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Found 8 results

  1. In my alliance's current war season, one alliance (Clan Quảng Bình) immediately dropped all their players, leaving only the leader. They did this after all the wars were declared: even I declared war on Clan Quảng Bình: I know that they had 21 players when I declared (good for my alliance because we only have 24). But now Clan Quảng Bình only has 1 shielded player whose base is too hard for anyone (in my alliance) to get anywhere in. In fact the other two alliances fighting him have had the same problem. This single player beat my alliance 4238 skulls to 426. And in fact he has now beaten the other two alliances that were fighting him. Basically he is set to roll across the map and win the war season. A single player vs alliances with many more players! This has ruined this war season (sucked the fun out) for my alliance (it only just began!) because we can't earn skulls vs Clan Quảng Bình, and only being a 24 player alliance are getting beaten by the other bigger alliances. (Currently my alliance has 20ish players: but we are a 43-seat alliance: we are very good at war: but only when matched up against equivalent alliances (same number players, similar bases: that happens very rarely at the moment: we are trying to grow in numbers: but players are annoying: they want to be part of an alliance that can win wars NOW (ironic: we need more players to win, but if we don't win, many leave, making growing the alliance a slow painful process)). Needless to say: I, and many of my alliances members are very upset by this: if we can't war to win, and can't war for skulls... then what exactly is the purpose of war seasons? I do have suggestions for fixing this (I posted them in "Shortcomings of the War System" thread). But this does not help my alliance THIS war season (we are an active alliance who like war: but lately this has been less fun (due to shrinkage in the number of players in the alliance making our chances of winning poor (still getting matched with 30+ player alliances): BUT this war season is the icing on the cake of bad juju). Why post all this? I am curious (and mighty angry): I could not find anything about this in the forums. So is this an isolated incident? (Single player gaming the war system, in which case there IS a potential solution). Or is this happening to other alliances?
  2. Many members spent a fortune in gems to speed up forge cooldowns and spent a fortune in pearls to forge Toxic. Now you went ahead and decided to nerf that (during community week!) spell rendering it basically useless. What you did is theft. You stole my gems and pearls. We all deserve a refund! If you have a problem with hackers getting illegal gems then we have a problem with you stealing ours for no apparent reason! I forged my useless toxic to 4 second cooldown. You can see how many times I sped up my forge cooldown on toxic. I want them all back! If you don;t reimburse us then you are thieves. No other way to say it. And if you have wondered why you keep losing members its because of this type of conduct. You seem to think youre above the law when in truth you belong in a jail cell!
  3. Hello guys in Flaregames, How long can cheaters hack the game? I have just found this site and the FB page as well - 2'600 likes! In this site it is clear that they refreshed the code in this October! I have paid a lot but seems useless against cheaters who can get unlimited resources. I hope you can ban at least all those who liked the FB page. Go guys! Regards, Budakalasz
  4. Many players have complained about the chamber of fortune and I must admit that this was the most frustrating part of the game to me until I figured out how to cheat it. Have you ever looked at the CoF (chamber) wondering what chest to do first, then you choose one, and it is a success, then the second one is good, and o sh$@#$t the last one was a bad choice. Now are you going to gem or not? You gem and O my G@#$@d it is wrong again... I made the choice early on to not use gems on these chests - but I compromised this on the first Ninja event. In any case I have made a list of choices at different days and recorded the results (and not using gems) to predict what the outcome will be. This is my report: After months and months of using different patterns I was finally able to crack the code. It happen the day I made the choice to always use one pattern only. I will start on the left upper chest, then top middle, and then top right. I always use this pattern, never changing it. And the result: about 70% of first tries is success, about 50% of second tries is success and about 20% of 3rd tries are success. The point is that it does not matter what chest you choose. The results is calculated on the game server and reported back. Knowing this, you do not need to get mad at the chamber again. The result does not depend on you choices. (And yes - I also want to know how many people is going to read this topic given its dangerous heading before it disappear. )
  5. sometimes you when something goes wrong like a win not being recorded or not receiving trophies, medals, skulls etc? getting kicked from a castle as you just about to demolish it with your food being used up? where can things like this be reported?
  6. I started this game recently and I didn't mean to cheat in this game. I was playing another game in which energy refills take too long. So I forwarded my time in mobile by two hours so the energy refills i can play more of that game. But Royal Revolt 2 notifications appeared telling me that upgrades were finished, I did not open the game during my time skip but when I fixed my time & opened this game, it gave me a warning and none were upgraded. I didn't mean for this game to time skip, will it affect it even when it is closed and I am trying to timeskip for another game & not open this game during the timeskip? Will this get me banned? Please do reply.
  7. My username is Komobramon. The cheater's name is Poe'1779120816. They are using some kind of cheat to battle my base with one hit shots, and little to no loading time of their abilities. They have done this twice. Unfortunately, I cannot send a video because it is only 1.95 mb that I can send, meaning I cannot send any media because my files turn out to be too big. But this person is becoming a problem
  8. Cheater name: Axl311082 All evidences are included in the video below. There are more cheaters using modified apk. Please fix this. Dawn of Steel cheater
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