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Found 140 results

  1. So as most of you know, Flaregames develloped a game called Dawn Of Steel. i’ve looked around the forums, and have seen no activity off the devs in over a year. Devs, if you read this, please help me with this. 1. Not finished; When i looked in the Rig Research menu, and scrolled all the way to the right, i saw Command Ranks and items not even available (like rig lvl 18 and ultra shotgun). And when i previewed some upgrades nothing showed up. This means that there are not yet obtainable CR’s (commandranks) in the game, and the amount of buildings is sadly lacking. 2. Glitches; whenever you look back a replay with a blink rig and a disruptor in it, there is a high chance of it freezing when the blink tp’s into the disruptor. 3. Balance; the tenev tower is the only end game ammunition weapon that is used, as it can shoot over walls and has incredible damage ( and the backside off not being able to place other buildings close to it is not a big enough backside, the size off the area is too small, and these area’s can overlap if you have more of the same tower). 4. Hacker problem; straight to the point with this one: hackers are a pain in the ass. their rigs cant die, they have an infinite battle timer and can oneshot everything. Losing to a single missile rig with your whole base is dissapointing. 5. Alliances; tho it is fun to have a chat wich you can understand with friends or with fellow players, alliances dont really do anything. so, what i mean to say with this is, If you are going to quit Dawn Of Steel, do it right and get most of these major problems out of the way before leaving your loyal playerbase without a warning. Thank you - Casper
  2. can someone share with us, if he/she is facing such explosions while fighting- such explosions happens when u face Phoebe. only now its happening in every fight for no clear reason! if this is new update, I would like to see this gone because its very irritating
  3. I am UJJWAL77 from INDIA ONE ALLIANCE, when one of my alliance member attacked enemy tower, We were not allowed to make even a single raid and screen was showing 0 members participating and it was just showing castle guard , even though we were were raiding enemy tower. But the agony here is that they were allowed to make raids and eventually we lost, but fortunately he had informed every alliance member immediately to not join him in war. Just think of it what would have happened if all would have joined. And I want one thing that , if FG wants that FG should employ some employee for weekends as well, as Fate of conquest wars are decided in minutes ,2 days are just more than enough to avoid the bugs in conquest.
  4. Hello, I can't get any rewards after watching video advertisement since I updated game to 3.8.1, including bonus chests, time discount, boosts ect. In the old 3.8.0 ver it's alright. now the video advertisement is useless, hope fix the bug ASAP, appreciate. Device: ipad mini 2 with iOS 10.3 Location: Chinese
  5. please fix Pro league or delete ths league now 2 bug work in pro league again and peoples can got high score easy. But why FG don't fix this ? or need info about this? I'm here for help again!!! @GalaMorgane @FTB @Archimedes
  6. Hi guys my IGN is xXximpactoxXx, i have a moto g5 with android 7.1 and today i get stuck on ninja event i can continue to the Next ship i just complete the 9th battle and then the game didn't let me continue even when i wait the 3 or 4 hours to do the battle of the ship... i remember that yesterday i do the first 9 battles but today when i enter the ninja event it show me again to do the 9th battle, i do it again thinking that maybe i forgot do it yesterday but then it didn't allow me continue to the ship. it even didn't show the path or the ship moving to the next ship. i can't even pay with gems to go to the next ship or repeat battles cuz i get the three crowns on all battles
  7. Hello Flare Olympus Rising has a bug. Yup I saw my trophies drop by 150 in 6 hours. It surely cannot be the Chinese guild attacking everyone yeah? Please either explain me (within logic) why I lost 150 trophies in 6 hours or fix this bug. Otherwise I will happily join the boycott that is about to kick off. By the way my words are not to the developers. My words are directly addressing Flare's greedy boss. Herr Boss, your gamer community is not stupid. Flare can't arbitrarily adjust trophy amounts. 6 hours ago I had 5515 trophies and i have been adjusted to 5300 something. This is happening to lots of players. I will not spend a single cent to raise my trophy tally. I will not spend a single cent that will go to Herr Boss pocket. Unfortunately your brilliant developers will suffer but i guess it's time they start looking for jobs with other gaming companies. This trend of milking the customers in mobile gaming industry is a filth. Regards Quron
  8. Is there a bug of thunder charge CDR? The cooldown time of thilunder is 12s without cdr(cooldown reduce), and it's could reuse faster than other spell. But when you have some cdr, which is awesome for Artemis, some spell CD could is less than 12s. For example 50%, thunder charge is 6s and hail storm is 9s. when you use thunder charge+hail storm, the thunder charge is always recover slower than hail storm, the cdr looks not work on charge not, the CD is keep 12s.only you use thunder charge twice, CDr is working well.
  9. Hello developers, While playing Odyssey today, the first 4 adventures went without a hitch. However, when I opened the 5th & final adventure, I selected ONE SKULL (for hero leveling & Gold), and got the following islands, much to my surprise. These challenges are almost 200% of my ascension level, complete with Helios, Griffins & Phoenixes. This has never happened before. I regret to bother you at this busy time. Can you please check at your convenience (before the Odyssey ends)? Thanks in advance. ?
  10. Well, today i tried to update/forge my Perseu's Mirror Shield, and a very strange thing happened. I put a five stars item and paid 10m of gold to forge my mirror shield and my shield simply DISEAPEARED! This just can be a BUG! I want my shield, my 5 stars epic item and my gold back! I spend real money in this game with GEMS! So its not fair that i lost my item doing a common procedure like this!!!
