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Found 33 results

  1. Is it worth to forge more than 7 seconds of the Transform Duration on Pal Flute? The forge of that spell is very expensive, so I want to know in advance if my pal can drop 2 specials if I forge it more.
  2. Hello Dears I see a lot of friends in this game unhappy and crying. I am constantly following your comments sometimes laughing sometimes I feel sorry. I am one of the most rookie players you can see in this game. but I enjoy deliriously from this game. ? I often laugh at myself. I think I'm the worst most crippled player. (period of battles is very prolonged.) ? what if it is long? I am developing myself until the war. ? (There are problems updating.) ? it is important for me that the social life is up to date. ? (blacksmith activity lasted short.) ? how much pearl can you get? why don't you gradually enjoy the game? “yes, many of them may look like a useless Polyana, but I can not be negative.” Is there something that is not missing in this game? ?? If you search for mistakes in your loved ones you can not be happy. or If you are constantly looking for errors in your game, you can not enjoy it. I serve hamburgers to all of you. ? I love you all individually.
  3. Hello dears I understand all of you very well. Most players are very disrespectful to some of the attitudes of our friends. yes every company can have problems and crises in every management. sometimes even sad consequences can arise due to these problems. no one is positive and does not produce better solutions. we are all a family here and we must support each other. I mean exactly, if we dont approach the developers well, we can not get good solutions. I think the developers are not happy with these issues. my super-player friends who have given years to this game should create a crisis table and negotiate problems with developers. if the sounds come from every head, the developers dont concentrate on the problems. I think that by patience and empathy we can all get great victories. Most of the time, the world is not perfect, should we give up the god?
  4. Hi, I'm sure I'm not the only one that keeps getting 'weak' armor compared to the one you have - they're some raaaaareeeeeee exceptions - but what I'd like to suggest is to exchange them (maybe between the alliance, or even sell it to grandma) for gems because you already can exchange them for money by selling and for pearls at the blacksmith but we (at least I do) need more gems than pearls or money. Cheers, xxo
  5. I'm having trouble with blacksmith boost. Even with active boost, the time to meltdown is the same without boost. It occurs when I put more than one item to meltdown. I think the boost only works to the first item.
  6. Create a list with cooldown items, like upgrade list. So, we can handle easily all is in forging progress.
  7. Hello everyone, Since Blacksmith is arrived bringing lot of perks, i would like you if vote the perk or perks you mostly like. You can also share your opinions! Thanks for partecipating!
  8. @GalaMorgane Would be nice to have had some info on Friday if the event is going to be all week or a 1-2 day event.
  9. I used pearls wrongly please help me.I thought blacksmith event started and i use pearl only 5 items skull perks.Can you restore it? Please im waiting for this event like a months please. I thought it was going to take 23 hours, but 23 hours after the start@GalaMorgane @FTB. I only use pearl this items. Can you restore it? Please please i did mistake huge mistake please help me About 20 minutes ago i did it.
  10. From yesterday all items from cof and uber chests are very low pearls when i melt them. Why???
  11. The blacksmith graphically copies an item to replace an item added to the queue earlier. In the picture I uploaded the blacksmith is melting an Uber item at the moment. Cancelling the melting process will re-add the Uber item to my inventory and not the item displayed.
  12. Tomorrow event will start ? Blacksmith event will be come ? Can someone tell something? @FTB @oPelle
  13. Hey In connection to this thread (Skull Bonus on Amour) we want to explain the "Skull Bonus" perk to make it clear for every player who wants to know more about it. First of all we want to thank PicklePete for the post in our forum! It was very helpful in many ways, since it started new discussions about how the skull calculation works and how we can optimize visualization in the future. We understand that the UI solution for the bonus war skulls perk is not optimal at the moment and we will continue improving it. Concerning your statements about the bonus war skulls perk on any of your uber items, the bonus works on all battles you fight in a war. It is not the case that only your three best battles are affected by that perk. It is important to understand that the bonus war skull perk is working different from the bonus skull percentage which increases after every lost war. Please notice that the bonus percentage from the war skull perk raises the base amount of skulls you can earn in a war battle. Currently the player can see all bonus war skull percentage previewed in the loadout of any war battle. A difference is only noticable when the player switches out pieces of his gear. We have some pictures for you to make it more understandable. This is the amount the player would get without skull bonus perk in a battle. Without Skull Bonus This is the amount the player would get with skull bonus perk in a battle. With Skull Bonus Example Calculation: Calculation If you have questions, just ask me. I will try to answer it. Regards, Lisa
  14. You guys are overdoing it with all these blacksmith events. Bases are already extremely difficult in top 50 alliances and even with max spells it's very hard to beat many bases.
