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Found 148 results

  1. Hi, i see videos for boost my farms, but its not work! Android last ver. I see facebook videos in game!, they didnt work But google videos worked! Know some one why? Ing: mohsenking
  2. Title basically says it all. I bought the archer skin but because we have the Pro Archer boost, it won't be applied. PLEASE FIX THIS! Very irritating use gems to buy a new skin and not be able to use it
  3. How it is possible that two identical pro items gives different number of pearls 535 and 455?
  4. I get disconnected a few times while using the matchmaker. In-game name: ShadowsGuardian Bug frequency: Way too often Date: 03 February 2019 OS Device: Windows 10 PC - Version 1809 (OS Build 17763.292) Steps to reproduce the bug: Click on the matchmaker button, then keep clicking on the "New Enemy" button. Video proof below: EDIT: Just opened a support ticket (REQUEST #137077 SERVER DISCONNECTS)
  5. My team only got 1 opponent this war. Is that because the third team lost some players or something and didn't qualify this round?
  6. Guys i had upgraded the Apple of Discord to have some amazing stats. Over 40k on power improvement. I superforged it with another 5 star titan item and chose CURSE ITEM since I’d never done it before. GONE! It’s completely gone from my item slots now along with 10K in currency. Is this a bug? Or an unusual FlareGames “feature”. Many help greatly appreciated
  7. Hi Flare Team, Ive always suspected this was happening but I thought I was just going crazy, But today I am 1000% sure that an item in the blacksmith was changed after I added more items to be melted. The item being melted was Horkos' Trap ( I know this because I had 2 and decided to melt one) . After opening an uber chest and sending everything to the blacksmith to melt. I noticed it changed my Horkos' Trap that was being melted to the last item that is being melted. Not only did it change the item, It also changed the value of the pearls to obviously a smaller amount. Basically took a pro item and changed it to an uber item. Please Help. I could have used those pearls at this specific time in the game. Upgrade times are 12 hours. I will also provide a photo of the what happened after the fact. Unfortunately I don't have one before. I have circled the item that got changed. Thank you. My ING: Lord Sev Iphone IOS 12.1.14 RR Version 4.5.0
  8. I,m Doina , Leader in Garibaldi!!! In CONQUEST Can,t to upgrade WT or build other in last 1 hour!!!!What happend????
  9. it's nerver happend before until I raid with flute pal skill sometimes when enemy beast got howl boosted. that boost never run out it's duration . please look into it play on version 4.5.0 platform window 10
  10. I was testing combos with Aki and this happens when I use Pal Flute: orange Aki pal turns into white Aki beast! Then I noticed that on the screen to select the defensive beasts only the white skin is available for Awakened Aki:
  11. @Madlen Im melting 582 pearls worth item with all slots unlocked and boosted blacksmith and instead of 38.8 minutes to melt it timer is showing 44 minutes? Why Blacksmith is melting 15% slower than it should? According to the information that can be seen in blacksmith window he should be melting 4 pearls per second when boosted.....
  12. I am posting on behalf of several members of my alliance, Olympus Overlords in the League of Kings. On their path layouts, the phoenix unit will not cross any barricades. It shows them attempting to fly over, then glitch and flicker back to behind the barricade. It keeps doing this over and over again. I've tried my own path and some others in my alliance and it is not doing this for everyone. Seems like it is affecting lower level players (though would like to hear from anyone with another experience) but have only a very limited sample size so can't be sure. Please have a look at this asap as it is making their defenses pretty useless. Thanks!
  13. During community event XP has x4 modifier. I had 2 XP tokens from festival - they should give me x2 modifier However when I've used them (each for 1h) - XP modifier remained x4.... So I just lost my 2 tokens!! IGN: Rippler
  14. Here I was melting some pro items, to get the best of this Blacksmith event: This was from this afternoon (smartphone): Now, I still had that last item melting when I suddenly remembered to open my free daily legendary chest. Got a few gold and a blue rare item. I clicked on the melt button and guess what? Worst decision ever (PC): It replaced my better pro item by the item I had just ordered to melt! How bad can this be? Oh, and if you're wondering, it really is the same item! As you can see by checking that: 1) Both have a pearl value of 78, which is the exact same. 2) 5hours and 33minutes was the time for my "lost" pro-item and not for this one. My Blacksmith has full slots and with the advertisement boost... It would never but ever take this long for such a weak item, as you can see below: So let's do the math: 78 pearls x 4seconds = 312 seconds =5.2 minutes. As you can see, this time is referring to the lost item. I've seen this bug for a long time but only now we're noticing the full effects of this, given the BS event. Please take a look into this issue and raise a defect for maximum priority. Thanks in advance.
  15. I used to love this game. So addictive. Designed that way. Now at lvl 116 using my most buff Perseus at lvl 20 I have lost 5/5 battles. Absolutely ridiculous on the part of FG. This post is mainly about the bugs in Artemis Piercing venom. Why when activated does it suddenly and without warning shoot in completely the wrong direction on manual play after I line it up perfectly?? Really frustrating. Please fix for iOS.
  16. I have found a bug with the new Guardians: the guardian is not bound to any Hero Setup A - F If you use different sets, that's not good, all time on a raid you have to check & change the Guardian Pals are all fixed to a Hero Setup A-F which is much better 🙂 ... please check, thank you very much
  17. @Madlen @Sasch Pro League ended and the pro boost was activated and then deactivated. While my alliance Us vs Them was affected, I'm sure there are others out there that have had the same thing happen. Can you please take a look into it?
  18. click on corner tile and easy see when alliance in your map!!
  19. There are four infantry characters here, marksman, demolition, scout, and assault. Three males and one female, however, all the voices are the same in the short phrases of the radio chatter...asking for fire support, etc. To add more realism, each character should have a separate and distinctive voice, male and female. By the way, you list me as a 'rookie', but I'm already at rank 10 after only playing a couple of days and before I made any significant purchases. I'm also a veteran of the original by Limbic and accomplished all achievements earlier last year. 💀
  20. 1. All heroes in my account cannot join the pro league.2. Even if you have a ticket, the participation button is disabled.Fix the bug quickly
  21. I’m really fed up, I don’t know why I can’t unlock all my masteries, I’m allready at lvl 138 with about 17k fame, but still can’t unlock all 5 masteries and just 3 of them are unlocked, I’m really loosing my motivation for this game. pls some one help me😡😡😡😡
  22. Hi! I've played this game for years. Life happens and I would take some time off and be able to level my character back up again. Now, when I try to level my character, say I play every day in a row, I can fight the exact same player and their defenses become harder and harder, so that I I can't win against them, and end up losing more points that I had gained. When I play more often, I get attacked more, then I lose even more trophies. The more often I play,I have to attack lower and lower level players, just to gain a few trophies. It seems like the game paradigms have become increasingly harsh. I am not able to level my character. I used to be in the top 10 of my clan. I keep losing trophies and getting lower and lower. I noticed the trophy level of my clan members keeps getting lower and lower too. I really don't have time to play hours a day to level trophies. Any suggestions besides quitting the game?
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