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Found 26 results

  1. Ever since I reached Knight rank (125k+) in Boss Hunt, I've done 2 Boss Hunts and on both found someone clearly exploiting/hacking. Last time it begun with a guy instantly getting 100 Boss Kills and today was even worse, some guy decided he didn't want to race anymore after 10 minutes and instantly got 200 Boss Kills and ended the damn thing right there. Is anyone else experiencing this? How is this even possible? Is the game keeping data on the client side permitting this kind of blatant exploits? Is there any way to report said players? I feel like there's no point on doing any more Boss Hunts if I have to pray that I don't get some hacker every time... Feel free to share your experiences and suggestions
  2. Strudelh0use

    Boss Hunt Cards

    With the lack of participation from a lot of players during a Boss Hunt, other players aren't getting the full benefit of pushing content. This is primarily due to players who barely move during Boss Hunts. Should Milestone cards automatically apply after a set duration? I personally feel that this would improve the Boss Hunt, allowing active players to get further, instead of stalling everyone out. As it currently stands, I've yet to finish another Hunt. I've completed exactly 1. I'm nearly a knight. This is pathetic. Penalize useless players, or apply the cards for them.
  3. Strudelh0use

    Unable to view player

    During my Boss Hunt, I randomly clicked on my name in the ranking, and was surprised to see a window popup that showed what my character currently looked like, which abilities I was using, and which pet. Rather cool feature. I proceeded to check everyone else, to see where they stood on level/gear/etc. Except for 1 guy. I am unable to view him at all, no matter his placement in the leaderboard. At first, I thought it was just a glitch, but now I'm not so sure. He's moved up to 2nd, and I've restarted my game/phone, and I'm still unable to view his character at all. 'old man' in attached image. Is this a known bug? Unable to view random players? I've tried searching google, but couldn't find the right keywords to bring up a similar posting.
  4. PotatoWarrior


    Hi, can i join a boss hunt when i am just at stage 50? If yes, please how.. thanks
  5. Hi since I started this boss hunt it has shown 0h 0min left in this boss hunt. Is this normal? How long do boss hunts normally last? I'd like to know so I know when and how much to push for rewards.
  6. Hi @oisia I can't see any boss hunt going on today. Regards
  7. OddSquish

    Boss Hunt Suggestions

    As someone who often plays boss hunt and does quite well I can say that one of the most annoying things in boss hunt is when people join and don't play. It is one of the most annoying things when you want to do well and finish most of the milestones. The way this can be prevented is through maybe a week cool down if you kill below 3 bosses in boss hunt. Meaning that you sort of have a temporary ban from boss hunt. There should also be a level requirement, or a way of level ranking, so high level players are put with other high level players and vice versa. If there were a level requirement, I would say it should be at least 10 or 15 and even 20 if it would stop useless knights from taking up space in a boss hunt. Reguards, OddSquish
  8. Boss hunt starting at 13:00 JST but at 12:59 time counter displayed 39 minutes left.
  9. Jetedry

    Boss hunt timer

    Boss hunt timer still is not showing up. I got the mid week with timer but the weekend is not showing up. This usually means u won't get to play tomorrow. I am on ios 10.3.2 on an iPhone 7 plus. I think my other info is in the images.
  10. raburnator

    No boss hunt since February

    userID: F8B1A5FD In game name: Raburnator iphone 6s ios 10.3.2 I haven't had a boss hunt in my game since sometime in Febuary (or possibly early march). There had been only a few hunts since the boss hunt rankings had been introduced when the hunts stopped for me. A day without me playing back then was extremely rare so I couldn't have simply missed them all. Deleting and re-downloading the game did not work and I currently have version 1.9.6 of Nonstop Knight on my phone.
  11. SVDNL