  15. i have 2 suggestions, the first is multi-select items when want to meltdown them, it will be very useful when i have lots of free slots, i must single select item, it takes time. the second suggestion is re-sort the position of items when they are melt downing, it will be useful when i have lots of items are melt downing, i don't have time to wait a big one, and after that is some smaller items. one more thing, it is about animation when win a battle. make more type of dancing for each of unit. there are some my suggestion to the game. my english is not good, hope that all of you can understand my ideas. Thank you all.!!!
  16. Hello flaregames! I have a suggestion about the change of blacksmith display units system. Currently, a blacksmith display units system displays only the total amount, but does not display the respective amount. If you display each blacksmith display unit, users can enjoy RR2 more efficiently. It's a few additional. If you are going to upgrade about RR2 system, I suggest you this way. Thank you!
  17. As an extension for the Blacksmith, I could still create a new warehouse so that one can disassemble its objects, sell parts and design new ones. Of course with beads and cooling time. Would make the game even more interesting.?
  18. Hello I found on the wiki that when you try to forge an item, spell, unit, tower, the more forged the item etc. is, the less chance you have to success the first attempt. That seems logic It was not written, but I assumed till now that no matter how long you wait between your first and your second attemps, if the first has failed the second is always successful. But some players disagreed with me some time ago, and today a player said he had made the first attempt on an item yesterday, and that today the second attemps has failed. Is that possible, and how ? Has Flare changed anything in the functionning of forges ? It had never happened to me (when I fail to forge something, the second time I always manage to forge successfully, no matter if I have waited 1 week between the 2 attemps) I would be grateful for some clarification
  19. Hi ! Blacksmith slots are very expensive even hardcore players. if FG reduce the slots prices more players are going to buy new slots(means more money for you FG) and 2nd Please improve the success change or reduce the pearls cost for units and spells because we are forging 2 times nearly all time (700 pearls +1 shield is expansive) or make it harder next levels (maybe after +15)
  20. I just have one Eternal Wave in BS In fact i have 2 Eternal Wave. Why??? And i cant sell this item It like i wear 3 items at one time
  21. My inventory is filled up with Uber items that I no longer need but I do not have to option to melt them at the blacksmith or sell them for coins. How do I get rid of these to free up space?? Thanks!!!
  22. Currently, the CoF has only an option to"get it" or "sell it". How about having a direct option for "melt it"? the reason I am suggesting is many a times the items inventory is full knowingly or unknowingly, and thus you only have an option for additional inventory slot for a high gem price or sell it. An option to melt it can be a very useful option because it then becomes a secondary source for storage but at a cost. The cost of melting can be automatically deducted or can proceed as it is done. It will be something the players will appreciate I am sure.
  23. Current meltdown time per pearl: 58s Meltdown time for 236 pearls = 236 x 58s = 13,688s = 3h 48m The boost is not having any effect on the meltdown time. Many players have been facing this issue for a long time now. It is related with putting items for meltdown before or after the boost is activated.
