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Found 8 results

  1. Spells should have boosts, as units do. Faster Cooldowns, Wider Ranges, Longer Durations, those are just the obvious boosts to start with that could be applied to any of the spells really But for more interesting game play it would be cool to see something like, anytime Firestorm is used, the "fire" don't just radiate the Hero, but Pyromancers too or something. Along with the Doom Gate & a unit boost, a spell boost would be cool to earn in wars instead of two units. Just a surface scratch of an idea...
  2. Welcome to your new favorite alliance. We are an active roster LF new members to join the ranks to weed out the inactives. Level 40 plus only please and be prepared to participate fully in wars. We are currently ranked approx 2200 in world and wanting to go higher.
  3. Recently, a feature was added where we get to know who started the war. I would appreciate if Flare can add a feature where we get to know who activated an elite or war boost. Sometimes, someone just random activates a boost according to his/her need & the rest keep guessing. So what I would like is a mailbox message saying - Person X activated Raging Wolf boost.
  4. We need elite blockade Insert other media
  5. Halllo zusammen, möchte eine deutschsprachige Allianz aufbauen, Suche dafür Aktive Spieler um natürlich möglichst stark zu werden. Freue mich schon auf jede Anfrage :-) lg bertl
  6. Lisa

    Elite Boosts

    Wonderful day everyone I could see that there are recurring questions about the Elite Boosts and their levels. To make this more understandable I will give you the list of the boost level requirements. Doom Gate: Level 1 - 1 Fiefdom Level 2 - 20 Fiefdoms Level 3 - 30 Fiefdoms Level 4 - 40 Fiefdoms Level 5 - 50 Fiefdoms Level 6 - 60 Fiefdoms Level 7 - 70 Fiefdoms Level 8 - 80 Fiefdoms Surprise Mummy: Level 1 - 1 Fiefdom Level 2 - 8 Fiefdoms Level 3 - 19 Fiefdoms Level 4 - 30 Fiefdoms Level 5 - 41 Fiefdoms Level 6 - 52 Fiefdoms Level 7 - 63 Fiefdoms Level 8 - 74 Fiefdoms Frenzy Frost Blaster: Level 1 - 1 Fiefdom Level 2 - 16 Fiefdoms Level 3 - 31 Fiefdoms Level 4 - 46 Fiefdoms Level 5 - 61 Fiefdoms Level 6 - 76 Fiefdoms Level 7 - 91 Fiefdoms Level 8 - 100 Fiefdoms Regards, Lisa
  7. Since there's a new Renaissance of unraveling game mechanics, I figured we'd create a place to share research on the new Elite Arblasters. Anyone can do tests, and I'll add their findings to the OP with a citation saying that it's theirs (: I'll just directly quote their findings. The following things we need to know are: 1. What is the range of the healing aura? 2. Does the healing aura stack in terms of HP recovered? 3. Does the healing aura stack in terms of rate at which HP recovers? 4. Do Arbs heal some units more than others? For example, do they heal blockades moreso than Paladins? Etc. 5. Third goes along with #4, but do Arbs heal others based on the arb's HP, or based on the patient's HP? 6. Does the healing aura have some kind of nulling effect? Like does it completely null out DoT spells like Bladestorm and Sonic Blast? ?. Anything else you want to know, leave a request in the comments and I'll add it to the list. (P.S. I have some findings of my own, but don't want to publish them until I run further tests to prove them. Have to go to class for now though, I'll start testing when I get back [: ) Results: 1: Untested 2: Untested 3: I have found that the Healing Auras do indeed stack in terms of rate of HP gained. I Bladestormed + Sonic Blasted a group of Arbs next to a blockade. After the first one went down, the rest were still /slowly/ losing HP. But as soon as the second one died hardly a moment later, all of their HPs started to go up. This also answers question #6, does the Healing Aura nullify DoT spells? It appears that it doesn't necessarily nullify them, but rather, just competes with them. 4: Untested 5: Untested 6: Refer to #3
  8. Elite is international alliance with friendly environment. Our main task for now is to gain good gold bonus and develop our kingdoms and alliance. Alliance level: 22 Members: 22/27 Requirements: 2800+ trophies ​Alliance tower level 6 and daily donations I actually have one more idea For every alliance tower up trophies goes down for 100 So for example if you have 2600 trophies you can still join if your alliance tower is at level 8 You can apply to join or send me here ingame nick and you will get invite. See you in alliance chat
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