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Found 17 results

  1. to many hackers now in game and kill high lvl bases with spell only for fast lvl up and give voucher to main account for buy gems from voucher bazaar FG must find them and banned mian account
  2. Reporting a cheater

    This screenshot shows the boss hunt roughly 30 minutes into it. 5 minutes later it was over. I didn't get a screenshot of that however. I don't know or care how he is doing it, but I would like something to be done with the player, as it ruins the fun for everyone else.
  3. Hi. I love this game, but in the last months is almost impossible to have a good time with it. First, I have been for 2 months at the same level (360), just because now the only way to progress is watching video ads!! Come on, for that I already have youtube. I now the game is good because even if you are not playing the knight should progress, but no more. I said, ok, at least now we have the boos hunt, but in the last events has been impossible to progress, just because or there is a hacker in my group had 105 kills, and the second only 40. And today was just worse: I had 5 minutes only of Boss Hunt, FIVE MINUTES!! Seriously, I just entered and instantly I got 10 boxes, and in the next five minutes got the last 2 and sayonara baby!! In the picture that I'm attaching here, you can see even that in the group we had people from others levels, that are suppose to be playing in another group with players of the same ranking. Please, fix this kind of problems, I know a lot of players and all are saying the same: There is not more fun in this game, and are changing to other.
  4. Hello guys in Flaregames, How long can cheaters hack the game? I have just found this site and the FB page as well - 2'600 likes! In this site it is clear that they refreshed the code in this October! I have paid a lot but seems useless against cheaters who can get unlimited resources. I hope you can ban at least all those who liked the FB page. Go guys! Regards, Budakalasz
  5. The Absurd is nothing, my dear flare these cunning players should be banned for life from this game, I'm really tired of losing trophies in this way .. Open Your eyes flare.. More good players leave this beautifull game! Hope u can ban this players for life, seriusly...
  6. This prick cheating, bases blowing up without this cheat even shooting at them, come on guys at D O S, sort this shit out!!!
  7. Invincible rigs, have no energy left on the energy bar for over 2 minutes yet keep going, through plasma cannons, artillery cannons, spawners etc.
  8. KalengGokil lvl 25 beat my base with two rigs, Missile and Laser. The missile rig destroys every target hit with one missile. Please put an end to this.
  9. Blink rig continues to blink for the whole attack.
  10. Enjoy the video. (pay attention to the mouse) ps: on both player was opened a support ticket. Both are still playing. No action taken. Time to fire all support team? (u save money!!! )
  11. Cheaters!

    There are cheaters! Edited both are in the same clan the name of Nvs_League I've already requested to investigate them to the flare support about 2 weeks ago. but they are still cheating. it seems like the flaregames having no actions about the cheaters. so i'm writing on this forum about the cheaters. plz investigate them. I spent over usd10,000 at this game RR2, plz do not ignore my request.
  12. Cheater name: Axl311082 All evidences are included in the video below. There are more cheaters using modified apk. Please fix this. Dawn of Steel cheater
  13. Today after that new Tribal Archer war boost released and activated, my base is getting multiple attacks by the same player, WHILE I WAS STILL ONLINE!!! setting up a new base. He's probably a HACKER that can bypass the NO ATTACKS WHILE STILL ONLINE restriction???
  14. New type Cheaters on war

    How is this possible? YUMUSAK43 of Lions Den attacked one of our member 5 times at a single war!! And still continuing to the other members.. Here is breif evidence on video --> In this video, the war left 13 hr 15min to the end.. At that time, the attack record was 3 times before 8 hrs, 2 times before 6 hrs.. The duration of single war is 23hr 30min as i know.. This video is a evidence the YUMUSAK43 attacked 5 times in a single war! I hope the Lions Den Do not dirty play!! It's really sucks!!
  15. I've sent messages to Jack, but he never read them all till now, so I start shooting my reports here. Another cheater attack from Turk Gucu, he used classic combo cannon + froster + archer at heavy mummies + skulls base. Flare please hear us and do something strict! Never let those kinda players wandering around wrecking players' bases, ruining this game. We are already fed up! Only investigate w/ no action, we don't need that. Penalty required to stop cheaters! the cheater, see his peculiar combo: victim: PS: Flare can check out Realms elites yourself, its lvl, etc.
  16. Cheaters!

    The dilomezek in turk gucu still working on cheating. I wonder why flare do not block him? Need more evidence?
  17. Cheaters / Hackers

    Hey guys, today i just wanted to share with you all a player that i believe to be a cheater in the game. We have been battling for the #1 spot in the Diamond League Tournament, i have been monitoring his moves and it seems he is gaining over 200+ medals every other minute i check non-stop and as of this moment in the tournament he has around 16,285 medals and growing with 5 hours left, His account was gaining medals all last night till this morning and even as i write this now his medals grow. I am finding it impossible to keep up with out having to spend an enormous amount of gems. The funny thing about this is that if you click on his account which shows his base layout it is a really low level base at 1,475 trophies , the stats show that if i attack his base i will receive 230,000 gold + 2 trophies and 0 medals ! The statistics just don't make any sense at this level at any given time he has over 100,000 k in gold but never any medals when being attacked, he then farms medals at an alarming rate. I highly doubt that this player is actually spending real money in the game to do what he does or else he would have already spent hundreds of dollars, his base level would definitely not have a farm capable of producing enough bread to continually attack at a constant rate as he does now, other than that the only other option would be he's auto farming medals. In conclusion i call cheater on this one. Flare should really start looking in to their system more carefully to monitor for cheaters in the game, i find it highly unfair to all the honest players who put in tons of time in to playing and even others who actually spend some money on this game just to be out beat or out ranked by some cheater behind a desk using auto-pilot. Just thought i'd share some thoughts. Good luck to everyone's journey in becoming top kings & Queens.