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Found 5 results

  1. It has come to my attention iOS is now also victim to Video-Ads which can't be closed unless you close the game (double-pressing the Home-button). On Windows Mobile Phone and Android the back-button could break the Video-Ads from either looping continuously or those Video-Ads which basically force you to press the install-icon of the game or app advertised. Up til now I am clueless if a workaround for iOS forced Video-Ads has been found.
  2. Recently I was notified of certain changes within the iOS developers guidelines which caught my attention. Apparently Apple is starting to enforce rules when it comes to Apple store apps (with an In-App Purchase option) and what should be taken into account when it comes to "loot-boxes" and other mechanisms that provide randomized virtual items (see section 3.1.1 In-App Purchase). Frankly when implemented I might actually be more inclined to make micro-payments as I would finally see what odds I have at getting additional recourses for my hobby of playing this game. So I have a questions for FlareGames: When will we be seeing this implementation? Will this then be done for the RR2 Android-app? And of course will this all so come into play for RR2 Windows store app? I all so wonder what my fellow forum member(s) think about this? Would you consider micro-payments more when "odd" would be shown?
  3. Hi yer another bug. So in the App Store the bundle for level 20 is shown as below. In the app it is shown for 21something with an old price well in the 30s of euros. that smells more and more scamish. Luring players in the game with low prices. That are shown but higher to pay. cu ABurned ;-)
  4. Hi ! Is it possible to play a same part on iOS and Android ? If yes, how to do it ? thank you !
  5. Yesterday I went to visit a friend, her son plays RR2 on an Ipad. I watched as he ran out of food, refilled his silo three times by watching videos and making raids, he also added a few extra gems by watching tapjoy videos. Sat right next to him I also ran out of food, had an option to watch a video, did so and ... nothing happened went back to the attack screen, then when I retried there were no more offers! I also went to tapjoy, watched a video, it finished .. no gems! My question is RR geared more towards iOS than any other platform, I have only once ever managed to get food from watching a video on my android device, although I have managed to collect a few gems watching them on tapjoy. It can't be country oriented as I was sat next to someone as this happened. So maybe there is a hierarchy in terms of RR2 users iOS, then Android and finally windows users, as we all seem to be treated differently.
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