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Found 7 results

  1. Worlds END! We are one of the original alliances that are still around. Rank #2 We are a good group of guys, and girl... We joke around a lot and deal with 0 drama. We are looking for members that have 3 heroes unlocked and users that are super active. Your trophies amount does not matter much cause we will help you grow quick how ever we do have a min requirement, its only way to show your active. We Want loyal members, and all members must make 75k each war. We also use all 9 buffs active 24/7 Plus all war buffs Requirements Must have Line app - msg squills for more info Level 9 donation hall Must be active Must be lvl 90+ Min medals of 5000 min 70k vp each war. We have a line group so send me a message ID is squills. Join us in our drunken bar fight! 1 Spots open as of now,
  2. Greek Army is recruiting! Our Alliance is a relatively new team that over the last month has made a dynamic entrance in the top 10! If you looking for a multinational alliance with serious goals and a great atmosphere now is the time! ...we can welcome you on-board! We currently have one open spot for a member! - Requirements: Must be active and performing well on war Must donate regularly Hall of Uranus Level 9 or 10 Trophies 4800+ Ascension Level 75+ Download Line app & communicate - Who we are: Level 35 Alliance Ranked 8th on trophies list [196k] Ranked 8th on torches list [95] 96% gold bonus/14% donation bonus We run 6 to 8 Blessings and all 3 war blessings 24/7 If you are interested in joining GA: add shadowscop1on on line app chat / post your in-game name or line ID / just send joining request in-game.
  3. Hello-Witajcie! (For non Polish players - https://translate.google.pl/?hl=en) Nie będziemy ściemniać, zapraszamy na stronkę sojuszu pod adresem http://sojusz.wix.com/tylkopolacy. Tam znajdziecie podstawowe informacje i wymagania. Tutaj też pare słów o Nas. Jesteśmy Polskim sojuszem, z głównie Polskimi graczami, choć nie tylko. Na chacie codziennie wiele się dzieje, gadamy o wszystkim i o niczym. Do gadania jednak nie zmuszamy Jeżeli chcesz grać wśród aktywnych, miłych graczy, to na pewno się u Nas zadomowisz. Zapraszamy!
  4. The BEST ALLIANCE of 2016......... candidates? Nominations I choose Genie and Master (G&M). Why? 1. Tension free living. 2. Contribution from all the members, because of the love shared between them. In G&M, we appreciate the input, be in terms of donations, suggestions, tactical tips, etc. everybody contributes because they all love each other. 3. Opportunity to grow because you are always shielded by legends of the game. 4. Chatting paradise. Enjoy the jokes, and tips all at one time. 5. my alliance members will complete..... You can reply and I will put your alliance names in the poll area. Needed: 1. name of the alliance 2. Why, do you think your alliance will the best?
  5. Hello, International Alliance is looking for a new active members, if You are interesting, please join us. We are LEVEL 48, rank 165, have 44% of gold bonus, and have many different boost active (our main boost is knight boost). Our requirements: 1. Hero level 85+ 2. 3000+ trophies 3. Donation min. 150k gold 4. Our main goal is maxed alliance lvl. Than we will spend all money for boosts. Apply in game, contact Erhan62 or post your IGN below. See Y'all in the game!
  6. Hi Guys, Many high level, medium level, and low-level players play this Tower offense and Defense game. There are many strategies one must have used to tackle a situation. Why not share it here. Maybe it will be a guide for many to: 1. Set up his unique path (and not follow a conventional path) 2. Set up his wave units 3. Attack others 4. Raid the Dungeon levels 5. Set up Alliance Strategy (on how to attack) All the best!!
  7. Hey, this is the Mithril Alliance thread. We are a very active Alliance, around de 125 rank, full of active and chatty people. Join Us! If interested in joining, just reply to this thread then send an Apply. Requirements: 2,500 rank minimum 75k donation minimum Active player Must Chat Active War participation Additionally: After you join you must intrude yourself within 24h, or you WILL be kicked.
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