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Found 10 results

  1. Sean1996


    What is it that decides the color and the number of stars on your hero's picture frame. Also, how do I advance to the 3-star frame, as i am stuck on 2-star. I'm not even sure though how I got to the 2-star, I'm just wanting to complete the related quest. Please and thank you in advance.
  2. look i play this game two year and participate in ewery war with my aliance till now i newer see that aliance with 15weak member put such a huge Victory Point ?? Seen that everyone off them hawe 3 hero this is impossible i mean on ewery our atack they fight back by tripl so i em sure that this Aliance play on some hack program Maybu im wrong but i will like to check this out , i will post now pictyre off this aliance
  3. since this war end i sufered lot off atack i have 7800 trophies last 3month i have 7960 proximity this number litl up or litl down in tis period suffer lot off atack when i rich 8000 and above trophy , then my iland cost 15 trophy and i have lot off atack till my number off trophy go at 7900 trophy than i have atacker by other ewery couple hour and my iland worth 3trophy that was like that last 4month but now when this war end i em at 7800 trophy and my iland value is still 15trophy and i suffer atack on every 5min than litl break one hour or two than again atack on every 5min and i always lost 15or 14 trophy !! My question is what you change now and why you do not tell players about this change ??? Or it is new bug ???? Anybody can tell me ? And is this hapend somebody else ?
  4. Artemus


    Good morning, it is plain impossible to communicate using game chat while we get a constant spam of on-line / off -line crap messages. Any important communication keeps vanishing due to that spam. This has been pointed out several times, now I understand it may not be your highest priority, still it doubtlessy take you more then few minutes to slip such fix in an update. If you leave it as now chat stay unusable regardless all changes you made it so far. Ciao Artemus
  5. MILOS

    crush game

    game is crushing i cant log into war map and now i cant log into game it's write service maintenance !!! Wtf !? I mean service maintenance during the war !?!? What's hapend anybody know ?????
  6. play this game almost two years and this newer hapend before when i finish atack game just crush ?? I play on Microsoft mobile with my device is everything OK , is this hapend because you prepare platform for update 4,0 or...?? Please help it just Nerf very much after every single atack game crush ???
  7. we'll in quest earn 50,000 games to appreciate good the bar don't move long time and since the bar was this filled up past almost one month an for that time i earned minimum 300 games which is inafe to finish quest im sure , but bar won't fill up to the end , here is a picture
  8. i wnated to know if i reached 90% resistance of any type by example 150000 points doese increasing the points still counts or not ?
  9. Does anybody know or it hapend to you also that during the atack behind baricade wait for you huge number off enemy for example 4feniks unit wit all spearman ??? and they regular show up during the all path and plus they wait in such a huge number behind baricade and no Charon tower to spit unit ??? I will relay like to know why this hapend ??
  10. Shamuah

    In game name

    Please I need one more chance to change my in-game name, just for the last time...