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Found 39 results

  1. At the moment of playing, hangs a lot and ends up exiting. I'm also having problems when I try to update the troop: monk. SO: windows phone Phone: lumia 520 I play with Data network... IGN: saqueador demente strong hug!!!
  2. Can not access League

    Hi Failgames team. @PaSte Reported from several people.. we are not able to access league (diamant, platin etc.) . Every time when we try game is hanging and network connection is interupted..we are getting disconnected from the game. ohhh. almost forgot . Pro Archer has been also not activated. Alliance POLISH KNIGHTS. Another great effort from your side. Please check.
  3. so many hackers in rr2!!

    ok fg. i hear about some bugs many people use this bug on ninja event and pro league.when you see thier score you say oh my god see that awsome score! really? but for now i know what is that bug thay use .this is not fair for normal players who play rr2 for fun or pay his money on game..
  4. Bug

    Hello, today i bought 7500 gems with my money and i didn't get them.
  5. Noted Bugs im facing these few days *Same alliance/player appearing twice *Players who are joining getting kicked all on a sudden *The Alliance is Full But showing that there are only 55 or 56 players *Players who joined a alliance they aren't be seen by alliance member but outside alliance member can see them *Player joined a alliance donated gold but their donated gold is still O *Invited a player 10x times but still the player didnt received invite *Player joined a new alliance but still it shows that he is still on his old alliance *A Player with 4117 trophies is ranked p 800 on the other hand player with 4.4k trophies ranked 1.2k I think this is worst bug seen on royal revolt 2 since 2014.I dont know what happened to the game and developers. Please fix this soon or else give us compensation for making a bad impression to a player for this bug.. Regards !Dragonsoul!
  6. So I have finished all stars on every map, I have not received the bonus. I upgraded (many) weapons to level 10, haven't received that bonus. Most of the others work.
  7. Boost Bug

    So I was boosting my 40mm rockets (epic, 2 star weapon)from 16 to 20 (24,000 steele req'd), as it was going through the graphic, which takes entirely too long to have to watch it go level by level, I hit the back button, thinking it would finish on its own. It didn't. Stopped at level 18, but all my supplies were gone. Lesson - Be patient, watch the intriguing process Can someone fix this?
  8. Need to Fix Potion Bug

    Hi! Faced with such problem in Game... If stamina finishes we can buy one potion for 40 gems, BUT offen happens that I press on a button Window with offer doesnt disappear, and I pressed again. As a resoult I have spent 80 gems for ONE Potion.... It is so wrong
  9. Boss hunt bug

    I have encountered a bug while playing boss hunt. I failed to kill a regular boss (the one at the end of a floor) and i wanted to try again immediately. Right before i pressed the "boss" button, a random boss appeared. A message popped up that the boss got away, so far nothing weird. The bug starts now: The blue stars for fame appeared and the game acted as if i had beaten the stage boss, and i proceeded to the next floor. I'm fairly certain no boss kills were added to the leaderboard for me, and i don't know if the fame got added to my profile. Profile name: SVD_NL Profile code (i think, i don't know what else it could mean): b007c732 Game version: 1.9.6-#23439ea8 Android version: 7.1.1 AOSP Device: General Mobile GM5+ Edit: Date and time: Sat June 3, about 14:00 GMT+1 (DST right now, so i don't know whether it officially is GMT+2 or not at the moment)
  10. fre pal chest

    dear king and Queen, i don't know how many are facing this problem.previously as free pal chest arrive a sign of pal treat encircle the throne room.I don't know what happen but now they dont show.only after clicking the throne room you can know that a free pal chst has arrive. i know new update arrive it will take time to fix all the bugs.please look into it FG. Thank you
  11. Hey, enjoying the game. Even showed support by buying in game currency. But I have not been unlocking the XP gained from achievements. One of them is to kill 500 zombies, in the scorched earth mission, I can easily kill 1000+ zombies if I position the team far away and focus all fire on the lone oak. I should have all the achievementa at this point. As for objectives, I have all Stars in all the available campagins but have not received the reward gold for completing them. These are not game breakers but it after reaching level 28 leveling up is tedious until the new areas are available. I was wondering if this issue has been brought up or if there are any proposed solutions.
  12. sometimes when you done a mission you gonna get Video Offer. that say you gonna get 200 metal but you dont get anything.
  13. Ground Unit bugs

