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Found 23 results

  1. The topic says it all. Some players want to achieve max. king status to have better items, for which XP gained in each battle is important. Can FG provide an XP to be gained per base? It will be useful for players who would like to attack only with the XP gear. BTW, what is the max for XP gain?
  2. Experience Bases?

    I think we need a list of experience bases. If you, or someone you know of, has an experience base, please post it here so we have a list of those bases for everyone. Post IGN (In game name), trophy amount, how long the experience base will stay open, and how much experience the base is worth.
  3. Occasionally I'll accidentally move a building or tower and not notice (often play with sound off). Sometimes I get to blame the cat. A lock/unlock button to wouldn't hurt.
  4. You guys have achieved a very good quality 3D models for weapons and buildings on the base. While weapons can be further examined and zoomed in, this is not the case for the base. I would love to see those guys smoking or chatting that right now is only possible from a bird's eye. I would like to move freely, turn the map and see it from the front, left or right. Maybe a closer look from the ground so you can walk and see the buildings, or follow some CCTVs fixed on certain points or buildings (e.g.: marksman tower)?
  5. Price check on...

    I exercise patience and slowly collect the appropriate amount of supplies or metal to perform weapon boosts and upgrade my base. However, it came to my attention that due to either shoddily done craftsmanship or simply the lack of supplies in these harsh zombie infested times, it takes just as many supplies to upgrade a ramshackle fence as it does to upgrade an entire storage facility! And the fence is still considered ramshackle despite the fact I used enough supplies to add a mother-in-law suite or a man-cave to my headquarters. Can we break away from the standard cost of 2500, 7500, and make the amount supplies needed match the amount of work to be done? Other than that this game is addicting as hell!
  6. Hello , can you make base A B C for base so we can switch for example when we get boost for Blokade ,or we want to change tactics faster. It would be nice to have something like Hero items changing . Thank you !
  7. Base suggestions

    Hello. I've been playing Dawn of Steel for quite awhile now and one of my main gripes with this game is the inability to move multiple things at a time when designing my base. Right now, I want to make some changes to my base, but these changes is going to consume a lot of my time since I have to move things one by one, wall and all. It would be nice you could implement that. Also another idea I had was the ability to stow our stuff (defenses, structure, resources) so it makes it easier to design our bases. I'm not sure if there's a feature I'm not aware of that allows me to do any of above mentioned, but if not I would like to see this in a future update.
  8. Rigs on our bases

    This one is simple. Let the rigs we have roam our bases. They do not defend the base and disappear during the attack (lore-wise – they are retracted to the orbit to not to get damaged). The reason i ask for it is that some skins are really beautiful and it will be cool to watch them when looking at your own or someone else's base. Just some beautiful rigs roaming the landscape. No game-changing impacts..
  9. I have noticed that some maps have on entry and on some, two. I think this is extremely unfair, as most players in the top 10 have one entry maps for their defense. This shows that having one entry is better than two, because instead of defending two entryways, you only have to cover one, which completely offsets fairness between players. Maybe you could give the players a choice between switching maps to a differennt one, or something like that. Of course, I may be a little biased as my base has two entryways, but i think it would be a fair and legitimate change. *EDIT* I know that you can change your map now, however it costs 150 influence. I think a free choice at the beginning of the game would be fair.
  10. Visiting other bases