    Boss hunt bug

    I have encountered a bug while playing boss hunt. I failed to kill a regular boss (the one at the end of a floor) and i wanted to try again immediately. Right before i pressed the "boss" button, a random boss appeared. A message popped up that the boss got away, so far nothing weird. The bug starts now: The blue stars for fame appeared and the game acted as if i had beaten the stage boss, and i proceeded to the next floor. I'm fairly certain no boss kills were added to the leaderboard for me, and i don't know if the fame got added to my profile. Profile name: SVD_NL Profile code (i think, i don't know what else it could mean): b007c732 Game version: 1.9.6-#23439ea8 Android version: 7.1.1 AOSP Device: General Mobile GM5+ Edit: Date and time: Sat June 3, about 14:00 GMT+1 (DST right now, so i don't know whether it officially is GMT+2 or not at the moment)
  12. R3N3G4D0

    boss hunt First Boss Hunt

    Hi. When will be the first boss hunt in this game? Thanks
  13. R3N3G4D0

    Boss hunt

    Hi. I love this game, but in the last months is almost impossible to have a good time with it. First, I have been for 2 months at the same level (360), just because now the only way to progress is watching video ads!! Come on, for that I already have youtube. I now the game is good because even if you are not playing the knight should progress, but no more. I said, ok, at least now we have the boos hunt, but in the last events has been impossible to progress, just because or there is a hacker in my group had 105 kills, and the second only 40. And today was just worse: I had 5 minutes only of Boss Hunt, FIVE MINUTES!! Seriously, I just entered and instantly I got 10 boxes, and in the next five minutes got the last 2 and sayonara baby!! In the picture that I'm attaching here, you can see even that in the group we had people from others levels, that are suppose to be playing in another group with players of the same ranking. Please, fix this kind of problems, I know a lot of players and all are saying the same: There is not more fun in this game, and are changing to other.
  14. Hi Hi First of all, i wish you dont cry while checking my post since im not good speaking/writting english and ill write so much ( TONS of mistakes incoming D: ) . Well i think these changes can improve Boss Hunt reducing AFKs per team and i wish Flaregames introduce them if they find these changes good . 1) REWARDS You added 3 top players rewards system to encourage people play actively but you are getting the opposite, with your system all players between 4th-10th stop playing directly when they know they cant reach top 3 players thanks Donators/Pro players and when they go away they dont get a single reward and annoy top players to reach 6+ milestones (i got 5/6 first place in Boss Hunts and our team didnt reach more than 6 milestones because some people had 0-5 bosses in 24h with 500% dmg or skill dmg and 0-1 perks opened). Basically you dont encourage people to play as a team since it isnt a team mode, its a all vs all mode which rewards depends of a team that doesnt exist. You can avoid this adding rewards to all players. Maybe... adding a "Lucky Boss Hunt box" with: 1st : 100% 3 pet shards per milestones. 2nd : 100% 2 pet shards per milestones. 3rd : 100% 1 pet shards per milestones. 4th : 48% 1 pet shards per milestones. 5th : 40% 1 pet shards per milestones. 6th : 32% 1 pet shards per milestones. 7th : 24% 1 pet shards per milestones. 8th : 16% 1 pet shards per milestones. 9th : 8% 1 pet shards per milestones. 10th : 0% 1 pet shards per milestones. (In my opinion with this change you cheer people to play Boss Hunt) 2) RANKING POINTS Your ranking system is fine and a good idea to see who is the best player, but it has a big poblem: As new player you have 0 ranking points --> You find AFKS --> You reach 1-5 milestones --> You get 3k-7k rank points and you need like 80k to play with active players --> You have 5k ranking points --> You find AFKS --> You reach 1-5 milestones --> You get 3k-7k rank points and you need like 80k to play with active players --> You have 10k ranking points ranking points --> You find AFKS --> You reach 1-5 milestones --> You get 3k-7k rank points and you need like 80k to play with active players --> You have 15k ranking points... As you can see there is a shit loop that avoid active people to rank up and play with active players. How can Flaregames avoid this loop? Easy: -Wild bosses: DONT GIVE chest DONT COUNT for milestones GIVE rank points Spawn every 15min (player lose boss if dies) -Normal bosses: GIVE chest COUNT for milestones DONT GIVE rank points Spawn every 3 floors (player can repeat boss if dies) Making these changes only active players get ranking points (which determinate how active you are) and not if your team is good or not, because playing with active players or not depends of you. For sure, wild bosses doesnt appear while app is closed, wild bosses doesnt count for milestones or gives chest (avoiding boost players) because appears every 15 minutes and the most important thing, only wild bosses gives players ranking points BUT we need to avoid grinding bosses in low floors... maybe like that ranking point at the end of the Boss Hunt: (Boss difficulty (easy) * ( actual easy wild bosses killed * 50) + Boss difficulty(normal)*....+Boss difficulty (hard) *... + Boss difficulty (impossible)*...))*( (24*60/15) / minutes spend in the run/15 ) (1*) Boss dificulty valorated by the game: Easy boss: 0,1 Normal boss: 0,5 Hard boss: 1 Impossible boss: 1,5 (With this formule you avoid farming easy bosses or farming easy bosses and then kill hard bosses and this values are a bit random since i hadnt make examples just typing first values i have though,you can change it, but i wish you understand me). For sure milestones are reached every 20 bosses and not 30 since wild bosses doesnt count, With these changes only active players can reach a nice rank to play with active players but all people , active or AFK players have oportunity to get their pet shard if they always reach top normal bosses killed in their team when they are near to reach a milestone. ( ALL CHANGES WE COULD FIND TO UPGRADE MY POST WILL BE WRITTEN ON RED AND EXPLAINED AT THE END OF MY POST, if only forum masters can change colours in their message, just told me and i change it, but dont delete my post please D: ) (1*) - I thought later that active team spend like 30-40 minutes in a run so they wont find so much wild bosses and wont get ranking points so 1 player in a active team will get: (his points per boss) * ( ( (maximum time in a boss hunt---> 24 hours * 60 minutes/hour) / (60 minutes/15 minutes per wild boss)) / (time spent in the run in minutes/15 minutes per wild boss) so all people will get points per wild boss but wild bosses in a fast run will give more points)
  15. Hi. Im wondering is today will be available the usual bost hunt that we have every Wednesday.
  16. Janico

