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Found 2 results

  1. Hi- I have not seen any comments anywhere on the above topic so I am opening a new thread. If this is a repeat, kindly merge with the original one. Is there a calculation on forged uber items adding value to the units and spells? I have noticed that the values and actual performance varies. For eg. I have a uber upgrade on sonic : 1777.6, which does not make a significant change in the blunt effect of the sonic blast in actual use. I cannot see that under normal means but this is visible as green colored value when I access the sonic blast (from the slot) either when I am trying to attack somebody or self. Thanks
  2. Is there a reason why I at level 54 (and since maybe level 46) get around 1-3 trophies raiding those my level or a little lower, with most the time it being 1 trophy especially those under level 50, that's only 5-7 levels. But when people 20+ levels above me raids they get no less than 7 trophies when they can just walk through due to upgrades, their health, leadership and gear boosts. Even if I fought the 1st ranked player in the world (when i last checked it was "IRAN POWER") I would only get max 8 trophies. This baffles me. Can anyone clarify if maybe its a flaw, a bug or just one of those things?
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