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Found 86 results

  1. Can you please fix the recent bug which won’t allow us to extend our war blessings to the end of the current season? Posting here as no reply in the thread for the server maintenance yesterday which caused the bug. Thanks.
  2. What is the maximum level of the waves? It seems to be level 15 in one picture, but in the other I can upgrade it to the 16! So, what’s the right?
  3. Kimsongcoi94

    Sửa lỗi

    Khi đánh tới tháp độc tự động văng ra ngoài và bị trừ cup (đang mùa chiến)
  4. Three times in a row,The game crashes in battle,So i lost a lot of cups.I spent an hour earning it.But it only took me a few minutes to lose these cups.That's *****ing bad.🤬🤬🤬🤬
  5. Good day. I and my alliance are struggling with the problem of the game. Frozen screen. We can not normally lead battles. Why are not you doing anything about it?You can not normally lead a conquest with this problem.
  6. IGN - subhashcbhanu Dear Flaregames, an unusual screen freeze is detected since day 2 of the ongoing conquest, it was detected during last conquest too but it was gone when conquest was over but again appered on day 2 of the ongoing conquest. Game screen freezes in every 5 or 6 seconds for 1 or more seconds and speciall during raids on the bases which has gargoyle nest. It freezes from the conneting screen to everywhere. Last time I thought it was the problem of my phone but I got complaint from all my mates who were using Android on last day of conquest. Please do something fast. I am attaching video link please watch.
  7. Ingame name: Villhelm3 Alliance: Knights of the Realm Device: Laptop The newest version of Royal Revolt 2 Hello! In this post, I am going to list many of the problems I have been experiencing: Number 1: My Guardians need to up their game! (happens every time) Trusty the Sled is impossible to use on my Royal Revolt 2 account. I can begin the game with him, but when I click the icon to activate him in-game the game crashes. Hmmm... I can reload the game again and I can also buy more of him and update, BUT I can't use him. Number 2: Alliance inbox or Mailbox. (happens every time) Deleting one or two email/notifications in the inbox is fine but when multiple are clicked in a row quickly, the game crashes. Number 3: Blacksmith (happens every time) When I try to melt down something from my inventory, the game crashes! AHHHH!!! This does not happen, however when I melt things down directly from the Blacksmith shop. only in the inventory in the Throne room. Number 4: THE GAME WON'T WORK NOW!!!!! (for the past three days) Maybe this only happens on my device or maybe I am crazy and am doing something wrong, BUT MY GAME WON'T EVEN OPEN NOW!!!! IN FACT, IT HASN'T OPENED FOR 3 DAYS!!! And I am losing progress!!!! What if I get Kicked from my alliance???? And is it only my laptop that is not working? or the game??!!!! What is going on? And is anyone else having these problems?
  8. My alliance won the Ascension Archer boost (again) in the recent Icicle Cup pro-league. We had it also active before, and prolonged it up to the end of this pro-league. Now apparently there was a race condition between expiring the old boost, and activating the new boost, and now we don't have the boost active although we've won it in the recent pro-league: I already filed a support ticket for this, but if any developer is reading here and can fix this for us, it would be highly appreciated. Also, this is not the first time I've read about this bug here (but the first time it happened to us), and it would be nice if you could fix that race condition once and for all. Alliance name: Glücksritter5
  9. Twice in the past few days I've come across a tower that can not be damaged. The tower sits in the bottom right corner of the available field. The tower also doesn't fire. So, while I can't damage the tower, it also can't damage me, but it makes it impossible to secure a 100% victory, because that tower survives any battle. I have a player name that utilizes this invulnerable tower, but don't want to name in forum.
  10. Started today. It’s crashed about a dozen times in alliance chat. Can’t see any pattern to it. Running v4.4.3 on IOS. No problems during battles. No problems encountered with any other app.
  11. Hi there.., I'm ΜΠΡΟΥΝΟ..the general of the ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ ⚡🇬🇷⚡ team which is in league of god's in the current war season . After your latest maintenance... fixing bugs..and long live..war blessings.., I don't know what went wrong.., BUT MY TEAM HAVE LOST THE HALF OF THE OUR LEAGUE S WAR BLESSINGS, WHICH WERE PAID.., AND OUR OPPONENTS STILL HAVE THEM..!!!! THERE ARE ALSO TEAMS IN OUR LEAGUE...WHO STILL HAVE WAR BLESSINGS...FROM THE TOP LEAGUE OF TITAN'S...!!!! SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG HERE..!!! Its completely unfair for my team to play with opponents in the same league...with less war blessings.. although we have paid for them..!!!! its also the same...when we have played with opponents with war blessings... coming from the top league of TITAN'S..., when those teams have left that league...two whole months ago..!!! ALSO SOME TEAMS..TOOK GEMS BECUASE OF THE ABOVE..BUT NOT MY TEAM..!!! PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEMS..AND GIVE US GEMS TOO..IN ORDER YOU TO BE FAIR..AND ALL OF US TO HAVE THE SAME TREATMENT FROM YOU..!!!
  12. My use name is TomRim. I can not collect upgrade "Archon Obelisk" and "Column of Glory": When i tap "collect upgrade", it's point to "Olympus Portal" Help me, please!
  13. I've noticed that lots of alliances that did NOT get 2nd/3rd place in the Conquest (ended today) STILL have the Snake Tower and Gargoyle boost active. I'm guessing they earned these boosts in last month's Conquest and extended both of them past this Conquest, so they still have them. This has to be a bug, right?
  14. Hi, my name in the game is .Curve. I am an officer in the Argentine Warriors Alliance and we are worried because the prize of our war never comes. It happened 2 times in a row and we did not receive the blessings of war or the gems. Many players are unmotivated because this is happening very often. It is a great pity.
  15. Warriornator