  24. The BlackSmith (BS) has been released for months, but I think there are still a lot of improvements for this "old man" Here are my suggestions, I think would be really useful for almost all players includes me of course ============== Show more informations for BS's [ i ] icon, such: - Amount of Pearl melted down in 1 day (or 24h). - Total melting down time remaining. - Total pearls will be melted down currently. You can see in the pic, there are a lot of spaces still for that. ============== BS can produce "pearls per hour" just like Farms and Taverns, collect those "produced pearls" by tapping the BS with pearl icon above, the amount would depend on BS's level, total melting down slots The pearl icon will be for that purpose not for collecting all pearls inside melting down slots at same time. Still need some more suggestions from other players, please write it down on replies so Admins and Dev's can see your ideas Thanks for reading
  25. Dear developers, I write this message directly to you guys and i don't want to involve our Community Manager Aether who so far did a greatful job, because i think you missed the real target: let people enjoy the game. This "enjoy" terms in long term it has become, in every update, an intend forced gameplay where players have to spend always huge amount of money to sustain themselves, where what we spend is only a swindle in all sense. Moreover what is really disappointing and bother too much, is that in this forum, we are always the usual and few people that share our concerns, our opinions, suggestions and our problems. We are the players which really take care of the game because we like it. If a person plays this game for more than 1 year it's not only because we are addict to the game, but also because we see a real enjoyable game with big chances of improvements in the best possible ways. But seems that since we are only 5% in forum that share our personal opinions and the other 95% is in-game suffer: either because some don't know english language so they don't know how share their concerns or because people are too much occupied so they wish but don't have time to do it or because they don't know where is the forum or find it is too complicated, seems you plagiarize the big slice of players not thinking instead that the real big part is the 5% because we are the only one that can say you what is good and what is not good. An example is the last update: the much-awaited Blacksmith Update has proved a big fail again: Big chances to fail even after only 2-3 upgrades, wasting in few seconds our precious pearls so much collected in months; Strange chances to get always useless perks (gargoyle perk, toxic cloud perk, bladestorm perk, paladin perk and many others) where then you are forced to remove perk; The remotion perk is still a stupid thing: 50 gems to remove it after you spend tens of pearls equivalent to 5x of the remotion (why i should spend again gems when i already spent tons of pearls to upgrade it maybe failing); The joke to get the same perk again after you remove the old one is a very terrible joke that make you lose even more money and make you say why i'm still here trying to get something useful from this guy when actually the real usefulness is only in favour of the devs that grap money and to the detriment of the players who do not get anything cheaper from this update; Melting down item that costed us lot of gems or pearls when we bought it, it's now paid with very few pearls; Where is the sense to buy more meltslots spending thousands of gems, when you can only melt down an item at time?; Pearl conversion is only useful after you buy the last 3 meltslots probably, thing that will require years for many players and that time they will ask themselves if it's still useful spend such amount of gems to get few pearls by melting down items. Now how could you think to be so greedy to apply such big amount of gems and pearls to the players where we get in exchange big fails and 90% of time are swindles? How was possible that this come to your mind when the reason that a person choose a free to play game is because he/she don't want to have such kind of problems? Why you don't simple sell us the game so we can get less problem than get transitions that are out of normal? Where now buy gems is a joke if you take a look at the prices of the Blacksmith and its pearls cost? What i've always looked so far is that you think that every price in gems you apply is allowed by all...not it isn't. Unfortunately i don't see no more the old strategic game was long time ago... If you currently take a look at faces of most of players you see only: anger, loss of time, bother, etc. Instead you should, surely get your part of money by applying prices, but also let free players play the game without scorning or disdain it every time. A developer should be proud seeing people enjoy its game entirely made by him and his team and not, i'm sorry to say, be proud because he only likes the green paper enter in his pocket. With this argument i want that you realize where are you throwing a game like this, a fanstastic game that can't be replaced by any others (talking about the same strategic game) in my opinion. You should take action immediately, time is crucial in a game where programming require time. You'll lose not only the free players but also those players that spend few money if you'll apply continuously useless payments of money, gems, pearls... I would like to get an answer from devs regarding this big issue that in my opinion is not to underestimate. I think i'm not the only one that wish don't like see this game fade away because of perfidious treatments to the players that instead care of the game. Regards, oPelle
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