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Found 31 results

  1. Looking for +100 level active players for Wars. We have only 1 rule; just be active for wars. Donation or Trophies not matter. We activated boosts for years already We have groups on Telegram, Whatsapp or Line. You ll join one of them or not, it doesnt matter if you are active for wars and following war orders. Write yo ur in game name here if you are a good warrior; we ll invite you.
  2. Hello to all the kings and queens !! I Hope u are having a great day!! In the game you will find me as AnahirMS2 I am the leader of Alfa-Lobo alliance , lvl 26 located near the top 1000 , we are looking for active players who (preferably) speak Spanish or english to join our alliance. We are super active, good partners, all participate in the events, make the daily donation and donation of troops and if anyone has doubts about the game we help in what we can. We have a whatsapp group for when you need help but we are not in the game. Or if you've problems to play and you need to notify us and also a discord channel: https://discord.gg/nWHuDXf Available beasts: Requirements to join: First of all that you are ACTIVE , like the game and have time to participate in the events during the weekends (Friday to Tuesday are alliance wars and ninja events from Friday to Monday) Minimum donation: 50k Minimum trophies: 1500 Hero level: 70 or + I really don't mind if you are a bit low on lvl or trophies if you really like the game and enjoy playing it during the weekends events you 'll be accepted but try to uppgrade your alliance tower every time you can, it allow us keep the special boosts during the war. Special boosts: I`m used to active the Storm cannons, the Stunning Ogre and the Holy Paladins during the war stage and before the ninja event (so you can raise the amount of trophies). During the wars we also activate the Tough Barricade and the Frost Trap . Depending on the difficulty of the war and the availability of gold of the alliance we activate shields (for those players who have lost more skulls or have the weaken defense) and champions(for those players who win more skulls and have time to perform the extra battles). General rules: The most active members who have been loyal for a long time obtain the rank of General . Insults or offenses to other members are not accepted. Those members who do not participate in the events are fired if they do not previously notify that they will be absent. During the war stage we restricted the entry due to the 60hs penalty without battles for the new members, but once the war was over we opened the entrance again I wait for you!! Hola a todos los reyes y reinas!! Espero tengan un excelente dia!! En el juego me encontraran como AnahirMS2 estoy en la alianza Alfa-Lobo lvl 26, estamos buscando jugadores activos que (de preferencia) hablen español o ingles para unirse a nuestra alianza. Somos súper activos, buenos compañeros, todos participan de los eventos, realizan la donación diaria y donación de tropas y si alguno tiene dudas sobre el juego ayudamos en lo que podemos. Tenemos grupo de whatsapp para cuando necesitas ayuda pero no estamos en el juego o no pueden entrar al juego y quieren avisar que están teniendo algún problema y tenemos un grupo en discord: https://discord.gg/nWHuDXf Bestias disponibles: Requerimientos para unirse: Primero que nada que sean ACTIVOS, les guste el juego y tengan tiempo para participar de los eventos durante los fines de semana (de viernes a martes son las guerras de alianza y los eventos ninja de viernes a lunes) Donación mínima: 50k Trofeos mínimo: 1500 Nivel del héroe: 70 o + Las ultimas dos condiciones mas que nada se debe a que últimamente nos han tocado guerras muy duras y por lo general los de lvl bajo no pueden jugar por que nuestros oponentes son de nivel alto y se desaniman mucho. Pero si realmente te gusta el juego y aun no llegas puedes venir y probar si te gusta jugar con nosotros, en poco tiempo llegaras a ese nivel y disfrutaras jugar en los eventos como todos. Potenciadores (special boosts): Activamos los cañones, el ogro y paladines durante la etapa de guerra y antes de evento ninja (para que puedan subir la cantidad de trofeos). Durante las guerras activamos también el potenciador de barricadas y la trampa de pinchos. Dependiendo de la dificultad de la guerra y la disponibilidad de oro de la alianza activamos escudos (para aquellos jugadores que hayan perdido mas calaveras o aquellos con menos trofeos dependiendo de la alianza a la que nos enfrentemos) y campeones (para aquellos jugadores que ganen mas calaveras y tengan tiempo para realizar las batallas extra). Reglas Generales: Los miembros mas activos y que han sido leales por un largo tiempo obtienen el rango de General. No se aceptan insultos u ofensas a otros miembros. Aquellos miembros que no participan en los eventos son expulsados si no avisan previamente que estarán ausentes. Durante la etapa de guerra restringimos el ingreso debido a la penalización de 60hs sin batallas para los nuevos miembros, pero una vez finalizada la guerra abrimos el ingreso nuevamente Los espero!! My special thanks to @AwesomestKnightest for having translated this to english ❤️
  3. Spells should have boosts, as units do. Faster Cooldowns, Wider Ranges, Longer Durations, those are just the obvious boosts to start with that could be applied to any of the spells really But for more interesting game play it would be cool to see something like, anytime Firestorm is used, the "fire" don't just radiate the Hero, but Pyromancers too or something. Along with the Doom Gate & a unit boost, a spell boost would be cool to earn in wars instead of two units. Just a surface scratch of an idea...
