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Found 418 results

  1. Mermaid9467

    Leadership role

    As it stands, if the alliance does not like their leader, there is no way to get ride of them. I'd like to see a new function that allows alliance generals to stage a coupe and take over alliance leadership forcefully. Possibly the same for soldiers to remove and replace generals. Does any body else like this idea?
  2. Please put something like a quote in the alliance chat. There are people, like me, who do not usually interact all the time when they are online in the game because they are busy attacking and do not have time to be reading all the conversations. The alliance chat is always full, people do not stop talking, I do not like to interact without need, and since we are in this war conquest where communication is important, it is difficult to communicate like this, since I do not see when the Leader quotes me to talk about something important. If you can not put a quote, put something like a private message between members without having to add them as a friend. You need to improve this chat, it is too poor.
  3. When you switch alliances does your conquest building levels stay the same or do you have to start over rebuilding them from level 1?
  4. Greetings general, If you are looking for a comfy and friendly alliance you're happily welcomed at House of Athena We participate in every war and commute through in-game chat and our own guild WhatsApp group, where you are also invited, if you like. We permanently keep up the Cyclops and the barricade blessing and as long as possible the war blessings. So if you like to join our alliance with fun at the game and willing to donate to help maintain the blessings, feel free to search our guild name at the alliance-pantheon. See you on the battlefields, general. Greetings Varath, officer of House of Athena.
  5. "Newb Enablers" series (I write this post as I wipe off the umpteenth egg on my face after I posted a sensitive message on the wrong chat room in the Alliance Chat functionality of the game... 😜) As alliance members get promoted into the alliance council, they get exclusive access to post messages that are not for the consumption of the lower ranks. However, oftentimes, such messages get posted in the wrong chat room, much to the embarrassment of the poster & the receivers. For e.g., when the alliance council is discussing a particularly sensitive topic of a belligerent Veteran, a negative review about the errant member may get accidentally posted on the general chat if the poster logs off mid conversation & logs back on with the thought still in their mind; the default general chat is opened & the poster may "spill the beans" there. Ouch! 😝 May I suggest a simple solution of changing the background color of the alliance council chat room. Hopefully, this should stand out to distinguish the wrong chat room. Thanks in advance. ☺️
  6. The Ghostbusters are looking for new recruits to help them rejoin the ranks of the top alliances in the game. We're an experienced, organized and well-respected alliance, made up of a loyal group of players who are equally interested in winning torches and earning booty. We like to win AND have fun doing so! We communicate regularly--in-game and on our Line chat--to help our members improve as individual players and our team as a collective fighting unit. We share game tips and news, review defenses and discuss war strategy to keep our players engaged in the game, while doing their best and having the most fun in the process. We invite all active, experienced and team-first players meeting the following criteria to apply to join our group of true Olympians: Ascension level: 100+ Victory points: 5000+ Hall of Uranus: Minimum Level 9 (150k+/daily) War activity and a positive, cooperative attitude are mandatory. Apply in-game or friend/msg me on Line for more info. Best of luck to all applicants!IssarusGhostbusters GeneralLine ID: issarus Band ID: Issarus
  7. Our clan, the Four Horsemen is re-forming its ranks. If you consider yourself an active player, want to grow and able to donate a fair amount (50.000+), we would be happy to call you our brother-in-arm. No fancy words, no promises, just enjoy the game, and who knows...maybe one day we will find ourselves among the top ranked teams😁 Currently we have 23 loyal members, most of them have been building, fighting and moving forward together for a long time. Most of us are experienced players, some of us from the start of OR, from different time zones. There will be always someone to answer questions and give advice if needed. Hope to hear from you guys soon😉 Cheers: »»Gerger«« Four Horsemen
  8. The capacity of the alliance stronghold buildings is displayed. But how can we tell what is actually stored there.
  9. The small video didn't say much, but looks like a completely different play mode . Alliance strongholds looks like offenses and defenses are done as an alliance. Any other update?
