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Found 5 results

  1. Halloween Boss Hunts MIA

    Hi, There are no Halloween bosshunts for me on iOS. Have not had a single one start despite the announcement on the forum. Is this intended?
  2. Reporting a cheater

    This screenshot shows the boss hunt roughly 30 minutes into it. 5 minutes later it was over. I didn't get a screenshot of that however. I don't know or care how he is doing it, but I would like something to be done with the player, as it ruins the fun for everyone else.
  3. I should be at 32-33 right now the randomness of wild bosses is so BS btw,the second person is like 20 floors behind me but all she got was wild bosses right after another,its just not fair
  4. Stuck on Indefinite BossHunt

    Name:Glitter Stain UID: E4C3940E Device:iPad Air 2 OS: IOS 10.1.1 History: Play Adventure Notification Boss Hunt has started start boss hunt Home button to send program to background during boss hunt, log out of GameCenter account into another account on same device Close Game Launch Game Notification to Continue/Restore character. Choose Continue Expected Behavior: Boss Hunt continues where left off. Player identification in Boss Hunt (tracked list with other partygoers) is maintained. Actual Behavior: Boss Hunt has "reset", but is no longer tracked. Milestone goal rest to 1/10. Boss Hunt Info Page: "Hunt Timer" no longer has a timer. No Milestones reached Boss Hunt Leaderboard: Empty Card bonus page: shows the first card chosen after achievement of first milestone (in this case it's +23% skill damage) Boss Hunt Log: No activity Other Strange behavior: Killing a boss will add a line item to the log, (i.e., Glitter Stain has defeated Klonun), but logging out (sending app to background) and/or closing removes this item, making the log empty again. Boss Hunt floor still increments, but nothing changes (currently Floor 35).
  5. Boss hunt Dec 7

    Hey Admins, What's up with the boss hunt today? It's way more difficult than the previous one. Deflect from mobs suck big time! It's nearly impossible for you to kill mobs without dying, let alone a boss.