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Found 5 results

  1. trophy bug

    HI Flaregames support.. I have faced a situation which I can not understand. Player -Turk_Muhendis (5722 trophy ..defense strength is showing 1248 medals atm ) attacking player Misi. (4741 trophy and defense strength only 234 medals). So diffrence bettwenn those 2 players is almost 1000 trophys.. So for every attack none of the trophys should be taken.. So how u can explain situation below???? When -Turk is attacking Misi. he get for every attack 3 trophys and when Misi. attack back he do not get any trophy ...How it is possible ?? Be aware that also Defence strenght is over 1k for player -Turk. Please answer asap.. thanks in Advance
  2. No pro league rewards

    Hallo @Nikko @FTB Again..NO pro league rewards. Please check.Thanks
  3. HI Flaregames team. @Nikko@FTB@Archimedes@flaretara Just attacked player with nick Riiter d. Finsternis form alliance Drachen Orden. Can u explain me how it is possible that this player has already Pro Archer in his Defence..???? Pro league is not even finished . I'm 100% sure that was it.. tried to make an screeshot but it was too late.. To be honest it is not the first time..yesterday seen it also by attacking some other guy..did not notice his nick Thx in advance.
  4. Hi Failgames. My alliance won Pro Boost Palladin on the max level...but boost was not activated..WTF????? And some Players did not receive also Pro chests... Please check and fix ASAP!!!!!!!!! Alliance: Polish Knigths.
  5. Event not started

    HI . I got the pop-up that event started but I do not see any difference on cost for Pals Chest. Still 7.5 k . Did this event started properly?? I already re-connect the game several times. Can someone check? @Archimedes@Nikko Thanks in Advance?