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Found 5 results

  1. an1l75

    Warp Rift Mummy

    Hi, Probably the next boost will be out "Warp Rift Mummy" The video does not say how long will be the time wrap (? seconds). I guess from the video the time stops. So like if you keep on generating mummies, you end you clearing the whole path. Combine with surprise mummy and scream you have a deadly force. I guess this only works with the offense king.
  2. Lisa

    Elite Boosts

    Wonderful day everyone I could see that there are recurring questions about the Elite Boosts and their levels. To make this more understandable I will give you the list of the boost level requirements. Doom Gate: Level 1 - 1 Fiefdom Level 2 - 20 Fiefdoms Level 3 - 30 Fiefdoms Level 4 - 40 Fiefdoms Level 5 - 50 Fiefdoms Level 6 - 60 Fiefdoms Level 7 - 70 Fiefdoms Level 8 - 80 Fiefdoms Surprise Mummy: Level 1 - 1 Fiefdom Level 2 - 8 Fiefdoms Level 3 - 19 Fiefdoms Level 4 - 30 Fiefdoms Level 5 - 41 Fiefdoms Level 6 - 52 Fiefdoms Level 7 - 63 Fiefdoms Level 8 - 74 Fiefdoms Frenzy Frost Blaster: Level 1 - 1 Fiefdom Level 2 - 16 Fiefdoms Level 3 - 31 Fiefdoms Level 4 - 46 Fiefdoms Level 5 - 61 Fiefdoms Level 6 - 76 Fiefdoms Level 7 - 91 Fiefdoms Level 8 - 100 Fiefdoms Regards, Lisa
  3. MrShizo

    First two waves

    Is it smart to put 3 mummy each in the first two waves? what do you guys think, any suggestions? Cheers
  4. All, To those that received the elite mummy boost - what do you think? I think without a health boost they remain underpowered. Perhaps I am crazy, but it seems the knights that come out receive splash damage or AoE damage at a higher rater than other troops around and seem to die very quickly (even boosted). I very much like the concept of a Trojan Horse troop, but I'm not sure boosted mummy competes with other boosted units. Every other boosted unit receives a health buff except mummy? I would also be interested to hear everyone's take on their perception of "more frequent stun", as I do not seem to observer this. Lastly, am I crazy or do a different number of knights pop out in offense and defense?
  5. Hello guys! ENIGMA is currently recruiting. (Only 2 slots available now, but you would like to be a part of this Alliance when future spots open, then post your IGN here so we can invite you the next time around). Alliance Details: Alliance level: 24Rank: 187Gold bonus: 30%In the last war we won first place, and until now we still have 3 exclusive Elite Boosts! (Doom Gate, Frenzy Frost Blaster, Surprise Mummy). Recuirements: Minimum donation is 20K2500+ trophiesDonate dailyContribute to the War Season If you are interested in joining our team, please request to join in game or tell me your In Game Name (IGN) here and I will send you a request! ENIGMA