  10. bigfastfox

    Full treasury

    What happen when alliance treasury is full and someone isnt aware of that and donate. My alliance friend said that today he donated and later noticed that treasury is full- no he didnt filled it- my questions is - WHY we can still donate when treasury is full, and if treasury cant take more gold and people are donaing and loosing gold then where their gold is going to? Shouldnt "donate gold" button be gray/inactive due to treasury being full? @GalaMorgane or @FTB please answer. 🦊
  11. Looking for active players of all calibres to join a fresh new alliance of three experienced players who can help you through the game or just provide fun banter for older players to create a unique alliance with the main focus on fun, it's a game, fun is a priority. All we ask is to take part daily (where possible), fight and chat (even a daily Ni ! will be accepted) and to keep your shrubbery's in good order. Ni is derived from the movie, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the Knights Who Say Ni. We are going places but we aren't going to Camelot, it's rather a silly place. All welcome. All languages, you will not be ignored.
  12. "Newb Enablers" series Both new members & new alliance managers need vital info on the health of their alliance, continuously & at their fingertips. The current "Alliance Members" list can be enhanced to a veritable dashboard by inserting a few critical data points that empower alliance managers to detect early signs of trouble & initiate corrective measures. In addition to the currently offered statistics, the below mockup shows: Average Ascension level---managers manually calculate by maintaining an Excel sheet. This helps maintain a safe average for wars. Average Fury utilization---Total Furys used ÷ Total Furys available. This helps award promotions & track non-performers. Online/ Offline indicators---clearly color-coded for accessibility, bright green for "Online", bright red for "Offline" and gray for "Inactive" . Member Ascension level---the entire list is sorted & sequenced as per this parameter. Unlike Trophies (which go up & down), Ascension is mono-directional, so looking for members is easier (especially in a 50-member alliance). Language & Timezone---the member's location & preferred communication for chat (esp. war directives) to engage with the team (See previous suggestion). Member Profile button---to view the Curriculum Vitae of individual members (See previous suggestion). Private Message button---for placing sensitive requests to individual members, to privately admonish/ advise, etc. This feature could be turned off at the Player Profile page besides the "Accept Invite" functionality (See Warriornator's suggestion). Disabled PMs have their buttons grayed out. Individual Fury Utilization %---a cumulative utilization data point for the member that indicates interest in Strikes. Members may be motivated to compete on this parameter, effectively helping the alliance. This also helps identify leeches early on. In case you're wondering where all the donation info disappeared, they are presented in another exclusive dashboard for the alliance's fund management---"Treasury". Note: Though to a visual designer, this page may look atrociously crammed, it's effectively an interactive "spreadsheet" that managers use from dawn to dusk for decision making, so it's OK. 😜 Thanks. ☺️
  13. "Newb Enablers" series Not for my chatty alliance, but for the sake of monastic alliances that pride themselves on the power of "Silence", I submit this for the kind consideration of our esteemed developers. When a new member joins an alliance, like in real life, it would be nice to welcome the new entrant. But, this may not be possible for all, all the time. If a standardized message from the alliance founder is automatically sent to the common alliance chat addressing the new member, others may join in & greet the newb, making him/ her feel comfortable quickly. Extending my previous suggestion, here's the illustration for your quick understanding: The character limit for this automated message can be the same as that for the general chat message. Thanks. ☺️
  14. "Newb Enablers" series While alliances communicate & collaborate among members using OR's in-game chat, there are often times (say, alliance war) when the player may be away from the gaming device & unable to communicate their situation to their leader. As OR is not easily portable between devices, this becomes serious, because the war manager assumes the player has gone inactive, leading to termination of the member. Some alliances have found an alternative via Line app on their smartphones for such emergency communication. So, perhaps, this is a suggestion that many players have frequently articulated over the years. And, for an MMORPG, a global collaborative platform is at the very foundation of the gaming experience. So, I was quite surprised that FG did not have such a platform outside the game. Some comments, such as this & this, seem to imply that such a platform is impossible. Well, perhaps