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Found 18 results

  1. RR2 needed upgrade. After that i opened the game and I had to start from the beginning. I entered settings because I was connected to Fb with my old account and I wanted it back . But I accidentally saved local data instead of facebook data so my account was lost. I submitted my request to Flaregames and I want to know if I am ever going to get it back......?
  2. So, I am spending some time on my girlfriend's house and I want, to check my kingdom so I can upgrade stuff, collect rewards, etc. Since we play on Windows 10 computers, ,iIs there any way I can log in using my account (changing Microsoft Store's account, for example)? If there is any, are our accounts safe if we switch? Are there any risks of losing our progress and having our accounts wiped? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello @CaptainMorgan @oisia One of my alliance players had gem problems for the second time, they just disappeared! The first time we thought he had spent them, but no! Now it happened again, he was with 1000 gems and saving to raise the level of the Uranus Hall and today when he entered the game only had 5 gems in his account, the second time with no explanation are gone! My friend's cell phone is new. How can we solve these problems, because he said that if they do not solve, he will stop playing. waiting for an answer.
  4. Please tell me how to delete the account I don't want any source of information to exist related to my account. Game used to be fun now but now it is just a dumb money grinding game. You cannot tell me that after one night an opposite defense that I owned suddenly became overwhelming for me. Also 2 items which give me a certain defense suddenly are not working at all and spells are not doing any damage what so ever. Therefore how to delete?!
  5. Hello I have a problem with my actual situation and maybe someone can clear things up for me: I always played RR2 on Android with Google Play connection (but this connection doesn't always show up ingame, like it's disconnecting by itself (??)). However I don't have problems with my account so far. A few months ago I connected with Facebook for the bonuses and mainly this back-up function. Now I want to do 2 things and want to know, if this is possible (since there is a limit of 1 account transfer per year): I want to transfer my account to a new device (android with the same google play account) and if possible I'd like to transfer it also on my PC (Windows). There is this limitation but wouldn't it work if I just connect them via facebook or so (or would google play work as well?) and by doing this I wouldn't need the account transfer menu of RR2 ? I'm really clueless (never did something like this before and don't want my longtime account to get in trouble ). Gwylion
  6. Hey there, I'm having an issue that I hope have a solution. The thing is that I play RR 2 both on the phone and on the pc, yesterday I had to reboot my pc due Windows errors, I reinstaled the game and wanted to link my account to the computer again, but the pop up "You have reached the account link limit" appeared. If anyone could help me to solve this please because I play it on the pc mostly. Thanks.
  7. Hello! I need help with Dawn of Steel The Admiral left the game and did not appoint another Admiral. There are three officers but how can I name the Admiral's account? Thank you
  8. What happened is that i deleted the game due to soace issues, formatted my device and then installed the game again, back at the tutorial when a message prompted saying i had a previous progress I've accidentally hit the ignore button and i thought afterwards there's nothing to worry about i can get it back anytime, i finished the tutorial and then deleted the game and reinstalled it to get my old account back and guess what? The new progress has been saved and i can't get my account back... I have worked hard on it and paid for the offers that popped up after reaching a certain level. Is there anyway i can get my account back or this game suffers from catastrophic account binding issues and usually the mods will say sorry they can't do anything? And btw if you're going to bitch about me let me tell you that most of the games save your original progress that was bound to your account.
  9. hi every one recently i had Microsoft device with certain account my device broken , so i decide to buy new device, this time an android device. how i can play with my Microsoft account in android device? i want continue to play with that account in this new device
  10. There is a significant issue with moving between devices. Initially I was prompted to restore my account when adding a device, but it won't go in the other direction. Need to add a manual sync feature. Very frustrating.
  11. The Account transfer limit is now changed to once every 360 days, i think this delay is too long, considering new phones comes out in less than 1 year, so this account transfer limit will just make it harder for players who want to change their phone.. please reconsider this. even when its imposed to prohibit account selling, maybe there are some better way to do it than this account transfer?
  12. Hi, i lost all of the progress in this game after uninstalling and reinstalling. Gems, knight upgrade, pets, etc. My account was bound to Facebook. However, it is not synchronized with the correct account. Please help. Thanks!
  13. recenlty I started using android with windows. As I have to manage 3 accounts so I link my lower account to android for video boost and chests. But at a time I saw that the phone says account link limit reached whenever. I click the link account button. Please do something
  14. Hello everyone! I had a problem with my Lumia 1020 with windows 8.1 and I had to install the game again. I have the ID stored but when I try to access this account I get an error and says to try again later but it always gives an error. It is an Admiral account that is still in the Alliance, so there is no way to manage the Alliance account. Can someone help me please? Thank you all!
  15. I have a windows phone and my partner has an iphone. If I was to download this app on the iphone and transferred my account to it, would I be able to play on both phones so that I can do the tapjoy stuff with the iphone but play it for raids and everything else on my windows phone?
  16. Hi there, I think that FG must make user's account more secured and easy to switch between differents devices. Most easy way it's linking user's account with a fixed email, or an FaceBook acc, Twitter acc, microsoft or apple's id. First of all, recently, many vietnamese user's accounts were simply hacked by feedback to FG. And the hacker only needs to know the relative amount of gems, tower levels, exp etc. The user's account is not well protected. I do know that some people had used faked bill to Feedback an account. Secondly, many users have more than one device : android tablet, apple ipad, windows tablet, smartphone etc. And it will be very happy if we can play in our differents devices when we want, where we are, etc. according to our situation. So, we'll really appreciate if FG should find an solution to make our acc more secured, and we can play rr2 in every our device. Many thanks in advance.
  17. It's very annoying when we reset our phones and lost all the progress. This already happened with me, and to other players I believe. This can be solved with an account that can be logged on any device and have his progress downloaded. That's my suggestion.
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