    Fix your Broken Forums Website Please

    Since this morning I cannot access anymore this forums and got a lots of trouble to enter it in this screenshot is writed : the owner of this website has configured this website improperly So now each time we open Firefox to access we must do so annoying step like click and click and click exception in security Please fix this like before.Thanks
  16. I’ve just bought a few items from grannie and put them in to forge. At least one was a gold item. see screen dump. There are three items which have the exact pair being queued for forge, same item, colour and pearl value. And no sign of my expensive items (I remember one was over 100 pearls) Ro55i using iPad with latest iOS
  17. OneKorea

    Adv. Error Again

    It comes up again... please check the updated reply. ------------------- Hi Flare, The problem have happen again..: No rewards after warching advertisements (even 4-5 times). See the attached files for examples. My in-game ID is bezzang78sg. Im using Galaxy S8. Please kindly fix the problem. Best,
  18. I have repeatedly had an issue with the heal circles Phoebe sets up in attack mode. Despite the circle being cast under you it fails or hangs up and does not heal you or the units for a few turns. It doesn't happen every time and usually behaves, but I've counted up to 3 fails in a row on the occasions it misbehaves (tests have been both in the front line, in the damaging areas, and near the rear away from all immediate damage). Legionslayer_01 Windows PC
  19. When I was trying to log in My old account, enes_sedef, I noticed that it was blocked about 10 days ago. I could not log in again. Please help me
  20. either the game crashes, the mouse disappears for a few seconds... and ends up on the insta's so you get one without wanting it. It is basically the general layout of the game flow versus all the button selections present units, scroll items, and the like. This could be a better game to play if some thought what put to the layout for laptop/desktop users. follow up to moderator question... during a battle on a busy screen the mouse disappears for a few seconds -- then appears over the instas circle bottom middle... and since I click to see if I can get the mouse pointer to appear [too small a pointer and the color should be different so it is more visible] an insta is activated. Again during a battle... the I press the 1,2,3 keys to activate units -- and Q key -- looks like the keyboard type ahead buffer fills and again the game stalls. And while scrolling to the top to click timewarp [for me} the windows bar appears and I actually press the "X" and the game closes and I lose trophies [not a big deal - but frustrating]. It would be better if the buttons were placed along the side to prevent the windows bar from appearing.
  21. Oldnova

    unfair blessing in the war

    Our alliance has engaged an opponent with a war blessing they donot supposed to have.(phalanx wall).since we are now in the league of demigods,that could make the war extremely unfair,my alliance members had to use more diamonds to beat them.they name is deutschlander.
  22. Villhelm2

    Trusty the Sled

    Hello! This is Villhelm3 again! Been having some trouble With Trusty! The Sled is IMPOSSIBLE to use in my game! I don't know if this is a problem for everyone, but every time I try to use the sled my gam immediately freezes!!!! And I am getting kind of frustrated!!! I had a few problems with other guardians but not as bad as this... This is what happens... - I begin the game with trusty as my guardian - the game stalls a bit and loads - it works again till I click the guardian - when i click the guardian button The whole screen freezes including the sound until I either restart the computer or the game!!! I hope this doesn't happen with anyone else... Can someone please fix this bug??? I have been losing a lot of games because of it...
  23. If I want to melt objects directly from the inventory in the throne room, the game crashes. The money needed to melt down will be deducted from my assets.
  24. An alliance member pointed this out so just putting it here - courtesy of IGN Richterb. There are a couple if minor visual issues regarding 2 powers, damocles + bia. The former shows M in damage instead of K. Bia doesn't state what the next upgrade will give (extra 5% movement speed, or duration +1 second - I suspect it's the former) FYI