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Found 5 results

  1. please fix Pro league or delete ths league now 2 bug work in pro league again and peoples can got high score easy. But why FG don't fix this ? or need info about this? I'm here for help again!!! @GalaMorgane @FTB @Archimedes
  2. Hello i have a question this banned is temporary or it is forever?
  3. Warning!!! Many players have been banned after purchasing gems from Microsoft! Flaregames is saying that you have requested a refund or have giving your account to another player who has purchased gems. I would hold off buying gems till this can be resolved!
  4. I started this game recently and I didn't mean to cheat in this game. I was playing another game in which energy refills take too long. So I forwarded my time in mobile by two hours so the energy refills i can play more of that game. But Royal Revolt 2 notifications appeared telling me that upgrades were finished, I did not open the game during my time skip but when I fixed my time & opened this game, it gave me a warning and none were upgraded. I didn't mean for this game to time skip, will it affect it even when it is closed and I am trying to timeskip for another game & not open this game during the timeskip? Will this get me banned? Please do reply.
  5. Good day Flaregames, To begin with, I just like to say Im not a cheater nor hacker or so what so ever. Just a suggestion. Nowadays, cheating is a globally problem of game developers. This is just a disease that nearly no one could ever cure and stop. As part of innovation and being globally competitive of each country, cheating has its own way to go with the flow of modern technology. For game developers too be aware of this situation, they also need to improve their countermeasures when it comes about cheating. As for what I said, Flaregames, you should stop banning players just because they cheating, remember that its your fault why many players used to cheat Royal Revolt 2, you only think of your money. How could free players pace with the game update if you constantly making the game impossible to play for free. You should thnk for your self that banning won`t be a solution. "Aim for making a permanent solution not temporary". Improve your anti-cheating detector if you want this game to be completely cheatfree game. What if the time comes were all of Royal Revolt 2 players cheat, do you think banning them will still be a solution? Think wise, your game is not yet that popular compare to other famous games.Banning your limited count of players won`t be the players lost ,, its yours Flaregames. Just a final thought, We are not the one who needs to adjust to cope with your game, you`re team is the one. Be fair.
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