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Found 4 results

  1. balazs.liszt

    Skip bounties?

    Is there a way to skip bounties? Some of them make me really crazy, like the latest one I faced: destroy 200 smashables with slam! It is so frustrating when my fifth slam in a row misses or simple hits destroy the objects before the slam. Collecting 200 will last for days... If these could be skipped for a couple of gems, or even without getting the pet box, that would be really appreciated.
  2. Hellberg

    Bounty timers reset

    I have to issues with bounty. I had three active bounties today. But after ascending and drinking a couple of frenzy potions, it now displays 6 hours until a new bounty. Also, the bounty timer doesn't seem to be running while in game. Are these known issues? Does anyone know of a solution.
  3. Janico

    Missing bounty

    Hi guys. Im loving this new update. 3x shards for pets. My only issue is that the bounty occasionally disappears. Eg. Im waiting for the timer to get to 0. I see that it hasnt loaded the new bounty. So I exit the game and reload. But theres no new bounty and the timer has restart.... Anyone else come across this?
  4. So i just reached 10 bounties and opened the mega box to receive my rewards. The problem is, none of them counted. it should have bumped "Dag" from 12 points to 22. Jawsters from 15 to 18 and Arthur from 0 to 3. So basically 10 bounties - 60 hours and it didn't count Please help EDIT : normal bounty chests give nothing as well. the entire pet system is bugged. Be warned when opening pet chests. EDIT 2 (14/08/2016) : They have said its only a VISUAL issue and it will be fixed in the next patch.