  4. Hey there guys. Can anyone tell me what's the Pro-boosts duration, when you get them? I'm asking this because I never managed to get a pro-boost in my alliance
  5. ** Now recruiting active and loyal members with consistent war participation and donations. ** We take war participation and donations very seriously, but as an alliance we aim to create a supportive and fun group of members who help each other out. We encourage conversations among members, even if they don't relate specifically to the game. Our #1 priority is to unite as an alliance, and promote both success in war seasons and friendships among members. Alliance Name: Avengers1326 Alliance Level: 32 Alliance Leaderboard Rank: 727 Language: English (primary) - we do have members from several countries who speak many different languages, including Portuguese and Spanish Requirements: Hero/player Level 50 minimum 50k donation minimum 1,200 trophies minimum Participation in all wars (Alliance and Ninja Wars) Regular donation Gifts/Perks: Elite Boosts: Always Active Holy Paladin Stunning Ogre Storm Cannon During War Season Tough Barricade Frost Trap Raging Wolf Others at request +25% Gold Bonus Insta-Troops Champions and Shields per Generals'/Leader's discretion Promotions to loyal members who donate every day and fight all battles during war season Rules: No bullying - ZERO TOLERANCE Must participate in wars Must donate regularly ** We take care of our members and promote those who show loyalty and support. Together we shall AVENGE!! **
  6. Hey All; Do you need all boosts always active for good defending and attacking, for fast upgrading your account? If you say ''Yes'', Join us. We need active members. We activated all boosts for 100 days and donating for prolonging boosts. Rules: - Must be active for wars. - Must donate minimum 75.000 gold daily. - Join to Telegram Messenger group for tactics and wars. Pm @gorcympus or write your telegram username here or write your in game name here. (Sorry for bad English )
  7. Before the update, my prestige level was at level 19 (almost 400 points if i remember well, before level 20). Now my prestige level is at level 20 but without Zeus and Hades activated! I don't know how that happened and i need this to be fixed, cause there is a 3 day alliance war ahead guys! I had completed all decorations allowed to build at my level of Heroes' Temple. Is there any chance to have my boosts activated as should be?
  8. What has changed when extending the war boosts , seemed to me otherwise longer ?!
  9. does anyone have problems with boosts?
  10. New tower type - totems. Towers that have little health and do no damage, but applies effects over a large range. The effects do not apply to units/towers/kings outside the range and don't stack with multiple towers even if the ranges intercept. In the event of two different effects, the first one applied stays applied. Totems take up two tower slots because of their unique and powerful effects and can be leveled up. They must be leveled up with a combination of pearls and money. All totems have no weakness or resistances (except poison) but have very low health. Totem of the blind - clouds the edges of the screen to inhibit the king's sight Totem of the raven - makes resurrections and scrolls cost more Totem of the shield - allied units entering the range of the tower gain a small shield Totem of the wind - grants a speed bonus to friendly units Totem of the drum - allied units gain an attack speed bonus. Does not affect monsters and doesn't stack with the wolf's howl. Totem of the demon - every xx seconds, all enemy units in range will have the fear affect applied to them for y seconds. ------- Towers, version II - Tower v.II's are upgraded versions of existing towers that are stronger and have more unique effects. After a normal tower is max level it can be irreversibly upgraded to the second version of that tower. When this happens, the level is reset to 1 and the tower takes on the new look and effects of the version II. At first, a v.II tower is generally weaker than a maxed v.I, but is much stronger when compared at the same level. The looks would be similar to the v.I towers, but more scary, like having 3 heads on the snake tower, or a dragon skull surrounding the cannon of a skull tower. This should make the high levels more interesting and diverse. Also very expensive. ------- New spells Smokescreen - creates a cloud of smoke around the king preventing ranged units and towers from targeting any units concealed within for x seconds. Does not spoof totems. Medium cooldown, short range. Corrupt - any totem in range applies its effects to the opposite team. IE, a totem of wind would make the king's troops move faster instead of the defender's. King's troops will still target the totems and the effect of this spell wears off. Med-long cooldown, long range. Fissure - The earth opens up below the nearest in range tower for massive instant damage. Doesn't effect any units or towers other than the one targeted. Shohld instantly kill all but the high level v.II towers. Long cooldown, short range. ------- New boosts Frost tower - Deep freeze - Increases health and damage, slow effect can spread through enemy units like the lightning towers lightning. Gargoyle tower - Sun's wrath - When the tower is destroyed, the tile in front of the tower becomes a boiling field of magma setting all enemy units that pass through it on fire, lasts for x seconds. Snake tower - Necromatic tower - when the tower kills an enemy, there's a small chance that enemy will be resurrected on the side of the tower.
