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Found 250 results

  1. My alliance (Revolt Ita), best in the world, started war with handicap!!! Many members join pro-league and earned Mass Hysteria boost. Never activated!!!! Many of us reported the problem... but war started... And now????????????
  2. hello team and hello all guys game have 4 bug after new update: 1.2 worker all time in left corner hard try for find gold!! I send pic about this 2.when you go to dungeon show ( I ) bottom on gems 3. 2 workers all time under basilisk tower 4. game got sreen freeze on all windows version. laptop , Pc and mobile windows ( during game not only attack ) @GalaMorgane @FTB @Archimedes @flaretara and other team. thx team. Take care
  3. On the perk removal screen, there is also shown all possible perks that you can get after the removal, with the percentage value of your chance to get it. For example like this screen shot: However, there was this update: Based on that information, the above screen is wrong. It should show "Blunt Damage" with 0%, and obviously increase the other chances proportionally. It should show values like in the following mockup:
  4. Change wardrobes from the battle screen, that have a different amount of farmer perk. The amount of bread needed for attack is not updated! You need to exit and reopen battle screen to get updated amount.
  5. The new tool-tip text for luck perk is wrong when there is no pro item used. Then it says my luck perk is 0.00%, but my pro bonus luck is showing the item's luck perk. See screen shot:
  7. Question 1: When I activate a new blessing, the message shows it has been granted by alliance name instead of member name. Is this suppose to happen? Part of an update but not mentioned? If so, I prefer knowing which of my members are activating blessings. Question 2: My titan chest earned from titan points is at about 58 days remaining. I know there was an update to extend the timer, but I didnt expect it to be that long. Was this the intended duration? I'm totally fine with it, but I wanted to make sure it's not a bug and my timer is actually like 5 days.
  8. Lucky perks value down

    I have 6 lucky item. But some how my value looking low value.Just look pictures guys. @FTB Normally i have %(98.96) luck but when i update game 3.8.1 my lucky only %(65.63) please fix it soon !! PLEASE FIX VERY SOON ! @FTB i belive you flothaboss fix this..
  9. problem with Facebook gameroom

    The game was working good on facebook and facebook gameroom but now the loading is taking forever at the returning home loading i downloaded the game on my android device and it work well but i have no space so i want to play it on facebook or gameroom so what is the problem
  10. i have sent many mails, i ve been waiting for a solution, but no answer yet, my troops are extremely slow, even using battlecry and scream or even when a wolf howl, in war is a nightmare raiding like this.
  11. Help With Possible Bug

    So recently I introduced Olympus Rising to my sibling and he installed it on his phone. Lately he has been complaining about the following: 1. When he tries to go to the "Treasure" option to purchase gems using credit card, the screen goes "blank". 2. No option to buy the "Daily Gem" package. 3. Phone's screen is "blank" in the "Divine Blessing Donation" area. We tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game on his phone but the aforementioned problems were still there.
  12. this year game is full of bug

    this new year all players waiting for new futures but this year is full of bug and that all because of pro league fix this bug league this game going to dead
  13. So recently I introduced Olympus Rising to my sibling and he installed it on his phone. Lately he has been complaining about the following: 1. When he tries to go to the "Treasure" option to purchase gems using my credit card, the screen goes blank 2. He is currently at level 24 but he received a "Destroy 25 Apollo Towers" Titan Chest Curse. He wanted to use 250 gems to break the curse but every time he tries to do so, he is disconnected from the game. (See picture showing he is level 24 but having that impossible task of destroying 25 Apollo Towers; Apollo Towers are unlocked at Level 50). 3. He also does not have the option to buy the "Daily Gem" package. 4. His phone's screen is also empty in the "Divine Blessing Donation" area. SEE PICTURES. We tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game on his phone but the problems were still there. PLEASE HELP.
  14. Defense ninjas visable but immune

