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Found 10 results

  1. Hi guys, As already announced with last weeks update on Thursday we fixed the ad issue. We had to limit the possible ad views a user can do per day. The maximum ads you can watch per day now is 30. If you reach this limit you have to wait until the next day (or one minute after midnight in the players time zone for the night owls ) to be able to view another 30 ads for the day. If you do not get 30 ads per day, it is because there are not enough ads available in your region provided by the ad provider. Thank you for your attention. I see you in the forums, Madlen
  2. Hi guys, We have just performed a Live Server Update. 1. With this update we have implemented the balancing changes announced in the forums on Tuesday.: Nemesis pal: +1 sec transformation on all levels Nemesis offense beast: +10% damage on all levels Conquest Gargoyle: Increasing speed in offense per each boost level Conquest Tent: +20% heal power on all levels +1 healing range on all levels  Pals and offense beasts will become slightly stronger on low and mid player levels. 2. Furthermore, ads should be working for everybody again without a cooldown. If you still do not get ads, it might be that there are no ads available from the ad provider for your region. Have a good evening, Madlen
  3. Lower accounts seem to be able to not have to suffer 6 hour ad cool down. I tried this with a few accounts. It makes winning leagues unfair as some players have access to more bread. I have tested using iOS and android, and used vpn to try other regions. Please make this the same across all levels.
  4. Wednesday evening the red and gold chest pops up right before the promotional ads begin. The ad was for Warplanet Online. Unfortunately said ad was set on a repeatable loop. I had to force close the game and of course lost out on the chest. Thursday evening the same thing only it was The Tribez on a repeating loop. Tonight again it's The Tribez so that's 3 nights in a row I've lost out on the red and gold chest as well as the bonus gold from watching clickbait ads that don't deliver on gold/items. I'm respectfully requesting that Flare Games look into the matter vetting ads so players aren't deterred from playing a fun game. Thanks.
  5. Can only succesfully watch 1 ad per game restart. When I try to watch the second video I get a white screen which disappears after a second. Apparently it also takes away from my ad count because after I had this bug a couple of times I was out of offers. Im not even expecting a response by flare because they dont care anyway. Just want to know if others have a similar problem.
  6. 2 ways to fix this problem. I recommend the safe way. Only try the other fix if the safe way doesnt work. Safe way: On windows PC, you can go to the Apps/Packages/RoyalRevolt.../LocalState directory and remove the VungleSDK directory. This fixes video ads, and leaves your local user data intact. Other way: Win10 users only [Warning] make sure your savedata is secure through cloud storage or facebook (by XxmushpitxX): 1. Go to start, select "settings". 2. In settings screen, select "apps". 3. Type in "royal revolt 2" or scroll down to it. 4. Left click on Royal Revolt 2 and it will give you the option to "move"or "uninstall", don't choose either one. 5. Once you click on "royal revolt 2", under the name will appear the option "Advanced settings" Left click on it and click on RESET and confirm. 6. After it has reset, relaunch rr2. You will start at the beginning of the game again, play the initial battle and beat the gate. 7. After beating the gate it will recognize your PC has a save game file under your OneDrive data and let you choose to use the OneDrive data or use the Local Drive save data or let you keep both files. 8. Select the first option: Use the OneDrive data save game. \\ This will relaunch rr2 to your old savegame. If you dont get ads right away, dont freak out because it may take up to 24 hours. XxmushpitxX had to repeat the process a couple of times for it to work. If you have any questions message XxmushpitxX ingame.
  7. Hello guys, I have a concern regarding ads used to skip cooldowns , boost farms etc . All the sudden after the ninja event it now says there are no offers . These are the things i tried : Waited a day , uninstalled it 2x , signed in and out . Im from the UK and before i received various ads . Thanks guys
  8. Hey anyone else out there having problems with ROYAL REVOLT ADS PLAYING....Flaregames is having a dispute with the video support people and is leaving it up to them to correct. I say we can actually petition either FLARE or their Vid/Ads Maker for quick resolution especially if the bonus from those ads is REAL INCOME on the onus of Flare's Advertising Partner. I say we cry pain and SUFFERING in gaming time lost and all but write the president. I am upset enough by this to write a letter in a forum. Anyone else got ANY bright IDEARS!!!??? LOL!! If you are new to ROYAL REVOLT 2 and need help with anything I am always here night or day bc I have NO life outside this game and TQFC!!!! lol Hit me up or help us all out by petitioning FLARE....bc THEY DUNNO WHATS GOING on. Anyone know who the advertisers are for FlareGames ROYAL REVOLT 2?? A support person told me to UNINSTALL AND REINSTALL.......uhhhh....so they REALLY are helpless and this is PROBABLY a dispute over payment or dollar revenue streams from ads. Any ideas? Any connections? I am listening! Happy Gaming!!! Sincerely, Feeble Old Gamer
  9. I updated to iOS 10.0.2 and every time I try to watch a video my game crashes. Every single time.
  10. When viewing an advert I've noticed that if I don't tap the 'x' within ~15-30 seconds of the video completing I'm returned to the re-loading screen instead of to the game and the reward is not claimed (therefor I have to watch another ad). While it's generally no big deal (I just need to pay more attention), I was shown an ad today that took ~60 seconds by itself and so even though I closed it as soon as it completed the game reloaded instead of giving me the reward. Would it be possible to either increase this re-sync duration or to perhaps pay out if we tap the watch ad button whether or not the ad successfully completes? Do you foresee a lot of people exploiting that somehow?
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