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Found 2 results

  1. ** Now recruiting active and loyal members with consistent war participation and donations. ** We take war participation and donations very seriously, but as an alliance we aim to create a supportive and fun group of members who help each other out. We encourage conversations among members, even if they don't relate specifically to the game. Our #1 priority is to unite as an alliance, and promote both success in war seasons and friendships among members. Alliance Name: Avengers1326 Alliance Level: 32 Alliance Leaderboard Rank: 727 Language: English (primary) - we do have members from several countries who speak many different languages, including Portuguese and Spanish Requirements: Hero/player Level 50 minimum 50k donation minimum 1,200 trophies minimum Participation in all wars (Alliance and Ninja Wars) Regular donation Gifts/Perks: Elite Boosts: Always Active Holy Paladin Stunning Ogre Storm Cannon During War Season Tough Barricade Frost Trap Raging Wolf Others at request +25% Gold Bonus Insta-Troops Champions and Shields per Generals'/Leader's discretion Promotions to loyal members who donate every day and fight all battles during war season Rules: No bullying - ZERO TOLERANCE Must participate in wars Must donate regularly ** We take care of our members and promote those who show loyalty and support. Together we shall AVENGE!! **
  2. Since there's a new Renaissance of unraveling game mechanics, I figured we'd create a place to share research on the new Elite Arblasters. Anyone can do tests, and I'll add their findings to the OP with a citation saying that it's theirs (: I'll just directly quote their findings. The following things we need to know are: 1. What is the range of the healing aura? 2. Does the healing aura stack in terms of HP recovered? 3. Does the healing aura stack in terms of rate at which HP recovers? 4. Do Arbs heal some units more than others? For example, do they heal blockades moreso than Paladins? Etc. 5. Third goes along with #4, but do Arbs heal others based on the arb's HP, or based on the patient's HP? 6. Does the healing aura have some kind of nulling effect? Like does it completely null out DoT spells like Bladestorm and Sonic Blast? ?. Anything else you want to know, leave a request in the comments and I'll add it to the list. (P.S. I have some findings of my own, but don't want to publish them until I run further tests to prove them. Have to go to class for now though, I'll start testing when I get back [: ) Results: 1: Untested 2: Untested 3: I have found that the Healing Auras do indeed stack in terms of rate of HP gained. I Bladestormed + Sonic Blasted a group of Arbs next to a blockade. After the first one went down, the rest were still /slowly/ losing HP. But as soon as the second one died hardly a moment later, all of their HPs started to go up. This also answers question #6, does the Healing Aura nullify DoT spells? It appears that it doesn't necessarily nullify them, but rather, just competes with them. 4: Untested 5: Untested 6: Refer to #3
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