    Ground unit bugged after last building they looting, they spawn like inside each other. and not seperate like first deploying.
  14. Tank Spawn bug

    Hello! Just wanted to let you know that sometimes when multiple Tanks spawn like in Scorched Earth and Fading Memories (coz Supplies grinding 😂) the visuals get bugged and I see a larger sprite of a NORMAL zombie. He turns back to a Tank when killed though. Not a serious issue, just a bit disconcerting and a bit harder to aim since Normals are skinny. Thanks!
  15. Achievement Bugs

    achievement say kill 500,5000 and etc. but never achieve it.
  16. first, im not good in english so if my grammar not really good im sorry When you Unboxing / Unlocking Box (Crate) after is done. and you not open it. and you choose another crate and you Unboxing / Unlocking. and you leave the game or defend your base against zombie horde the Unboxing / Unlocking Box (Crate) will canceled. that will wait you to open the first crate. before you can Unboxing / Unlocking another Box (Crate) Example. 1. Express Box = 5 minutes = Already to Open = You Not Open it 2. Common Box = 3 hours = Unboxing / Unlocking = Canceled After defend base against zombie horde or Exit game this bug not only express to common, it can be reverse and commont to common and express to express Thanks you Who Read it Best Regards EJA
  17. Greetings all, I'm Shadow Scorpion, General of Ancient Forces alliance, We had a long road to reach high (My team is 2nd on the World in both rankings) and we have seen it all. After a conversation on a global chat we have make recently with some other generals and the top 100 teams also some brainstorm I had with our 50 members on line, I gather some problems and some solutions that seek immediate answer from the game company and the dev team or the game will die prematurely. First of all let’s talk about the major problems we have identify. 1. Game online time 2. Timezones 3. War duration 4. Units, Nyx, gems & leftovers from the last big update 1.GAME ONLINE TIME Let me explain how troublesome and how needy war currently is. The Math: Starting fury: 3 heroes x 3 furies = 9 furies to spend If we take an average for each attack is 3 minutes (more like minimum, because it’s more there like choosing enemy setup the hero for each fight etc.) its: 3 minutes per attack x 9 furies = 18* minutes on start (put that on the side now) After that it’s 3 more furies every 3 hours 3 furies need 9 minutes to spend them 9 minutes every 3 hours for 72 hours so you get to attack 16 times (3x24=72) 24 times for 9 minutes each time So we have: 24 times per war x 9 minutes each time = 216 min +18* min for the starting = 234 minutes spend So ... That’s almost 4 hours (240 min) only for strictly attacking enemies per weekend. Adding on that ..strategy ..enemy picking ..weak enemy reporting ..line conversations ..hero gear & units changing ..and playing the game outside war ..well it’s a hell lot of time. All that for a simple mobile game player... If you consider an officer that has to organize a hell lot more and watch the course of the war to act.. well its hell on earth. If I add all these hours on the equation, you should not able to sleep, work or even make sex, sorry darling we wait to make a mass attack stand by and put some cloths on. For someone that is officer like me is devastating, and of course without officers and order you can’t have good teams and game in general. Conclusion troublesome because of the huge amount of hours you must invest, but even more is... needy …because you can’t spend your free time and play for some hours, you need to be online every hour of the day or you lose the war. 2.TIME ZONES Another big problem is time-zones Our team for example like many, is multinational meaning there is NO ideal start time for war. Always someone will be sleeping losing fury at least 1 or 2 out of 3 regenerating slots. 3.WAR DURATION We want it or not war is the main feature of this game and the one that keeps it alive, there is a lot of ideas for war but the most important is his duration. When war is ending logins on the game drop drastically we are like a ghost alliance literally and not only us as AF. Since the game doesn’t have another Event running or New content & interesting features is something that we must take seriously for development. That's the main reason i don't agree with the idea of making the war every 2 weeks..the game will just die ..less rewards, less interest, less activity. 4. Units, Nyx, gems & leftovers from the last big update Since guardian update with nyx is introduced a lot of problems remain unsolved. Nyx along with Guardian had as a result the excessive use of gems and invocations, Something that a lot of people that were on low budget didn’t like and especially near the top on competitive teams that the need is even greater the situation is heartbreaking. - No new players to join* teams (that’s also because of the gaming declining we will talk later about it) and more so players quit because of their ideology (though of it as abusive) or just because they couldn’t keep up on that level spending gems. - Yes we get more gems by our defenses also, but the gem sink is overwhelming, less than 1/3 we get back more than 2/3 goes to company. - Another issue is that this update also make unit weaknesses to be more visible, for example the trebuchets: this unit has no defense against the majority of the defences that are based of fire (archers, minos, prometheus with 2 blessings, iapetos etc, is also slow, is kinda bugged because it’s getting stuck due to vector size and movement, and usually ends up hitting units instead of buildings