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Found 1 result

  1. After many years I have discovered that it is really the smaller things that make a difference. No one complains about it, and no one ask for it, but it shows you care and are proud of what you do. Here is a list of those things for your consideration (or for you to ignore). None is going to change any logic in game-play - but it surely will give me that warn feeling that say you care. Client issues: Pearl upgrades need to be checked one by one (each spell, each troop, each tower, each obstacles). How about a progress screen? The phone notifications are awesome - how about a screen where I can look at last 30 notifications. These get deleted on phone to remove clutter The Screen where the blacksmith forge items - Please also show the pearl total. (Currently you forge a few things, go look at budget, get back forge etc.) The League tournament, when it is done please I beg you show me the result list. Who beat me and by how much? When a spell is maxed or a troop is maxed you show - MORE IS COMMING SOON! - We do not like that message. Many players ask me: "What the h%$l does this mean? I know you intended well but it really say to us - "you are a sucker - you will never complete anything in this game!" I suggest you replace it with "THIS ITEM IS ON MAX LEVEL!" When I am at the blacksmith - I want to easily go to the throne room. When at the throne room, I want to go directly to the blacksmith. Please help me! When I click on a farm - please show me the amount of bread that is left. A maxed farm can have 300 bread x 4 = 1200 bread that equals a max silo. When a farm is empty, I might decide to boost its production if I have some play time that will come available in the near future. Currently I just do not know what is going on in my kingdoms economy? Please help me? There is now video to reduce upgrade times - thanks for that - But I need to click on every upgrade making very sure I do not click on the finish now (or I loose my gems) to check if there is a reduce special available. Many of these are missed because of this difficulty. Show this on the progress screen. Server issues: For me the RR2 system mostly breaks down within the alliance or community screens. The way I fix this is in one of two ways: a. I go out and click on all my farms. This make the RR2 app realise the connection is bad and the app will show 5,4,3,2,1 and reconnects b. I go out of the game and re-connect. (This takes longer) Both of the above options (I use to fix connection problems) give me a bad feeling and leave a bad taste about this game. Give me a button on the above screens that do a auto-reconnect. Now I know these connection issues should be improved and fixed - but until that happens, give me a way to proactively improve connection. It will be great if you can give some feedback somewhere of the connection quality. Like a ping test that show how optimum the connection with the server is. This can be in the options menu. This will help to pinpoint to the cause of problems and if it is impossible to log in. If it is in any way possible - please try to limit the bandwidth when mobile data is used. Please give us a mechanism that will ensure limited data is used When WiFi is used give us a more richer feedback (eg. if I do search for player to attack and has done 3 searches in a row, get the next 3-6 results. I have spend 5-15min between fights to wait for feedback from the server. Sometimes I will do 40 searches in a row before I find the right king to attack.) You have given us an awesome search feature (that can also be improved) but is useless because of slow server responses. Help us out please.It feels like I am waiting more for server connections than for my upgrades in this game - please show a tip or a cool 3D object or a new announcement to re leave this stress. You are very creative - please think of something. Last note: I list these minor things in the bugs area because if I was a manager at Flare I would have classified these little things as 1st priority and as bugs that need to be addressed asap. (And yes I agree that you have taken care of a lot of these little things in the past and have never received a single thank you - yet there is more to be done.) Thanks for a great game and for the other little things you have done Thanks again for your consideration