FG could consider Discord (FYI: I am just an app user, not an agent of that company). Here's a mockup of how I see FG enabling a global chat facility outside their games for players to collaborate, even when not able to access their gaming device (to which the game is firmly nailed): The left margin features 2 icons, which are the Discord "servers". While FG can setup its server for all their players to collaborate, individual alliances can setup their own servers (see icon below the FG logo), effectively setting up a subgroup within the global FG group. The alliance founder then sends invites to their members to join in this subgroup. As Discord can be downloaded on a mobile phone, alliance members can be away from their gaming device & yet communicate with their alliance leaders. Playing members can also keep their leaders updated on war progress even as the leaders are at school or work. Besides alliances, FG's support staff & developers can also benefit from Discord. In the image, the right panel presents a listing of key staff. Similar to this Forum's subforums, FG can have separate "channels" for their various games. The left panel next to the margin illustrates this. One-on-one private messages can be exchanged between players, even when the recipient is offline. Just search for the player, click on their username, and start typing. And, most importantly, it is not too hard for FG to setup this app for the player community. Once you setup the server & inform the player community via this Forum, players can sign up via email ID (for PC) or phone number (for smartphones). Then, alliance leaders can form their own subgroups within FG's main group. Would you please consider? Thanks. ☺️ PS: Once Discord is setup for FG, the load on this Forum will plummet, which could give a precious window to perform that long-overdue overhaul of this unwieldy platform. @GalaMorgane , @Tomaxo , & @Infamous may please validate. 😊
  15. Hallo Everybody :-) I have 3 problems with the alliance feature that makes me want to avoid joining an alliance altogether. 1. I dont like the fact that i have to withdraw a hero from a production island , OR , to not be able to raid with him/her just because he s participating in a clan war. 2. Why only use just one hero in a clan war? 3.While selecting alliances I can see the boosts only after I join. I need to be able to see the boosts before I join to decide if I want to apply or not. An "advanced search" for selecting alliances in terms of their boosts would be SOOOOOOOOO cool!!!!!!! All the best to All!!!!!! Theo
  16. After wars, when it's time to award promotions, the Founder/ Promoter faces a challenge with senior members... no more promotions possible. Besides giving access to certain additional features for the promotee, the Promote option is an excellent tool (like in companies) for Reward & Recognition. So, may I request additional & multiple levels (more, the better) of membership for a steady R&R. I submit a sample list of 20 ranks below for a focused discussion. Rank titles are simplified for global understanding. Founder (full access, including terminate & edit alliance info) General ranks (previous rights + access to promote/ demote members, but not terminate or edit alliance info) 5-Star General 4-Star General 3-Star General 2-Star General 1-Star General Commander ranks (previous rights + access to initiate war strikes) 5-Stripe Commander 4-Stripe Commander 3-Stripe Commander 2-Stripe Commander 1-Stripe Commander Major ranks (previous rights + access to set/ change war markers) Rank 1 Major Rank 2 Major Rank 3 Major Rank 4 Major Rank 5 Major Lieutenant ranks (Blessings + access to Invite players) Lieutenant First Class Lieutenant Second Class Lieutenant Third Class Cadet (entry-/ punitive-level with no blessings) If the Founder becomes Inactive, the senior-most officer automatically becomes the Founder. However, if the Founder becomes active again, s/he starts at a 5-Star General rank. Drawing from @Morgul's suggestion here, I have added a bottom-most level without Blessings as a deterrent for alliance-hoppers. Thanks. 😊
  17. I am a newbie (2 weeks) that was recently tricked into leaving the alliance I had originally joined that had a ranking of around 2700 for an alliance ranked around 340. Since the one I was invited to had a 36% gold bonus compared to only 30%, I thought it made sense. But almost immediately after I donated 10,000 gold, I was kicked out with the message that my level wasn't high enough. So why did someone from the alliance invite me if there was a level requirement? And why was I accepted in the beginning? And why were there two members in the alliance with almost the identical name? Also of note is that the alliance only had roughly 10 members or so out of a possible 18 or so. Now consider what happens if 100 newbies a month respond to the invites and donate 10,000 gold each? I believe this was the goal. To scam as much in donation money as possible. So I'm curious if this is an ongoing problem, or something that moderators stay on top of and monitor somehow?