  11. Hello my dear, yesterday my points of war were normal, today upon waking they were zeroed, but what the hell is going on ?! Now I will not be able to win the titan chests and I will be harmed again! I'm going to drink some tequilas and vodka to see if I see my points doubled even when I'm drunk.
  12. Hello FG, I'm unsure if this is a bug or just my misunderstanding. Today, my Daily Gifts calendar seems to frozen up, though the button is blinking. See image below: I know you're busy with war-related bug-fighting, so please deal with this at your convenience. Thanks in advance. ?
  13. The problem started precisely when you added the "Tribez" commercial to the advertising rotation, and after two days I sent in a ticket. The customer support informed me that you are working on it, however no form of compensation for us Windows player had been decided as of yet. Now, however, the problem has been going on for nigh on a week with, to my understanding, still no solution in sight. This has caused alot of annoyance since we've had the Alliance War and now the Ninja event during this time. No "Free Extra Chest", no double gold, no Free Boosts and no building or research time reduction is severely impeding my gameplay, and I am fully aware it cripples the advancement of all other Windows Players as well. Do you by now at least have a timeframe for a fix? I have personally bought Gems to enhance my gameplay, but I am beginning to feel slightly cheated. Therefore some form of reimbursement for us using the Windows platform does begin to seem in order. Thank you for your time, and I really hope you get to grips with this issue ASAP, for everyone's sake. Yours, Quiztid
  14. Two bugs (for now:) Dragons are weird colours. My pyromancers spawn blue ice dragons that breathe fire and my unholy paladins spawn fire dragons that breathe stone. By this logic dragofrosters should spawn stone dragons breathing ice? I don't know, i don't have them but it gets confusing. When a dragon spawns while pal flute is active, the pal flute duration gets shortened by the amount of time it takes to transform using pal flute. Sometimes the pal doesn't even have time to use it's special attack as beast because of this. @FTB Anyone else experiencing these bugs or is it just me? Hope you get them fixed soon.
  15. With the update to version 3.9.2 I noticed a bug with dragofrosters. When the frosters accumulate the power of the dragon the fire dragon is evoked. I think it's just a display bug because the dragon has the freezing power.
  16. After the War Season's ends, it's obviously that all alliances received a couple of fields, but we didn't... so what we supposed to do? Are this is an bug? Are it happened with anyone else beyond us?
  17. more than 2k score In every week of pro league and dosent matter how much maps are tought, so many of them finish their attack in last minutes! looks like cheat engine works great on spells or pals? whats going on flare?
  18. There is no reason to remove control of our Hero from us during the dragon animation. This is the ONLY instance that removes control from our hero and should NOT exist! I lose anywhere from 2-6 seconds every time a dragon spawns where my hero just stands still and any (touch and go) spells I have cast lose 90% of their effectiveness. IF you cannot grant us control of our hero while keeping the dragon animation, then JUST REMOVE THE ANIMATION!! @FTB @GalaMorgane@Archimedes@FlareGames
  19. I have a subscription to the Pro-League, I play every Pro-League. I'm an honest player, and never broke the rules! But a week ago I lost medals for the "Beast Cup" (1670). There were only medals for the "Easter Cup" (1518). Why?! What happened ?! I must have 3,188 medals in the Monthly Leaderboard. Return my medals, I spend my money on it, and I get This !? I wrote a support letter a week ago, and no changes! Nothing is fixed!??
  20. Hi Today when the war ended and I opened up my current quest queue to check the update on "MARATHON'' quest(and it was showing complete) where your Alliance need to win the 4 Alliance wars in succession to gain Thousand gems and my team did won last four wars by grabbing the first position in wars. So when I precoded to collect the gems for this quest completion I did not receive 1000 gems and then I logged out of the game and logged in again to see if I received any gems or not. Now to my great surprise this quest is showing that I won only three wars in succession and is incomplete.I am trying to finish this quest for almost six months and every time my alliance wins three wars in succession(by coming first in Alliance wars)but fourth time my team end up losing 4 th war by coming second. @CaptainMorgan could you please check my account for this bug and Please don't tell me that I need to win the next war as I team has already won last four wars(by geeting FIrst position in Allaince Wars).Please help me out and you can also check my Alliance's win streaks too. My IGN: Eeestil
  21. some peoples got bug During raids on pro league. when you complete attack after finish game show in screen 99% and you lost time!! @GalaMorgane @Archimedes now how FG back us time on league?
  22. Change wardrobes from the battle screen, that have a different amount of farmer perk. The amount of bread needed for attack is not updated! You need to exit and reopen battle screen to get updated amount.
  23. My alliance (Revolt Ita), best in the world, started war with handicap!!! Many members join pro-league and earned Mass Hysteria boost. Never activated!!!! Many of us reported the problem... but war started... And now????????????
  24. hello team and hello all guys game have 4 bug after new update: 1.2 worker all time in left corner hard try for find gold!! I send pic about this 2.when you go to dungeon show ( I ) bottom on gems 3. 2 workers all time under basilisk tower 4. game got sreen freeze on all windows version. laptop , Pc and mobile windows ( during game not only attack ) @GalaMorgane @FTB @Archimedes @flaretara and other team. thx team. Take care
  25. The new tool-tip text for luck perk is wrong when there is no pro item used. Then it says my luck perk is 0.00%, but my pro bonus luck is showing the item's luck perk. See screen shot:
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