with a miniscule damage. And that’s the major problem with nyx, if you place it right no real counter, except lvling for war Athena and Ajax to have successful attacks. And I could keep going. "Its not in my nature to nag and complain but I had to do it before the game dies, after all it was the huge amount of people pushing me to do something, me and other generals." So let’s go to the real interesting part: WHAT WE PROPOSE Changes in red Due to our experience and heavy brainstorming I will propose some things that will help the game and the players, and all these are signed up by 50 members of our team and the majority of our community outside the team. This game is one of the best I have played ..and I was professional players and leader in more than 15 teams and 20 popular games, like cs:go, dota, LoL, call of duty, wow, gw2 etc. with sponsors over 10k euro winnings, 1st Europe places, multi-teams, sites lans etc. so trust me on the following: 1st of all a request that is the heart of the problem for all problems, hard to archive but we must mention it. This game deserves MARKETING. Deserves to BE included on the future plans of FG. I will not explain the reasons and the ways this can and must be archived, there is wall of text already. 2nd Ingame changes: A. WAR: Game online time, Timezones, War duration War needs a lot of changes but none major, just simple tweaks: 1. Fury slots must change to 4 or 5 and starting fury to 2 or 3 so you don’t have to be online so often and so you don’t losing fury if you sleep or not available when the war starts. 2. Days of war must be a lot more like 4 or 5 days because the game needs more war it’s the only feature/event available and the one that keeps it alive. 3. Regeneration time must be increased a lot…and I mean a lot like 6 hours or more depending the number of fury slots. These changes are simple and archive more days (more interest in the game), less hours of game activity (less suicides, and more sane people), no more timezone problem (you can login when you have free time to use your available furies). 4. Another change would be similar to the skull system, if a team attacks again the same team gets a 5 or 10% increased difficulty in islands, one more skull in all islands. 5. Also the skull system must change in regards of the VP increasing on multiple skulls islands, only thing this does is help the big teams to get even bigger aiming small teams with many skulls (yeah I know I have a big team, but its unfair for the rest), and plus divides the members that prefer to attack the multiple skull island, than the island that is strategically best to hit. B. General stuff: Units, Nyx, gems & leftovers from the last big update 6. Trebuchets are not realistic, these are machines that demolish buildings, they must hit a bit more slowly but target ONLY buildings or increase their damage on buildings a bit and on units a LOT, and i mean a lot.. hitting once and you have an archer massacre. 7. We could use a bit of bigger range on Nyx so the building is more versatile and don’t force people to have specific formations on defense only for 1 tower. 8. Also unique items drop percentage must increase, last war none of the 50 members got anything and their majority hits 2 or 3 titans at least …i won’t mention the small teams... And now let’s talk about the juicy part… Gems, Prestige & Ranking system - Prestige system is annoying right now, you get huge prestige bonuses in every chest, the game pushing you to max prestige so you give the maximum amount of gems for activation and that’s removes the option from the player to decide in what level wishes to stay. - Gems are needed in almost every aspect but the war aspect is out of hand, we have players that use 150 to 1500 gems per war, Also doesn’t prepares the small teams, What I mean with that, I mean that you spend thousands of hours to get on a certain level and then realize you can’t spend that much to continue to play. Its free to play on small lvl and p2win in end game, this doesn’t protect the small/new players neither the big players that quit, and every game depends on big teams, also doesn’t do good to company ..having few of the top team paying or leaving and not fewer gems from many people. - And last but not least the Ranking system: -Trophies pointing out activity and torches are pointing out luck & strong allies of a team. -Total VP would be a real rank or a mash up of all these 2 or 3 ranks would be more accurate. -Why we need 2 rankings? The important part is what do we need the ranks?? Most of the people I talk are disappointed from this aspect, Ranks offer NOTHING ...many teams/players drop their trophies/torches and stay low because as a team or individually offer COMPLETELY nothing, quite opposite low ranks offer easier enemies on map and more gems gaining on wars, this removes every aspect of competitive spirit from the game and ruins the mood of the community that searches for other things to bother or just lose interesting … and no 5 points for Ajax are not interesting. That's the most important and fast we can fix before is too late... This is the last effort of our community to save the game we love …so please take this post seriously or we will all quit very fast …and no its not a threat …we already doing it in, already fast rhythms. Most of these are very simple to change. Thank you for reading all this huge wall of text. I hope I covered as many as possible... And also thank you for your contribution of new ideas. Best Regards, Shadow Scorpion, General of Ancient Forces 50 Members of Ancient Forces Alliance Generals and Officers of Top 100 Alliances Unity
  18. Olympus Rising