  18. Hello to all the kings and queens !! I Hope u are having a great day!! In the game you will find me as AnahirMS2 I am the leader of Alfa-Lobo alliance , lvl 26 located near the top 1000 , we are looking for active players who (preferably) speak Spanish or english to join our alliance. We are super active, good partners, all participate in the events, make the daily donation and donation of troops and if anyone has doubts about the game we help in what we can. We have a whatsapp group for when you need help but we are not in the game. Or if you've problems to play and you need to notify us and also a discord channel: Available beasts: Requirements to join: First of all that you are ACTIVE , like the game and have time to participate in the events during the weekends (Friday to Tuesday are alliance wars and ninja events from Friday to Monday) Minimum donation: 50k Minimum trophies: 1500 Hero level: 70 or + I really don't mind if you are a bit low on lvl or trophies if you really like the game and enjoy playing it during the weekends events you 'll be accepted but try to uppgrade your alliance tower every time you can, it allow us keep the special boosts during the war. Special boosts: I`m used to active the Storm cannons, the Stunning Ogre and the Holy Paladins during the war stage and before the ninja event (so you can raise the amount of trophies). During the wars we also activate the Tough Barricade and the Frost Trap . Depending on the difficulty of the war and the availability of gold of the alliance we activate shields (for those players who have lost more skulls or have the weaken defense) and champions(for those players who win more skulls and have time to perform the extra battles). General rules: The most active members who have been loyal for a long time obtain the rank of General . Insults or offenses to other members are not accepted. Those members who do not participate in the events are fired if they do not previously notify that they will be absent. During the war stage we restricted the entry due to the 60hs penalty without battles for the new members, but once the war was over we opened the entrance again I wait for you!! Hola a todos los reyes y reinas!! Espero tengan un excelente dia!! En el juego me encontraran como AnahirMS2 estoy en la alianza Alfa-Lobo lvl 26, estamos buscando jugadores activos que (de preferencia) hablen español o ingles para unirse a nuestra alianza. Somos súper activos, buenos compañeros, todos participan de los eventos, realizan la donación diaria y donación de tropas y si alguno tiene dudas sobre el juego ayudamos en lo que podemos. Tenemos grupo de whatsapp para cuando necesitas ayuda pero no estamos en el juego o no pueden entrar al juego y quieren avisar que están teniendo algún problema y tenemos un grupo en discord: Bestias disponibles: Requerimientos para unirse: Primero que nada que sean ACTIVOS, les guste el juego y tengan tiempo para participar de los eventos durante los fines de semana (de viernes a martes son las guerras de alianza y los eventos ninja de viernes a lunes) Donación mínima: 50k Trofeos mínimo: 1500 Nivel del héroe: 70 o + Las ultimas dos condiciones mas que nada se debe a que últimamente nos han tocado guerras muy duras y por lo general los de lvl bajo no pueden jugar por que nuestros oponentes son de nivel alto y se desaniman mucho. Pero si realmente te gusta el juego y aun no llegas puedes venir y probar si te gusta jugar con nosotros, en poco tiempo llegaras a ese nivel y disfrutaras jugar en los eventos como todos. Potenciadores (special boosts): Activamos los cañones, el ogro y paladines durante la etapa de guerra y antes de evento ninja (para que puedan subir la cantidad de trofeos). Durante las guerras activamos también el potenciador de barricadas y la trampa de pinchos. Dependiendo de la dificultad de la guerra y la disponibilidad de oro de la alianza activamos escudos (para aquellos jugadores que hayan perdido mas calaveras o aquellos con menos trofeos dependiendo de la alianza a la que nos enfrentemos) y campeones (para aquellos jugadores que ganen mas calaveras y tengan tiempo para realizar las batallas extra). Reglas Generales: Los miembros mas activos y que han sido leales por un largo tiempo obtienen el rango de General. No se aceptan insultos u ofensas a otros miembros. Aquellos miembros que no participan en los eventos son expulsados si no avisan previamente que estarán ausentes. Durante la etapa de guerra restringimos el ingreso debido a la penalización de 60hs sin batallas para los nuevos miembros, pero una vez finalizada la guerra abrimos el ingreso nuevamente Los espero!! My special thanks to @AwesomestKnightest for having translated this to english ❤️
  19. bugs and more problems. PRODITORS. we used furies and it does not result in counting in the war booty. zero fury and crasis problems. ok, maximum respect and patience for your work, but then do not be offended by giving us sweets. 250 gems do not even serve to renew prestige. we do not ask for anything, only respect as players. you make your considerations .... you will lose many players.
