affected player: Windows 10 Pro Build 1703 Steps to reproduce the problem: Add item to Blacksmith to melt for pearls and watch the resulting pearl count Frequency: All the time For how long as the bug been occurring: I notice the bug since I add the 4th melting slot in the Blacksmith Feel free to let me know if I can provide more info. Thank you very much.
  16. cageymidcalve

    kicked off line when clicking on...

    anyone experience this - click on pearls in blacksmith shop and get kicked off line / disconnected - and then having to reconnect??? is this a bug or just a one off???
  17. MCzeslawZ

    The Blacksmith Meltdown event

    Hey, The Blacksmith Meltdown event dosn't work. It's cancelled or what? it's working now
  18. Hello flaregames! I have a suggestion about the change of blacksmith display units system. Currently, a blacksmith display units system displays only the total amount, but does not display the respective amount. If you display each blacksmith display unit, users can enjoy RR2 more efficiently. It's a few additional. If you are going to upgrade about RR2 system, I suggest you this way. Thank you!
  19. about 10-15 minutes ago, this happened.. I had put a medium-level item into melting at the blacksmith and I suddenly noticed that when it was melting in the blacksmith, it had changed (it was visually changed to a simpler item than the one I had put in it) and the amount of pearls I would get was correct for this simple item (but incorrect for the original item put in the blacksmith). The duration, however, was stil the longer duration. So I aborted melting the item - as there was more items in the que, it startet melting the next one automatically. And then I added a simple ring to the list of items about to be melted. And then 3 of them (including the currently melting item) was changed to the simple ring! As well were their amount of pearls , but not the melting time! The blacksmith was boosted at the time I have since added new items to the que without the error occuring. Device of the affected player iPad Pro 2 Operating system of the affected player iOS 10.2.1 Steps to reproduce the problem adding items to the melting que at the blacksmith - though not reproduced systematically :-( Frequency (How often does the bug occur?) First time today - two times out of the latest 4 items added to the que For how long has the bug been occuring? First time today
  20. As an extension for the Blacksmith, I could still create a new warehouse so that one can disassemble its objects, sell parts and design new ones. Of course with beads and cooling time. Would make the game even more interesting.?
  21. Hello I found on the wiki that when you try to forge an item, spell, unit, tower, the more forged the item etc. is, the less chance you have to success the first attempt. That seems logic It was not written, but I assumed till now that no matter how long you wait between your first and your second attemps, if the first has failed the second is always successful. But some players disagreed with me some time ago, and today a player said he had made the first attempt on an item yesterday, and that today the second attemps has failed. Is that possible, and how ? Has Flare changed anything in the functionning of forges ? It had never happened to me (when I fail to forge something, the second time I always manage to forge successfully, no matter if I have waited 1 week between the 2 attemps) I would be grateful for some clarification
  22. Hubert12100

    blacksmith boost not working

    Hi Blacksmith boost stopped working.All advertisment boost are working expect bs. After ad nothing happend many times.Forced to use diamonds...
  23. Hi ! Blacksmith slots are very expensive even hardcore players. if FG reduce the slots prices more players are going to buy new slots(means more money for you FG) and 2nd Please improve the success change or reduce the pearls cost for units and spells because we are forging 2 times nearly all time (700 pearls +1 shield is expansive) or make it harder next levels (maybe after +15)
  24. DudeBro11

    Inventory: Item stuck

    I am experiencing a problem where certain items in my inventory can not be melted down, by the blacksmith, nor sold. The items are appearing as if I am wearing them, when I am not. Thus, these items are stuck in my inventory and are taking up unnecessary space.
  25. I just have one Eternal Wave in BS In fact i have 2 Eternal Wave. Why??? And i cant sell this item It like i wear 3 items at one time