    Hello I have a problem with my game Olympus Rising do not appear my defensive troops and it is affecting me a lot in the game I hope to solve the problem and can compensate me with some gems thanks
  19. Is this Friday the 13th ?

    On the 13th Island, today my game froze up to unlock I had to click on everything, wasting 3 donated Level 6 Ogers, ran out of time, and got 2 crowns. Yes I have complained about Ninjas bug before, including the first day it started, Game developers compensated that first and only time. I still have many issues that support has not addressed, just the standard auto reply.. Right now I am at 13/20, I am not sure I should continue playing and being frustrated, or just end it.... John
  20. Winter Festival

    I have wrote support a few weeks ago regarding the fact Winter Festival does not give full credit for wins, and also is very difficult for most players, causing them to not play game and going inactive too.. When you get all 3 crowns, 100% Victory, you show won, but in the number change, you get nothing!! You can win Serge 1 crown most of the time you get credit, 2 crown, Raid, does the same.... This is very unfair when you watch your resources dwindle gems and food and time to spawn troops, and get nothing for your efforts.... John Lach
  21. Stun and bosses

    Figured i would start a thread in help to see where it got me before directly reporting it as a bug. But when fighting a boss, use of "stun" skills, seem to become progressively worse and worse, to the point where they don't actually stun the enemy boss at all. This happens from the first stun, being full length, and every stun afterwards lasting about half as long. In addition, enemy bosses seem to take less and less damage as the fight goes on, as well as occasionally taking no damage at all. anyone else experiencing anything like this? Or have some insight on the mechanics that could explain what's happening? Because it just seems bugged out from where i sit.
  22. T. today I battled in War, 27 attacks to get 10 credited, and hopefully accurate skull counts, I have some doubts as to true counts Is this just happening to me? Or is this a wide spread issues with others? From the 10 accepted battles, I accumulated just over 2,000+ Skulls... Is the Balance of alliances fairly matched up? Should a level 22, be matched with a level 28 Alliance? I also noticed that the regular everyday matches are not always evenly balanced. When I can change I try to find a more suitable target... I found some of the matches place me, a level 54 against a level under level 10 target, grossly unfair battles...
  23. BREAK DOWN GLOBAL CHAT AND ALLIANCE CHAT NOT WORKING !!!!!!... Game is good but from last night global chat and alliance chat is not working showing both chat disconnected please flare games do something before user left game and we need alliance competition and alliance war so the game will be more challenging and more fun rest of other things are better than other games good work super weapon and flare games keep it up What You Guys Think About The About Break Down Of Alliance chat And Global Chat And How Many Of You All Wanted Alliance War and Competition Between Alliances We need New upgrade
  24. After many years I have discovered that it is really the smaller things that make a difference. No one complains about it, and no one ask for it, but it shows you care and are proud of what you do. Here is a list of those things for your consideration (or for you to ignore). None is going to change any logic in game-play - but it surely will give me that warn feeling that say you care. Client issues: Pearl upgrades need to be checked one by one (each spell, each troop, each tower, each obstacles). How about a progress screen? The phone notifications are awesome - how about a screen where I can look at last 30 notifications. These get deleted on phone to remove clutter The Screen where the blacksmith forge items - Please also show the pearl total. (Currently you forge a few things, go look at budget, get back forge etc.) The League tournament, when it is done please I beg you show me the