    Ever had your base attacked, and the person disappeared before you can exact revenge on them? Wouldn't it be nice to visit their base just by going to the list of invasions, selecting their base and going to it for revenge?
  11. Alliance level - 10 (by choice as we are saving gold until the alliance is full) Gold boost - 13% Tax bonus - 4% Status - Apply to join (or leave your IGN and I will invite you) Donations needed - 20k+ (if 20k then look to upgrade to 50k) Trophies needed - we don't care (but if you want that gold boost to go up, get them trophies) Minimum hero level - 50 We are aiming to use gold for boosts in war if needed and then build up the pot during cool down ready for the next one
  12. This thread will be a consolidated thread on the Hottest topic about Dawn of Steel at the moment. 1 entrance to a base map or 2. The poll is for your PREFERENCE of base openings not what you have. Please keep things civil and direct any comments in a constructive way. "I don't like X" will simply be deleted. If you make a post put some thought into it. I feel that now we are officially out beta and the cap has been raised that meaningful debates can be undertaken from both high ranking commanders and low ranking officers of Leviathan. This council of commanders will now commence in the Nuetral Zone. Any disruption will find yourself in the combat arena. ------------------------- PS; there are a few of these threads and merging them would make the discussion incoherent. If there are any posts you have made that you feel relevant to this by all means copy them into this thread
  13. Well, mine will be open most the time and part open a couple of times just to see what that's like. RandomGoose, feel free to get some more trophies this time as well (",) IGN - The Fresh One
  14. If the other alliances can attack for 23 hours a day at any point, how is it possible to change my base during the war? Lets face it changing bases takes forever due to not having a "Save Base" function in the game. So can I get attacked half way through doing another while when there may be no towers and a shorter path?
  15. Is it in the top of best methods with upgraded firebolts along the inside shooting over? Is there any point in doing it if you are a mid level king going up against people 10+ levels above you?
  16. I tried going onto the facebook page to hopefully just view the front page but it asked for a login which I don't have. So are you wanting to drop trophies or know someone that is?
  17. Not too long ago there was a player around level 75 I believe that had an open base clearly wanting to lose trophies. They got all the way down to under 800 and then made their defence normal again. My question is, is it worth the wait and why do players do it? Just so they can get more gold when raiding in matchmaker? I currently have around 2,200
  18. Wouldn't it be nice if we could save a few base defense layouts saved, so i don't have to loose time on this ridiculous micro management? For example, I could have: - regular layout (blockades) - war layout (barricades and certain troops on boost) - open base (for sharing gold in alliance, or to fool greedy players) ... As it is, I still do these changes, but it's a waste of time and nobody enjoys it. This would streamline the gameplay and leave more time to actually enjoy the game instead this.
  19. I like design battlefield in dungeons, I hopE royal revolt 2 add new battlefield. Maybe beach, cave, or underwater
  20. Hey Guys.. Those are some base designs that I came up with, It might not be tough but it could be if the wave compositions are suitable with it.. Enjoy 1- The Rocket 2- The D 3- The W 4- The Lolypop 5- The M Hope You Like them
  21. Hey guys, I'm new to royal revolt 2 and would love to get some advice/feedback from you guys on my current base. I'm on level 48 as if now, and I have unlocked 3rd unit slot level 3 Ogre and level 1 werewolf. Are these achievements good for my in game level (48) ? If not where do you guys think that I should improve on?. I have also included an image featuring my defences and would really appreciate your feedback on any improvements/changes I should make . Regards, 13est
  22. Obviously there are a lot of questions about defense strategies. I'm not going to go into /extreme/ detail, but I do want to list out the various pros and cons between different combinations of things. For example, Short-ranged towers vs. Long-ranged towers, and Monsters vs. Units vs. Mixed. Let's start with the simplest combinations, and then end with the conclusion on what the best strategy is. ///Short-Ranged Towers + Units\\\ + Pros: While stuck at blockages, the opposing hero could take massive damage from these havoc-wreaking towers. - - - - Cons: Short-ranged towers, such as Snake and Gargoyle towers, can easily be avoided by sticking to one side of the lane or the other. Because of this, you have to separate lanes in order to ensure that the towers hit. However, having separated lanes, means that your ranged units are no longer at an advantage. The opposing hero can run through, activating spell after spell to kill off your units, while the enemy's ranged units, such as cannons, then slice through your towers unopposed. This basically gives enemy units a free pass, ensuring that your base is sliced through quickly. And not only are enemy /units/ a problem, but having towers so