  11. Come join Amber today! we have a few slots available. 24/7 - Knight, Cannon, Wolf currently saving up the level up the alliance. so more boosts will be coming in soon! Min requirements are: 100k-150k daily donate level 80 + active in War and Ninja Strong soon (Easy wars + Never lost one to date so far)
  12. Want easy war and boosts - Amber! Come join my alliance Amber for easy wars, great tips from some powerful people. We are running 24/7 Knight, archer, barricade and Ogre. more coming soon. As a level 15 alliance, we are looking for new and existing members to come and join in the fun! Wolf and cannon activation will be soon! Requirements: 75k minimum donate level 50 + 3 raids per fiefdom Active in Ninja events What you waiting for? Come join! (We will have 24/7 Pyromancer, so that will help a lot with raiding for those that understand their power, use Wolf pal till wolf activated) Current daily donation: 5.75 million Thanks and have fun playing! Strong p.s, jot your IGN below or apply to join (atm it is open)
  13. I fight in war I like boosts (my previous alliance was trash in wars but had 7 boosts)(I liked that) Some boosts that I require are, storm cannon, raging werewolf, stunning ogre, blazing knight, and tough barricade (more the better) So if your alliance has those boosts (and hopefully more)(and also hopefully decent in wars) I am willing to fight 3 battles per war (more when I feel like it)(often) (2% skull perk) and will donate 250k daily (going for 500k but will take a while) I participate in ninja events I have 3300 trophies atm (i think) but my trophies generally range from 3300 to 3000 Im also gonna add that I have no life and play this game way too much
  14. Looking for members for new alliance AnimationUnited Active, mature, friendly members needed An alliance where anime fans can meet to talk to one another and chat about all things anime. Even if you don't know about anime, you are welcome. Please be active, talk to one another and help each other grow. Please do not beg leader (s) to activate boosts. If you do not donate, do not expect boosts. At the moment the guild is level 10 with a small amount of members, join and help us get better. I am the leader and I am stI'll learning about the game, and I am open to suggestions and help from members. Search AnimationUnited in Alliance Tower to join.
  15. Hi, all I would like to float the idea of making those who engage elite boosts public to team members like when you start a war. We other team mates who put gold in the treasury would like to know who is spending the gold. Input from Flare much welcomed. Sorry if this topic has already been addressed. Cheers, Esperdome.
  16. We are one of the fastest growing alliances in the game. We are only 100 days old and already level 60 The main team (Master Me Me) is level 60 with 7 boosts 24/7, plus all 3 war boosts. We hope to be level 65 within 2 month and will have all boosts going.We require Alliance Towers of 500k and up, Do all 10/10 battles and be over level 90. The 2nd team(THE MM FAMILY) is just over a week old and is level 29 with 4 boosts going 24/7. Knights, Wolves, Barricades and Bomb Tower. Will be more going in war. This team requirement are 100k Alliance Tower(Daily Donation) and to fight in war. We don't have trophie and level requirement here yet. Still have spots here. If you are interested please reply here.
  17. There are 2 kinds of war boosts: 1. Won in war season; 2. (Special Season) Boosts - given to all alliances 2 days before war season. I remember that one of them could be re-activated after it expired and another cannot; i.e. another can be only prolonged. But don't remember which is which. Could somebody please tell me?
  18. We have two sets of war boosts - 1. Dragofroster, Gargoyle Nests & Surprise Mummy. 2. Dracomancer, Frenzy Frost Blaster & Doom Gate. I have come up with an idea of the 3rd set of war boosts to revive some units & towers which are hardly used not only by top alliances but also mid-high levels. These troops & towers don't have any elite boosts currently. 1. Blockade boost - When a blockade is destroyed, a poison cloud is released in a range of 2.45. Also this blockade has additional 25% resistance to all types of damage. (Not extra HP) (Blockades are replaced by barricades at high levels) 2. Frost Tower boost - Frost towers deal additional blunt damage on troops because it releases ice blocks with dry ice. It also has more HP. (Frost Towers are soon abandoned) 3. Mortar boost - Mortars deal more damage, have more health and release more poison bombs per attack. These bombs are smaller in size & deal proportionate damage.(Means it can attack more troops at a time) (It is not used because storm cannons are way better) What do you'll say about my suggestion?