    The defense ninjas can usually be killed by blizzard or firestorm before they are able to start their attacks, but often some of them are invincible from the time they spawn, til the time they become invisible and attack your troops. Pretty sure this is not intended as the reason they wait a little while before attacking is to let you cast a well timed instant spell, or to have your firestorm going right before they spawn. Example: I will have my firestorm going before the 5 ninjas even spawn, and maybe 2-4 will die from it, but for some reason the other 1-3 ninjas are just completely immune and go into attack mode. This happens maybe 50-75% of the time.
  15. Chamber of fortune Bug

    hello Team. chamber of fortune have a big bug and need to fix it. when click on close bottom you cant lost 2nd chance for open other chest and game got crash and close. I send video for you see what is my mean :
  16. Ring of Zelos has been bugged for me since the last update. Since Flare changed the way range is displayed from 60% to 3,0. The range actually seems to have become 60:3=20x less. Tried unequipping the ring on all gear sets and playing a match without it, didnt work.Tried it again and restarting game, didnt work. Tried reinstalling the game, didnt work. I know there are more people having this problem and I kindly ask @PaSte and @FTB or anyone else from Flare to give us ANY info about this bug. Just confirming it is indeed bugged would be enough. I will keep on trying to find some way to fix this. If any information is needed I will provide it.
  17. Can only succesfully watch 1 ad per game restart. When I try to watch the second video I get a white screen which disappears after a second. Apparently it also takes away from my ad count because after I had this bug a couple of times I was out of offers. Im not even expecting a response by flare because they dont care anyway. Just want to know if others have a similar problem.
  18. What new powers?

    Game says that new powers are available. I'm not seeing the animation where it automatically scrolls to the new spell. This has been showing for over a week. See image.
  19. Hello, I can't get any rewards after watching video advertisement since I updated game to 3.8.1, including bonus chests, time discount, boosts ect. In the old 3.8.0 ver it's alright. now the video advertisement is useless, hope fix the bug ASAP, appreciate. Device: ipad mini 2 with iOS 10.3 Location: Chinese
  20. Developers we beg you please fix this damn game. I never used to have an issue of game crashing in middle of a raid now it has happened a few times in the last week or so. You need to fix the crashing issue. Please make it a priority. Then you can go back to figuring out ways to get us to waste gems.
  21. I have been having this issue for iphone 5s, iphone 6s and now iphone X; the phone gets really hot and the game is keep closing itself. When I enter the game, just in the beginning of the game, while it’s loading the game, it throws you back to the home menu of my iphone. In the middle of the war, especially in the war event, the games closes itself and I am loosing my furies, loosing my chance to get war points to get chests from spoils of war. I have been playing this game for 2 years and I spent real money every month regularly, I purchase gems and items. I need urgent solution for this problem (not a help, solution please.) As I mentioned above, I am loosing furies, loosing my chance to get items and so. There is no way to attack again to the same player when the game gets close in the middle of your gameplay. Because you loose your fury and you get 0 (zero.) I hope I made myself clear. I also tried to get a screen record, however the game never closes. I don’t know how to proove this but you definitelt have some record in your database, you are able to see what happend, what is wrong with it etc. Thank you.
  22. After the end of the pro league began to throw out the game in the middle of the battle! Perhaps associated with the addition of boost "mass hysteria" It is not possible to play at all, I have already lost about 200 trophies. In our alliance, I'm not the only one
  23. special offers bug

    As well as not getting any ads anymore on the pc, we don't seem to be able to get special offers either!?
  24. I am using a Microsoft mobile and every time I push the upgrade button to the monk the game shuts down. As a result I cannot fully upgrade the monk.
  25. Holiday Chest Bug

    Hello everyone, last night I was checking mine daily gift chest card and I found something strange in it.Like it was showing I have received a holiday gift chest as it was marked with a check mark and yet it was also showing new gift in 4 hrs. even though I haven't received yet.Please somebody from Flare games look into it.I don't want to miss mine first Holiday chest.Here the screen shot of the same. P.S. This gift card is from my other Account IGN: ✨❄️⚡️Escaflowne✨❄️⚡️