close together can often allow many of them to be hit by a SB spell at once. ///Short-Ranged Towers + Monsters\\\ ++ Pros: The same pro as before. Enemy Heroes take massive damage at blockages. However, now, the hero /also/ has to deal with monsters! Very rarely can monsters be killed in one spell, and if they get past the hero, they can often wreak havoc on enemy units. This means that the hero will have to dance around trying to kill the monster, getting drenched in damage as he does. Assuming you have a continuous line of towers, of course. - - - Cons: Aside from the hero not being able to punch through your defensive waves with spells, all cons remain the same. ///Short-Ranged Towers + Mix\\\ ++ Pros: The hero still takes massive damage at blockages (duh). However, the next pro is a bit different. The hero will have to dance around monsters, yes, but not for quite as long. However, if you introduce units of different speeds (example: Paladins + Werewolf) then it creates a sort of constant stream of units that the enemy hero will find hard to kill with spells. Rather, they may have to wait in order to regain a spell, or simply let a wave slip past. Depending on which of your units get past (for example: Arblasters getting past while enemy ogres are dealing with Snake Towers), this can be detrimental to the enemy. - - - Cons: The cons remain the same. Towers placed so close together can make it easy for one spell to hit them all. Towers are easy for ranged units to cut through. Etc. ///Long-Ranged Towers + Units\\\ +++ Pros: Long-ranged towers and long-ranged units are a double-whammy against the enemy. With long-ranged towers, obviously you can justify putting two paths adjacent to one another. This gives a major advantage to ranged units. This powerhouse of ranged towers + ranged units will make quick work of enemy units until they themselves are taken care of. - - Cons: As soon as the hero gets into the 2nd lane, it's pretty much done. The more of that lane he takes, the less lethal it becomes. And, unfortunately, you cannot put blockages in the 2nd lane, because the hero would use spells to destroy them from the 1st lane. So it's actually harmful, in this case, to put blockages on the 2nd lane. Not to mention, many ranged units can be taken out by a simple Swordrain. This is why it's often best to use Frosters for the bulk of your unitry in this situation. ///Long-Ranged Towers + Monsters\\\ ++ Pros: As stated, long-ranged towers allow you to fold your path, allowing them to attack for longer. Also, the monsters will often keep the enemy hero preoccupied, making it take longer to reach the 2nd land. - - - Cons: Unfortunately, there are no monsters who are both ranged and who can slow down the hero. Rather, your monsters might actually get slaughtered by enemy ranged units. Your ogre, for example, might take a barrage from a horde of Arblasters before it ever reaches the enemy hero. ///Long-Ranged Towers + Mixed\\\ ++++ Pros: In this scenario, you can get the best of both worlds. If you put your monsters out in your front waves and your ranged units in the back, your monsters can be stalling the enemy hero while your ranged units, as well as your ranged towers, are wreaking havoc on enemy units. - Cons: Your ranged units can still be hit with a Swordrain spell. So those are the basics for each scenario. But now you may be asking, "So Ovo, what's the best strategy overall? Well, as cliche as it is to say, the best strategy is: ///Mixed + Mixed\\\ Now, when I say this, I don't mean that you should be random. Here's what you should do. Place short-ranged towers on one side, and long-ranged towers on the other. Then have waves consisting of monsters, but with 2-3 units mixed in as well, at least in the first waves. +++++ Pros: In trying to avoid the short-ranged towers, the hero will fall prey to the long-ranged towers and units. There will be no safehaven. The monsters, then, will not only stall the hero, but in forcing the hero to dance around, will cause the hero to frequently be poisoned. Imagine being both poisoned and caught on fire at the same time. Double-whammy. So, what are the units there for, then? The units are there to act as spell drainers. By having 2-3 units, whether 2 Paladins or 3 knights, you're forcing the enemy to have to waste a spell to kill them, while not allowing that spell to be as effective as, say, a Hellfire in a horde of Frosters. With their spells drained on the units, they'll be hopelessly hindered at the blockages, standing there while taking damage from all sides. Your ranged units then, as before, assist the long-ranged towers in snuffing out enemy units. Cons: Morale waste. In using units as spell fodder, you are using a bit more morale than if you had pure waves. And as a tip to all strategies: If you're going to use waves consisting of both monsters and units, choose units with resistances to the monster's weakness. For example, pair archers with Ogres so that Swordrain, the preferred spell against ogres, won't kill the archers. The player will have to use both a Swordrain and something else. With Mummies, use Pyromancers. A hellfire spell won't be enough, nor will a Swordrain. And of course, with Werewolves, use Frosters. A blizzard will only significantly damage the Werewolves, and a hellfire will only significantly damage the Fosters. I hope this guide was helpful.
  23. Surprising Bases

