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Found 10 results

  1. With the introduction of rankings and highly incentive play, I propose that boss hunts continue on for the entire duration of 24 hours instead of concluding at 300 total boss kills for the group. For every 300 total boss kills for the group, a megabox is rewarded. Finishing a boss hunt (getting to 300 kills) is not a problem anymore. It would be nice to provide high reward for continuous play.
  2. Please developers do something about the inactive players on each team on the boss hunts. They just don't contribute and result for everyone in the team not to complete the boss hunts. That's irritating and frustrating
  3. I sometimes get bosses when i am beating levels, they appear in whatever moment, in whatever level. 1) Is that random appearing a bug or is intended? 2) Is here a way to get them more commonly? 3) If a boss will appear but i leave for 24 hours and back and also in that 24 hours i move to the next level (example: 4 to 5), had i lost that random boss and will not appear after it? PD: I am not talking about the yellow logo bosses, i am talking about that bosses that appear randomly while you are playing boss hunter.
  4. I am wearing "the Baron" cloak. Multiple times I have hit the "Battle" button and the screen remains still while my knight vanishes to fight the boss at a different location. This makes it rather difficult, impossible really, to know what abilities to use and when. It happens so quickly that there is no possible way for me to get a screen shot of the issue. I simply ability spam and hope for the best.
  5. Boss hunt was fun at first. However no one plays it all the way through now. I try and get as far as I can through the milestones but there is a wall when the bosses have either dodge mechanic or more crit and it ruins my drive to play. Constantly getting 1 shot from crit or when the boss dodges my 4th auto crit from my sword stops be dead in my tracks. This problem including the lack of people playing makes me want to remove the app because it's getting boring
  6. So next boss hunt started and the bosses have critical strike now? You raised the level of difficultness again. It's so hard to beat any above level 30. Probably my group can't reach the 300 bosses goal again. Way to hard for the other players.
  7. Just some Suggestions: - Random/Wild Bosses in Adventure mode (not only in Boss Hunt) - New Chests/Weapons - Sets - Sets, for example if you wear all three Items from Mammut-Chest you will get new bonus - new Abilities or new runes - Kick-vote in Boss Hunt, sometimes I had members in groups wich were inactive all the time
  8. Hi all :-) I love RR2 and the ninja event ...BUT... after playing the ninja event 2-3 times I have to admit that it s starting to feel (kind of) repetitive :-( dont get me wrong, all 30 stages and event map are beautifully designed...HOWEVER... it s obvious that there is SERIOUSLY something missing :-( FG needs to spice up with new staff the ninja event EVERY TIME, like it does with the alliance event, by introducing new war boosts and awesome units. My recommendation here is that, since we already get war boosts and awesome units from the alliance event, in the ninja event FG should introduce Henchmen (AKA pets) that either are great support units or just kick ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best way to present them I think is to place them as bosses in certain stages in the ninja event. For example, how about FG makes a stage where a BIG knight that can cast hammerstrike and Howl (like the wolf), descends with his army to your tent, and your mission is to push him back and crash his castle gate? How about a BIG firemage that can cast firestorm alongside standard firebolts? or how about a BIG froster that can cast blizzard alongside frostbolts? or a HUGE paladin that can cast Shield ? (I m sure FG can figure out something better) ...that d be SOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!! ...right?
  9. Okay I know it was already mentioned but I want to pinpoint to make the offline auto fighting also with the bosses. It is very annoying to have to play every few minutes just to kill a boss with one swing. Please implement automatic boss fights in the next update! It would be much appreciated.
  10. A king has more obligations than simply conquer other castles. There are many enemies addition the other kings, keep castle is knowing fight these enemies. My idea is add new enemies, a kind of PvE too the dungeon, but when you get your the end, instead of the door of a castle, either barricade a bandit camp or a giant boss. Bandits: In the time that you are connected, you may attack them bandits, if this happens it will be reported that the bandits try to attack and may decide to attack them or talk to them and try to intimidate for them leave your lands. - If you decide to attack, the scene will be a tower defense game as always with a stage random fits our level (or our classification), which it will defend different types of bandits and end of the stage you have to destroy the barricade final of bandit camp while their archers attacking you from behind. If you win you will be rewarded with money and a temporary bonus to increase your leadership; but if you lose the bandits stolen a small amount of you money. - If you decide to talk to them, there are two possibilities: they accepted to leave peacefully your castle or not intimidated with your message and attack your farms with what they steal you food. Brothers in arms: We have friends, we have partnerships but, what we can do two kings together? Would be nice some implementations between mates as sending money, write letters, among other things. But I come to propose today is a incursada with a buddy (or more). Of course this battlefield will be longer and harder and therefore have more time to fulfill it and will not have PAUSE mode since we can not pause by our partner (even that might give pause and partner decides whether to pause and if both agree is paused, and so to leave the pause mode too). The difficulty of this is calculated by adding the level of kings and by subtracting half the level of the king the highest level. At the end of the battlefield instead of the door of a castle find a giant jefe we have to kill the two together and we have to be smart enough to move our king to dodge the opponents punches.
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