  19. Would like to bring to discussion the seasonal boosts actual strength. Let's take for example the Froster. It's usual damage is ~270 frost. I have added damage forges. +6.0 frost damage every forge. Although it's only +2%, you can feel a difference with each additional forge. the damage really goes up and the Froster is indeed a little bit more lethal. Now let's look at the current seasonal boost. It says a ~1000 frost damage. It's not just +2%, it's almost X4 (!!!). Logically thinking, this boosted frost damage should kill every single unit around with just one shot and even some maxed towers. We all know it does not happen... The actual damage is probably just slightly higher than a regular froster. The only unit with this damage rate can be the dragon, not the froster. Froster was just an example. The same goes for all the other season boosted units. So, why do we see misleading information? Honesty? Flares? Cheers, Edward
  20. QONQR, alliance level 28, rank 1742. Open to Merge with other alliance(s) - message me if considering. We need reliable players who will participate in every war, preferably level 60+. We only have 13 of the possible 28, once we have enough income from new players we will run boosts constantly. We need ?you? to take this baby up a notch! Security is granted with a minimum of 3 attacks in each battle during wars. Regular donations would be nice too ? We expect respect for one another in the alliance, but ideas and free thinking are encouraged. any questions, just ask ?
  21. When a new player start with RR2, he can build an Alliance tower on throne level2. He start with a donation of 1k. He then start an alliance and say within 2-5 weeks he has 8 members and goes into his first war. The alliance win the war and get, mummy, froster, and castle gate boosts. All of these are not of much value because: 1) Most members have not unlocked the froster or got the mummy. (same goes for Arblasterand and Pyromancer) 2) The castle gate is of little use because there is never much gold to loot on the starting levels I Suggest leagues of Alliance wars (and I know this has been suggested before for other reasons) where there is a choice in the boosted rewards. Lower level alliances would prefer to have knight, archer and Paladin boosts as rewards.
  22. Using a Samsung Galaxy S6 with Android 5.1.1 I am unable to get to TapJoy and am offered no video boosts. IGN is Dogwood Lane. It is frustrating to constantly be told there is a free chest available when it is not available.
  23. DARKSOULALLIANCE is now looking for a dedicated loyal experienced player to become general immediately. We are LEVEL 34 Rank 245, have 38% gold bonus, and have Knight, Archer and Barricade as permanent 24/7 boosts and will soon add another as soon as we can afford. During war we sometimes add additional boosts per request from members and needs. We need somebody who is willing to help us with posting on facebook. Our requirements: 1. King level 80+ 2. Daily donation of 150K 3. Trophies 3500+ 3. Very active participation in wars and able to get 3000 skulls in each war. 4. Able to understand and chat in English or German Apply in game, contact Dehock our leader or post your IGN below.
  24. DARKSOULALLIANCE is now looking for dedicated loyal and active players for the future of the alliance. We are LEVEL 33, have 35% gold bonus and have Knight, Archer and Barricade as permanent 24/7 boosts and will soon add another as soon as we can afford. During war we also boost archer and sometimes additional boosts per request from members. Our requirements: 1. King level 70+ 2. Daily donation of 100K 3. Active participation in wars and able to get ~3000 skulls in each war. Or willing to do 8/8 4. Able to understand and chat in English or German We are very strict with war participation and donations and will kick members who miss wars or do less than 3 wars without informing generals. Otherwise we are a very fun friendly alliance to be a part of so come join us. Apply in game or post your IGN below.
  25. DARKSOULALLIANCE is now looking for dedicated loyal and active players for the future of the alliance. We are LEVEL 33, RANK 281, have 35% gold bonus and have knight and barricade as permanent 24/7 boosts and will soon add another as soon as we can afford. During war we also boost archer and sometimes additional boosts per request from members. Our requirements: 1. King level 70+2. Daily donation of 100K 3. Active participation in wars and able to get ~3000 skulls in each war. 4. Able to understand and chat in English We are very strict with war participation and donations and will kick members who miss wars or do less than 3 wars without informing generals. Otherwise we are a very fun friendly alliance to be a part of so come join us. Apply in game or post your IGN below. We just came in 2nd in war season and have boosted froster and mummy now so good time to join!
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