    Hey there! I wonder how many of you have tried to use the base preview (mainly displayed troop and tower types) for tricking potential attackers? Just to give you an idea of what I mean, consider this picture: What you see here is the troop preview of one of my favorite mid-level bases. There seems to be a lot of mortars and paladins in there, along with some frosters and pyromancers and a few arblasters to round things up. Other troop types or monsters aren't used in relevant quantities, right? Now, what would you say if I told you that exactly as many moral points are spent on each of gargoyles and on ogres (both not displayed at all!!) as are spent on paladins, which is just 1 point less than for mortars? Moreoever, 9 archers are hidden in there as well. Furthermore, in that particular wave composition, many gargoyles and some ogres have been used in the first few waves, meaning they even appear twice (compared to just once for the displayed troops placed in later waves). Effectively that means that not even 60% of the effectively used moral points (waves 1-8, then 1-3 again) are being displayed in the base preview, fooling any potential attacker. E.g., I wouldn't probably attack that base with arblasters just from looking at the preview - mortars in 1st place (resistant to pierce, deal out poison dmg), paladins in 2nd place (resistant to pierce, many hp), pyromancers (weak to pierce) just in 4th place - as I'd think the arblasters wouldn't be effective at all against the troops there (and not effective against any towers either). But with ogres (weak to pierce, hard to bring down otherwise) and pyromancers each having just 1 moral point less than 1st place, the arblasters could actually be quite helpful in there. With barely any piercing damage displayed in there (arblasters in 5th place, archers not displayed at all), mortars (weak to fire, deals poison damage) in 1st place and paladins (no weakness or resistance against fire, but can't can't defend against ranged damage that well), bringing pyromancers (fire damage, resistant to poison) would really look like a good idea (especially as there are some firebolt towers in there as well). Though, actually there are a lot of arblasters in there (just 1 point less than 1st place), a bunch of archers as well, and a few gargoyles can take out entire groups of pyromancers with their suicidal attacks, especially when supported by some slowing-down frosters here and there. Another example: Same base, some days earlier. First thing you'd notice is that there seems to be insanely many frosters and quite many pyromancers - though, there's actually not more than 1 froster in each wave, and not even one pyromancer in each wave. Any attackers smiling about the waste of damage (as froster damage is low and both slow and burning effects do not increase with more than 1 froster/pyromancer firing together) might get heavily disappointed when just as many arblasters and paladins are there. Next, when considering this is not a high-lvl base and not even a base with more than 15 towers yet, from looking at the towers you might guess that this player recently switched to the new skull and firebolt towers - and as an attacker prepare for a lot of low-level firebolt and skull towers, with some snake towers in between and maybe two or three other towers. But actually, there is just 1 snake tower and 1 skill tower in there (both medium-lvl from their grey-scale), and a few low-medium lvl firebolt towers, while 50% of all the towers in that base are medium-high lvl arrow and some bomb towers. So, Instead of a lot low-lvl-tower long-ranged fire and medium-ranged blunt damage, actually a big lot of piercing damage is dealt. Now, arrow towers might look weak, but high-lvl arrow towers are too often underestimated in mid-lvl gameplay. As there are plenty of fire-shield items but no piercing-shield gear, and arrow towers tend to target the hero, they can be actually a lot more dangerous than low level firebolt towers - especially when the attacker actually expects fire damage (pyromancers and firebolt towers) instead of piercing damage. Also, that base seems to have a lot of weaknesses against ice damage (pyromancers, skull towers, blockades, gargoyle towers, and also the slowdown is effective against firebolt towers) and you may consider bringing in e.g. the blizzard spell. But actually, that base has only a few firebolt towers, only 1 skull tower, 2 gargoyle towers, less pyromancers than expected, and even the blockades are not too many, as there are high-lvl barricades and traps in between, drastically lowering the effectiveness of blizzard. ----- Now, I know, there might be more impressive examples... But it took me quite a while and effort (including some runs through it with pausing, pen and paper next to me, and some experiments with my own wave composition) to figure out the actual amounts of troops in there and then come up with some relatively effective ways of combating that base - and as lately it has raised up about 800 trophies within a week, I guess a lot of attackers didn't expect at all what was coming at them there! (As I've had an eye on that base for a longer time already, I can tell for sure that it didn't just drop trophies before, so the gain in trophies is a honest one...) What do you think about varying base designs frequently and "hiding" intensively-used troop/tower types? How effective can it be? Does it generally help climb the leaderboard a lot, or is it better to concentrate on some troop types in one's defense and specialize more on those? Is it easier to beat very specialized and "non-surprising" bases with few troop/tower types (by using effective counter troops/spells/gear (e.g. a lot of fire shield) or to beat such "surprising" bases with many (hidden) troop types by going in with a more general combo of raiding troops/spells and mixed equipment (e.g. some fire, poison and blunt shield)? From looking at some high lvl and elite players, I'd say no, because skull and firebolt towers dominate and also not too many troop types are used in most top-bases. But as I had a lot of trouble when trying to beat the base described above, while being able to complete most bases of comparable tower/troop strength for a 100% victory without using scrolls, I'd say yes from my personal experience (at least for mid and upper-mid lvl gameplay). Now, discuss! PS: Has become quite a length post, but if you managed to read through all of it, congratulations! PPS: As I didn't want to only rely on a rough feeling, I have analysed that base quite intensively. If the owner of that base ever reads this: Nice work there, imho!