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Found 6 results

  1. As the title suggests, please make it so you can see what kind of beast you are facing in the attack screen. Just beast yes/no is not enough. Phoebe beast is so overpowered it's rediculous IMO and I hate losing hard earned trophies to phoebe beast each time without being able to choose if I want to challenge it myself. When you face phoebe at least around my trophy lvl (4k) you have about a 99% chance to fail that base. I know, yes it is POSSIBLE to defeat it if you spawn a shitload of monks but since I dont use them in my regular setup it's no chance for me and a lot of people feel the same. @GalaMorgane
  2. Change attack menu

    Hi all. A mid level player here...i enjoying the game so much. The game underwent a huge change when flare added beasts and pals to game. The concept of attacking and defence changed completely after 3.0 update. But the attack menu is still same for years. Not a single change. I have an idea.I don't know if it will be appreciated or trolled.. But I will share it here. Like we get ninja(diff ninja diff thumbnail) zombie and yeti thumbnails in attack menu page....same should be followed for beasts too.. not that old beast icon plz.... we don't know what will come when u get first trophy(siege). So plz provide individual beast thumbnail in attack menu it will be helpful for many.
  3. Since that beast update, everything in this game has changed a lot. Now we must rely on Beasts/pets, feed them to higher(or -est) level, or take higher risk of losing. Now I feel we need more levels for Beasts/pets, make them indestructible as possible. So no one could beat our bases, but we could beat all bases with ease. Signed: theRichestKing
  4. Pals event

    Hi Flare, how are you ? My alliance and myself enjoy the regular events. It's a good opportunity to earn gold, items and pals. As we are a small alliance, it's very difficult for us to unlock a beast. But you could help us by creating a special event in which we earn all the pals ! What do you think ? PS: subscriptions = great idea. prices = real turn off
  5. Howl is a weak beast?

    Thanks to the cooperation of our alliances, howl 's beast has reached level 2. However, my strength and attack power are much weaker than other Level 1 beasts. Even though we collected 150 Howls... Beast boost level is 2 Attack power 1638 Physical fitness 28623  (howl Lv2) Blow 2362 Physical fitness  32236 (tamii Lv1) It is too different.
  6. Really annoyed by that cheap spell-cancellation-beast animation, often fail my raid. Nasty disgusting greedy dirty FG's trick for earning more money! Boring and disgusting beast ani!