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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, Ovoneus here, founder of the Angelic alliance. Here's the situation we're in. I donate 500k per day. It costs 8mil to level up an alliance at this point. Which means that I alone can level up the alliance once every two weeks. And I do. Your gold, then, goes to elite boosts. I do take an extra 500k per week (which, divided between 20 of you, is about 25k per person per week) to keep the level-ups on a bi-weekly schedule, but everything past that, goes right into strengthening your units (: So what are we looking for? Obviously our alliance has a lot to offer, so we want people who can offer just as much in return. We want the most trophies to improve the gold boost, and we want the most donations to buy more elite boosts. Right now the average trophy amount is 1.5k and the average donation amount is about 30k, though any more than that will certainly be accepted. Our only rules are that you can't cheat, you must speak English, and you cannot spam. Basics. If you're interested, leave a message here stating your in-game name and your donation amount, then apply in-game. I'll be waiting (:
  2. Hello everyone and dear Staff, A new excting feature could be the insertion of Pets that give you a bonus like: - Gold Bonus; - Speed Bonus; - Leadership Bonus; - Attack Damage Bonus. Each Pet has only one bonus, and each pet can be bought for 5M by the Granny Shop and you have only 1% to find it. You can equip only 1 at time and you can use them everywhere ! The aspect of these Pets might be orbs that float around the Hero, like the magic red spheres thas has the Castle Gate to understand. Enjoy or not. Leave a comment if you want ! Thanks.
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