    15th feb boss hunt?

    Anyone else having issues logging on to this Wednesday boss hunt?
  17. UCRANE


  18. Janico

    Boss hunt 4 Feb

    Wow i just wanna say thanks to the developers. You heard our whining about inactive players so you made the ranking and omg. Sooo fast. Just finished in 48 mins. Really really good effort on everyone part. Haha and sorry for taking #1 most of the time... well sorta sorry ? All we need now is a convo box and this would be sweet. How did you guys do? And yes or no on the chatbox?
  19. Janico

    Boss hunt 24 Dec

    Hey all. Just completed the boss hunt. Which is awesome. Haha think its cause of the single lonely ppl that play during the holidays. How did you guys go? Anyone that was in my party during this hunt. Thanks alot for being active and helping. Also sorry for hogging #1 rank ???
  20. Janico

    Boss Hunt 3 Dec 16...

    Boss hunt again and again theres inactive players.... again Seriously whats the point in having a hunt if no ones there. I bet there are loads of people out there that are like me and literially soloing the hunts. Cant there be different servers or the option to join other teams? Also a group chat would be handy as well. Humans love to compete and chatting helps
  21. When you place in top three, your next Boss Hunt should place you with other top three players only. Give higher powered items stat wise, more gold from kills, etc. Have better rewards next start of BH. Gold - Starts off with three random three star items and 1/2 million gold. Silver - Start off with two random three star items and 1/2 million gold. Bronze - Start off with one random three star item and 1/2 million gold.
  22. Salixczar

    Boss hunt bug

    My timer on the boss hunt got reset and now there is no timer until the next boss hunt that usually occurs at 12 noon Eastern standard time. Using my HTC M9 and game is up to date. Username Salixczar User ID FC468B69
  23. Scabbard

    Chat in boss hunt

    Love the game. Boss hunt is fun but i think can be improved a lot with a bit of communication between other players. I'm not 100% sure how hard a chat function is to program into a game but it's worth a shot to make an account just for this post. Thanks.
  24. Great game Knights! Brutal rush to the finish (wp Will) and almost completed the 10th milestone which was a PB for me! Cheers
  25. FluffyHobbes

    Bug with Boss Hunt reward

    Zorban the Knightmare and userID: 74BEA904 nVidia Shield K1 Android 6.0.1 In the current Boss Hunt, I was leading my group with 4 kills between myself and 2nd place. We were at 179 of 180 kills when I went to bed. When I was asleep we reached the 180 milestone, a player had passed me in the standings during this, and when I woke up and logged back in we were at 191 kills. I received only 2 pet cards instead of the 3 I should have received for leading my group at the 180 milestone. While I was fighting, I gained first place again and we hit the next milestone, where I received the 3 pet card reward. Because of this, I assume that the game checks your standings in the group upon login, and not when the milestone was reached; this is not how I imagined the reward system would work. Is this working as intended? Thanks!