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Found 18 results

  1. Ever since I reached Knight rank (125k+) in Boss Hunt, I've done 2 Boss Hunts and on both found someone clearly exploiting/hacking. Last time it begun with a guy instantly getting 100 Boss Kills and today was even worse, some guy decided he didn't want to race anymore after 10 minutes and instantly got 200 Boss Kills and ended the damn thing right there. Is anyone else experiencing this? How is this even possible? Is the game keeping data on the client side permitting this kind of blatant exploits? Is there any way to report said players? I feel like there's no point on doing any more Boss Hunts if I have to pray that I don't get some hacker every time... Feel free to share your experiences and suggestions
  2. please fix Pro league or delete ths league now 2 bug work in pro league again and peoples can got high score easy. But why FG don't fix this ? or need info about this? I'm here for help again!!! @GalaMorgane @FTB @Archimedes
  3. I'm finding kill cheaters receiving 65 crates from event and found this bug. It's consist of 5x diamond + 4x platinum + 3x gold + 2x silver + 1x bronze You know what that means right? The prize check is failing badly, giving out diamond prize on every prize score. Now I know why all Chinese can brag their good weapons, they always get 5x diamond prize with cheats. Don't forget to BAN all cheaters after fixing this bug. It should be relatively easy to find on log. May I get a legendary 105mm for reporting this lol?
  4. I'm seeing pals receiving 45 CRATES upon finishing event stating he modified the zombie kills from memory cheat. So how the F*** was that achieved?
  5. By modifying recover price, memory cheat user are able to scam client recovering buildings and move them around, reconnect later and they'll be in new position but stays unfixed. If you make the unfixed buildings in circle, it forms literally unbeatable defense, zombies just can't get in. Please fix the bug ASAP and ban any user cheating this way.
  6. Resource are cheatable (metal/supply) with owning amount. Why not just make them same with GOLD that had full anti-cheat?? Also, the upgrade costs, building costs and battle timeflow, zombie killcounts, are all cheatable ATM. Please do something before this game get screwed.
  7. We Founder in The Current war that the alliance lacdachien1 were we found The same player doing last minnute attack a with all of his fake accounts with is contrario to The terms of service that only allows one account per person and using mods to so this, The fake accounts that we have identify are all The la dacda series were The cheater only change The last letters, for example lacda1, lacda2, landa 03 and The ahn series, were The cheater changes The same here he mantains The Ahn prefix, probably all The accounts of that alliance are The same help us keep Clean our game, without cheaters.
  8. Is this a hack/cheat of the game? I'm too new to tell -- but what is that green orb that the rigs use to restore health? I read somewhere it is no more available? Can someone please help (tell me if this is a hack)? Thanks. Here's the video link:
  9. This prick cheating, bases blowing up without this cheat even shooting at them, come on guys at D O S, sort this shit out!!!
  10. Invincible rigs, have no energy left on the energy bar for over 2 minutes yet keep going, through plasma cannons, artillery cannons, spawners etc.
  11. Hello, What a surprise on trophy rank over night. Seems that some players gained over 700 trophies. Flare Game this is LAME. I hope this is the last trophy compensation you operate!
  12. Username: komobramon Game: dawn of steel I have another cheater using a missile cheat, where they just stand in one spot and blast my base. Again, I cannot upload a video because it is too large. The cheater's username is matador de robos
  13. NeoZ


    Hello devolpers I got a Hacker that have 4 artrilleries with lvl14... normal are 3 of them... His name is Spartanunit117 Thank you.
  14. iOS level 16 Asian (can't read the name) person from alliance Parabellum just hit me with a new cheat. Only used two rigs, Lazer and Blink. Somehow is able to make the ability recharge use up about 25% of the normal time before using the ability again. Also gets an unknown hit with the laser rig. No animation. Just things exploding after the ability recharges about 25%. The blink rig and the laser rig has no core equipped. Both Lvl 8 rigs Here we go again...........
  15. Hello, my IGN is : AVAmk7, The suspect's IGN : SpriteUp / Alliance: Counting Star(R.P.G) It occurred at 11:35 PM / May 08 2016 / UTC 7:00 Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakata Record link : Best regards,
  16. Cheater name: Axl311082 All evidences are included in the video below. There are more cheaters using modified apk. Please fix this. Dawn of Steel cheater
  17. My Nickname in game : rbx01 it happened once a nickname name 'nyago' , at command rank 8 attack my base, launch a missile from ridiculously far , and boom!! all my wall is gone, including my walls which is so far away, and then again boom, all my structure is gone , i could give you the record , it was recorded in my phone , but i dunno how to attach it here please put this as a primary issue ...
  18. Happen during this war, someone w/ ogre standard combo could beat ma base scroll free, my heavy double boosted arblaster waves, w/ all waves near maxed out (only -6 morale left). And opponents seems doesn't have problem my almost all maxed (only 4 mid level towers upgrading) w/ war boosts, they mostly do scroll free. A few hours later someone w/ higher level king use same ogre combo, lost after scrolling 3x, he stopped at 35%. I tried ogre combo, barely can make it scroll free, I stumble and fall at test defense. My friend also get some scroll free attacks, during war w/ these crazy war boosts, at his all maxed base. This situation raises a question: >Do your what so called cheat detection really works? >Is everyone on cheat engine nowadays? Let me join ur Cheater Club!!! I'm fed-up w/ Flare weak security system (duh! since first established) and this very expensive game and lousy customer service from deaf developer! Let's cheat and kill each other scroll free! For f-king super player's fame and glory!
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