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Found 1 result

  1. Dear Olympus Rising family and Devs, The lovely game of ours, has a great problem. War system is very problematic and gives no fun anymore. Why? OR is based on competition. And current war system does not allow fair competition and in fact destroys the competition. It is making me upset and also i think most of you get upset after waiting, getting exciting, prepearing for war, and hard working at war session, at the end you encounter: -Allied alliances: Most of you know, but never discussed about, it is a tabu??? -Who are they? I will not tell the names, they are many allied alliances at top 30. ** If your alliance are not at high ranks, you probably not know the issue, but please look at top alliance hall of fames. Are some alliance’s names near same??? Guys/girls, we play a war that the results are constant at the beginning. It is not good,it is not fair… Ok, what those Allied Alliances do? They took the all the joy of alliances seeking fair game. They never attack each other. They gang bang 1 alliance, for god sake, i saw 3 alliance attacking 1 alliance too. I saw a top class alliance gifting to a clearly weak allied alliance a torch with zero defence. There are many examples and of course prooves, screen captures of these. I wish, they stop acting like this, but i know they will not stop. Even they want they can not. Because they are used to play with the easy way or they can only fix their low commandings or weakness with such actions. But most probably someone started this, and they have to react like this… Okey, no need to find the guilty. As long as war system continues like this, problem will continue and become worse (more and more allied alliances will be created, and game will become more and more unfair). I honestly say, this war system is the weakest link of our great game. It is more important at anything in the forum suggested. And the undeserved war blessing earning or deserved but not got war blessings, affect players personal playings too. So it makes unbalance not only for alliances but also all players game experience. Devs, please change this weird war system and give alliances who seek fair war and the rest a FAIR WAR. Devs, make wars based on 1vs1 battles. Devs,let every alliance get the deserved win or lost… Guys/girls: please honestly share your thoughts, you can tell your personal experiences without giving alliance names. And please if you not think like me, don’t tell me i am crying or else, please try to proove it with your comments. Please reply @CaptainMorgan, @Chris, @oisia