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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I can't get any rewards after watching video advertisement since I updated game to 3.8.1, including bonus chests, time discount, boosts ect. In the old 3.8.0 ver it's alright. now the video advertisement is useless, hope fix the bug ASAP, appreciate. Device: ipad mini 2 with iOS 10.3 Location: Chinese
  2. Hi ok so why the frack doesn’t you allow us to level up the buildings that we have to the level of the HQ? that is plain stupid and inconsistent let me explain why 1) I can level up weapons at any stage I like up to what ever level I like (inconsistency) 2) I always end up being in the level befor upgrading my HQ with full supplies and then having to gain XP only to do something again. That is frustrating especially if I see that I have level 2 buildings and level whatever buildings at the same time. There is no tutorial nothing that explains me that (inconsistency) frustrating also for new players. 3) if I would like to spend money on the game I would also buy supplies to upgrade stuff. But as I am always stuck in not being able to upgrade because of the above limitations. I don’t spend real money on this (stupid from you as you don’t get my hard earned bucks in your pockets) 4) I could watch advertisements to get more supplies and metal. Well while I can us the metal I can not use the supply. Dfacto that means I have to watch 2x advertisement to get metal I need. That pisses me off and I bet others too, so we watch less advertisement. Which means this stupidity of not being able to update prevents you from getting extra bucks for advertisement. so 2 clear business reasons that prevent you from earning real money (what this game is designed for). i do not think you can argue with that, don’t you? cu ABurned ;-)
  3. Hi, some people actually like the advertisement bonus and would like to go though the videos more often to get resources. could you please add an function to the game "please notify me if new advertisements are available" ? the keyword here is opt-in for those push notification. If you push out those notification to everyone then you would likely pi** off a lot of other players. cu ABurned ;-)