  20. Hi all fans of Royal Revolt 2! Have you ever tried to find a good alliance but you didn't know what type of alliance is good for you? In this new forum, you can talk about yourself following this simple guideline to be clear for the other alliances that want to recruit you! Create a new thread in this forum and clearly state the following information: IGN: Your name in-gameLanguage: Your prefered language (You can mention this in the thread title)Hero level: Your king level (You should put this into the thread title)Alliance Tower's level: 1K, 2K, 5K, etc.Availability: Very Active -- Active -- Sometimes Active(Optional) What type of Elite Boosts are you looking for: Blazing Knight, Power Archer, etc(Optional) Tell us something about yourself! EVERYTHING RELATED TO ALLIANCE RECRUITMENTS THINGS WILL BE DELETED ! POST ONLY IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AN ALLIANCE ! And most important have fun with the new alliance that you will join ! Regards, oPelle
  21. Alliance Merge Request – The Whisperers The Whisperers is a friendly level 36 alliance, with 17 members who is currently looking for another alliance who would like to merge with us. IMPORTANT: We’re looking for another alliance who would like to merge with us, but! We’re open to negotiations about moving into a bigger (or even better) alliance. We’re from different countries, but we always speak in English in our chat. We even have our own Discord chat where we discuss war strategies, pro-league or even random stuff! So I didn’t lie about being friendly Main Objectives: Farm a Phoebe Beast (Work In Progress: 3/25) Participate in all events (Wars, Ninjas, e.t.c) Grow as a family and help each other Have fun as a team! Alliance Information: Player base: We're mostly level 80 or higher, having our best at level 114 Requirement: Most of the players should (preferably) be at least level 80 too; Gold donations: Range from 100k to 1.5M Requirement: None, just please be active and donate every day to help maintain the boosts; Our big 5: Pal Beasts: Archimedes, Howl: Level 2 Tammy, Growl, Bucky, Kaiser: Level 1 Elite Boosts: The following isn’t set in stone and we’re fully open to suggestions, but this is our usual set-up: Constant Boosts: Archer/ Pyro War Boosts: Range bomber, Barricade, Spikes (these vary upon the war, we may activate 1-3 or none) General Boosts: Knights, Wolves, Ogres or Cannons (these vary upon our current alliance gold balance/suggestions or if we have any War Boosts to match, e.g: Surprise Mummies, Juggernaut, Sniper Cannons, e.t.c) Pro-League: We try to participate as much as possible, having usually 5-10 players playing on it. This amounts to a rough average of 40% participation. Want to join us? Feel free to contact one of the following members: Leopold, Tzvyxwae, ShadowsGuardian (the most talkative ) . Come join our family!
  22. Hello all,  We are actively seeking new members. Clan called 'kallithea' we are a friendly team Our current rank is 660 Divine blessings 2 or 4 daily active We have 14/18 members we need 4 more We prefer staying within the same team rather than travelling from one alliance to the other We have an open recruitment for players over level 50. No need to apply, just join if looking for an alliance. However, We only ask the members to join the battles and support with donations Must be active during war. Thanks for reading this topic i hope to join us! Titan code to joins us CXAIIZUF
  23. The name of my alliance is Mexico 01. however we want to change the name, since we are from different countries. I want you to help change the name.
  24. Currently we can donate gold one time during 24 hours- nothing wrong with only 1 donation per day but.... having timer/ cooldown which is forcing us to donate at certain hour- not sooner- is annoying. If someone could log in for some reason lets say not sooner than at 11pm (23:00) which is really late, then that person have 2 options : 1) Donate gold at 11pm and because of it be blocked with donations for the next entire 24 hours, which means another opportunity to donate will be available at 11pm sadly. It is directly forcing players to donate only very late on a daily basis or skip their donations opportunity for this particular day. 2) Skip daily donation just to do it next day at reasonable hour to set the timer to more comfortable period of the day- its a loss for an alliance i think(losing daily donation). My suggestion is: Can you - flaregames- change the way daily donation is limited to certain day/server day instead of a specific hour, because it makes every another donation being available at later and later and later hour? In my opinion it will make 100% of the players happy because of its simplicity and convenience- and the number of donations will remain the same.
  25. Hey guys. I am looking for active players LVL 80+ for HeR0eS TrainingCamp. Im bastian... we have line groups whit our others alliances HeR0eS and HeR0eS♊whit guides of forge, farm gems, lvl up and win defense and offense, Masteries and much more.****** WE HAVE ALL BLESS FOR 30 DAYS AND MORE***** ///////////////// Hola gente. Busco jugadores activos LVL 80+ q puedan hacer buenos puntos en guerra para HeR0eS TrainingCamp. Soy bastian... somos un grupo grande con 3 alianzas (HeR0eS, HeR0eS♊ y HeR0eS TrainingCamp) tenemos grupos de line y grupo de whatsapp en español. ********* TENEMOS TODAS LAS BENDICIONES Y LA MAYORIA POR MAS DE 30 DIAS ************ tenemos guias de como farmear gemas, dominios, formar defensas y asedios. Como ir subiendo el olimpo ganando gemas como defensor, como forjar equipo y mucho mas