result list. Who beat me and by how much? When a spell is maxed or a troop is maxed you show - MORE IS COMMING SOON! - We do not like that message. Many players ask me: "What the h%$l does this mean? I know you intended well but it really say to us - "you are a sucker - you will never complete anything in this game!" I suggest you replace it with "THIS ITEM IS ON MAX LEVEL!" When I am at the blacksmith - I want to easily go to the throne room. When at the throne room, I want to go directly to the blacksmith. Please help me! When I click on a farm - please show me the amount of bread that is left. A maxed farm can have 300 bread x 4 = 1200 bread that equals a max silo. When a farm is empty, I might decide to boost its production if I have some play time that will come available in the near future. Currently I just do not know what is going on in my kingdoms economy? Please help me? There is now video to reduce upgrade times - thanks for that - But I need to click on every upgrade making very sure I do not click on the finish now (or I loose my gems) to check if there is a reduce special available. Many of these are missed because of this difficulty. Show this on the progress screen. Server issues: For me the RR2 system mostly breaks down within the alliance or community screens. The way I fix this is in one of two ways: a. I go out and click on all my farms. This make the RR2 app realise the connection is bad and the app will show 5,4,3,2,1 and reconnects b. I go out of the game and re-connect. (This takes longer) Both of the above options (I use to fix connection problems) give me a bad feeling and leave a bad taste about this game. Give me a button on the above screens that do a auto-reconnect. Now I know these connection issues should be improved and fixed - but until that happens, give me a way to proactively improve connection. It will be great if you can give some feedback somewhere of the connection quality. Like a ping test that show how optimum the connection with the server is. This can be in the options menu. This will help to pinpoint to the cause of problems and if it is impossible to log in. If it is in any way possible - please try to limit the bandwidth when mobile data is used. Please give us a mechanism that will ensure limited data is used When WiFi is used give us a more richer feedback (eg. if I do search for player to attack and has done 3 searches in a row, get the next 3-6 results. I have spend 5-15min between fights to wait for feedback from the server. Sometimes I will do 40 searches in a row before I find the right king to attack.) You have given us an awesome search feature (that can also be improved) but is useless because of slow server responses. Help us out please.It feels like I am waiting more for server connections than for my upgrades in this game - please show a tip or a cool 3D object or a new announcement to re leave this stress. You are very creative - please think of something. Last note: I list these minor things in the bugs area because if I was a manager at Flare I would have classified these little things as 1st priority and as bugs that need to be addressed asap. (And yes I agree that you have taken care of a lot of these little things in the past and have never received a single thank you - yet there is more to be done.) Thanks for a great game and for the other little things you have done Thanks again for your consideration
  25. It seems instead of answering, it is so much easier to just say this is not possible, we have no control, and then just close topic .... That is like a turtle, pulling its head inside its shell.... Maybe if I do this, nobody will notice, and they will just go away.... Flare, and all you moderators know the problems, well documented for months! HOW DO YOU SQUASH A BUG? Your real answer seems to be open and close topics, then just eliminate it... It is useless telling you and or support any more, unless I want to be chastised for sounding the alarm! We would never have become a Country, still a Colony following your advise... John in Michigan, U.S.A. , Pandoraa, JayeL46, lv 50 almost 70 years young....